SurvivorSA 6: Philippines calendar
SA 6: Philippines calendar
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: June 29, 2022
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Pre-game Episode 1 Episode 2
Day 0
(Jan. 14)

Pre-game interviews?

Day 1
(Jan. 15)

Ep.1 RC: Rice race

Ep.1 RC: Rice race

Ep.1 RC: Rice race

Tribes have two minutes to grab supplies from the boat and put them on their tribe raft, then they must paddle to shore and lift up one person (Katinka, Chané) to untie a bag of rice. First tribe to do so gets to keep their rice. Mindanao has a lead getting to shore, wins.

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Ep1 RC: (Rice race) - Mindanao wins.

Ep.1 idol clue: Werner

Ep.1 idol clue: Werner

Ep.1 idol clue: Werner

Werner wanders off during Mindanao's shelter construction, and starts looking for idols/clues. He finds a package in a tree root fairly quickly. It's an idol clue, which tells him an idol will be hidden at a future challenge. He pockets the clue and heads back. The next day, after a Tevin-directed search of Marthunis's bag, Werner decides to dispose of the clue by eating it. Mmm, cluey.

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Werner finds idol clue.
Day 2
(Jan. 16)

Ep.1 IC: Jail Break plus

Ep.1 IC: Jail Break plus

Ep.1 IC: Jail Break plus

Two pairs of people (Seamus/Chane, Vusi/Annalize; Mathunis/Katinka, Werner/Tevin) must swim out to a dock, untie a bag of sticks and rope, then bring it back. Then two people (Josie/Palesa; Murishca/Toni) must tie the sticks together to make a pole long enough for another person (Neil; PK) to retrieve a key from inside a cage, unlock it, and retrieve a flint. Then two people (Jeanne/Stacey-Lee; Ace/Tom) make a fire to burn through a rope, releasing a torch. The tribe then lights the torch, and takes it to a logo sign. First tribe to light that with their torch wins immunity and flint. Werner is slow to untie his bag, but Mindanao is first to make flame, and Mindanao wins.

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Ep1 IC: (Jail Break plus) - Mindanao wins.
Day 3
(Jan. 17)

TC1 - Seamus voted out (5-4), 17 left.
Day 4
(Jan. 18)

Ep.2 idol clue: Palesa

Ep.2 idol clue: Palesa

Ep.2 idol clue: Palesa

Like Werner at Mindanao, Palesa finds a clue to an idol that will be hidden at a future challenge, while foraging near Luzon camp. Unlike Werner, Palesa manages not to eat her clue.

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Palesa finds idol clue.

Ep.2 RC: Raft, cube puzzle

Ep.2 RC: Raft, cube puzzle

Ep.2 RC: Raft, cube puzzle

Jeanne sits out. Four people from each tribe (Neil, Tom, Vusi, Chane; Werner, Stacey-Lee, Tevin, PK) start on a raft, where they must pull themselves to a structure they climb up, untie a key, slide down a pole, and place it on a key ring on shore. Once all four keys are retrieved, the remaining four use them to unlock four large cubes that must be stacked vertically so that no side has repeating colors (as in Samoa). Winner gets a choice of chickens or a bag of rice. Results: Luzon is first to the puzzle, but Mindanao wins. They choose chickens.

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Ep2 RC: (Raft, cube puzzle) - Mindanao wins.
Day 5
(Jan. 19)

Day 6
(Jan. 20)

Ep.2 IC: Stair poles, maze, plank puzzle

Ep.2 IC: Stair poles, maze, plank puzzle

Ep.2 IC: Stair poles, maze, plank puzzle

Katinka sits out. Tribes must assemble a staircase of different length poles, and climb up it to enter a vertical maze. Upon leaving the maze they must go down a slide, then one person (Tevin, Vusi) must thread a key along a rope obstacle. That unlocks a machete, which one person (PK, Tom) must use to chop through a plank, releasing puzzle planks. Those must be placed vertically to form three numbers, which are the combination to a lock that when opened, releases the tribe flag. Results: Mindanao takes a lead on the poles at the start, never loses it. Mindanao wins its fourth straight challenge.

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Ep2 IC: (Stair poles, maze, plank puzzle) - Mindanao wins.

TC2 - Neil out via rocks, 16 left.
Episode 3 Episode 4
Episode 5
Day 7
(Jan. 21)

Ep.3 RC: By The Numbers

Ep.3 RC: By The Numbers

Ep.3 RC: By The Numbers

Marthunis, Murishca sit out. As seen in Vanuatu. Tribes must move their entire tribe along a balance beam by having the furthest person pass each other remaining person, ending on a platform. If anyone falls off or touches two people at once, they have to start over. First tribe to finish wins comfort items. ALSO: Both Palesa's and Werner's idols are present on the challenge site, ready to be grabbed. Werner hears Jeanne and Stacey talking about it, jumps off, grabs the idol. Tom spots Luzon's under Chane, tells her to grab it, and she does. Challenge results: Luzon wins, easily, 7-0.

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Ep3 RC: "By the Numbers" - Luzon wins.

Ep.3 idols: Werner, Tom

Ep.3 idols: Werner, Tom

Ep.3 idols: Werner, Tom

Both Werner and Tom end up with the idols that were "hidden" at the Ep3 RC. Werner and Palesa each attended the challenge having been tipped off by treemail's wording ("balance") that one would be there. Werner grabbed Mindanao's after hearing Jeanne telling Stacey-Lee about it. Palesa was trying to get Luzon's, but didn't have a chance, until Tom spotted it, and asked Chané, who had already completed the challenge and was sitting above it, to grab it. Back in camp, Chané gave the idol to Tom.

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Werner, Tom get idols.
Day 8
(Jan. 22)

Ep.3 IC: Obstacles, choices, puzzles

Ep.3 IC: Obstacles, choices, puzzles

Ep.3 IC: Obstacles, choices, puzzles

PK, Tevin sit out. Contestants must run through an obstacle course, collecting six wooden pins and two tribe clubs. Along the way, they can decide to use two shortcuts, but doing so adds 10 pieces to the puzzle they must finish at the end. Mindanao (likely throwing the challenge) takes one shortcut, ends up trailing, particularly because Stacey-Lee has to cross the balance beam multiple times. Luzon wins.

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Ep3 IC: (Obstacles, choices, puzzles) - Luzon wins.

TC3 - Stacey-Lee voted out (6-2-1), 15 left.
Day 9
(Jan. 23)

Ep4 RC: "Shakedown Street" - Luzon wins, Mindanao 2nd.

Palesa finds idol (clue).
Day 10
(Jan. 24)

Day 11
(Jan. 25)

Ep4 IC: (Obstacles, sandbags, block tower) -  Mindanao 1st, Visayas 2nd.

TC4 - Ace voted out (3-2), 14 left.
Day 12
(Jan. 26)
Day 13
(Jan. 27)

Ep5 RC/IC: ? wins.

TC5 - ? voted out, 13 left.
Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8
Day 14
(Jan. 28)

Ep6 RC: ? wins.

Day 15
(Jan. 29)

Day 16
(Jan. 30)

TC6 - ? voted out, 12 left.
Day 17
(Jan. 31)

Ep7 RC: ? wins.
Day 18
(Feb. 1)

Ep7 IC: ? wins.

TC7 - ? voted out, 11 left.

Day 19
(Feb. 2)

Ep8 RC: ? wins.
Day 20
(Feb. 3)
Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10
Day 21
(Feb. 4)

Ep8 IC: ? wins.

TC8 - ? voted out, 10 left.
Day 22
(Feb. 5)

Tribes merge: ? formed.
Day 23
(Feb. 6)

Day 24
(Feb. 7)

Day 25
(Feb. 8)

Ep9 IC: ? wins.

TC9 - ? voted out, 9 left.
Day 26
(Feb. 9)

Ep10 RC: ? wins.
Day 27
(Feb. 10)

Ep10 IC: ? wins.

TC10 - ? voted out, 8 left.
Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14
Day 28
(Feb. 11)

Ep11 RC: ? wins.

Day 29
(Feb. 12)

Ep11 IC: ? wins.

TC11 - ? voted out, 7 left.

Day 30
(Feb. 13)

Ep12 RC/IC: ? wins.

TC12 - ? voted out, 6 left.

Day 31
(Feb. 14)

Ep13 RC: ? wins.

Day 32
(Feb. 15)

Day 31
(Feb. 16)

Ep13 IC: ? wins.

TC13 - ? voted out, 5 left.

Day 34
(Feb. 17)

Ep14 RC: ? wins.

Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16 Game over
Day 35
(Feb. 18)

Ep14 IC: ? wins.

TC14 - ? voted out, 4 left.

Day 36
(Feb. 19)

Ep15 RC: ? wins.

Day 37
(Feb. 20)

Ep15 IC: ? wins.

TC15 - ? voted out, 3 left.

Day 38
(Feb. 21)

Ep16 IC: ? wins.

TC14 - ? voted out, 2 left.

Day 39
(Feb. 22)

Final tribal council and jury vote.

? wins.
Day 0
(Feb. 23)

Cast returns home, resumes Instagram influencing.
Day 0
(Feb. 24)