Survivor: Caramoan calendar
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: May 1, 2019
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Day 0
(May 13)

Survivor: One World finale in NYC.
Day 0
(May 14)

(some) cast flies out?
Day 0
(May 15)

(some) cast flies out?
Day 0

Day 0
(May 17)

Day 1
(May 18)

Jeff Probst arrives in Manila. (H/T Survivor Skills)
Day 2
(May 19)
Pre-game Ep1: "She Annoys Me Greatly" Ep2: "Honey Badger" Ep3: "There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay"
Day 0
(May 20)

Pre-game interviews?
Day 1
(May 21)

Ep.1 RC: Water Slaughter Filming begins.
Ep1 RC: "Water Slaughter" - Bikal wins.
Day 2
(May 22)
Day 3
(May 23)

Ep.1 IC: A Long Way to the Top Ep1 IC: "A Long Way To the Top" - Gota wins.

TC1 - Francesca voted out (6-4), 19 left.
Day 4
(May 24)

Ep.2 idol Reynold finds Gota's hidden immunity idol.
Day 5
(May 25)

Ep.2 RC/IC: Plunge, Pull and Pop Ep2 RC/IC: "Plunge, Pull & Pop" - Bikal wins.

TC2 - Allie voted out (6-4), 18 left.
Day 6
(May 26)

Ep.3 idol Malcolm and Corinne find Bikal's idol.
Ep3: "There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay" Ep4: "Kill or Be Killed" Ep5: "Persona Non Grata"
Day 7
(May 27)

Ep.3 RC/IC: Cell Block Sea Ep3 RC/IC: "Cell Block Sea" - Bikal wins.

TC3 - Hope voted out (3-3-3 [5-1]), 17 left.
Day 8
(May 28)

Ep.4 RC: Head and Shoulders Ep4 RC: "Head and Shoulders" - Bikal wins visit from Tata.
Day 9
(May 29)
Day 10
(May 30)

Ep.4 medevac Shamar removed from the game, 16 left.

Ep.4 IC: Smash and Grab Ep4 IC: "Smash & Grab" - Bikal wins again.

TC4 - Laura voted out (6-[0]), 15 left.
Day 11
(May 31)

Ep.5 RC: Nut Bucket Ep5 RC: "Nut Bucket" - Bikal wins.

Ep.5 idol Reynold finds another idol.
Day 12
(June 1)
Day 13
(June 2)

Ep.5 IC (unused) Ep5 IC: Unused. Gota "wins" immunity.

TC5 - Brandon "voted out" (8-1), 14 left.
Ep6: "Operation Thunder Dome" Ep7: "Tubby Lunchbox" Ep8: "Blindside Time"
Day 14
(June 3)

Ep.6 swap Tribal swap. "The Switch." Forced fan minority on each tribe, for fairness.
Day 15
(June 4)
Day 16
(June 5)

Ep.6 IC: Crate Outdoors Ep6 IC: "Crate Outdoors" - Gota wins easily.

TC6 - Matt voted out (4-2-1), 13 left.
Day 17
(June 6)

Ep.7 RC: Hot Pursuit Ep7 RC: "Hot Pursuit" - Gota wins coffee and pastries.
Day 18
(June 7)
Day 19
(June 8)

Ep.7 IC: Phoenix Rises Ep7 IC: "Phoenix Rises" - Gota wins again.

TC7 - Julia voted out (3-3 [4-0]), 12 left.
Day 20
(June 9)

Tribes merge. "Enil Edam" tribe formed.
Ep8: "Blindside Time" Ep9: "Cut Off the Head of the Snake" Ep10: "Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
Day 21
(June 10)
Day 22
(June 11)

Ep.8 IC: Caramoan Catering Ep8 IC: "Caramoan Catering" - Cochran wins.

TC8 - Corinne voted out (7-5), 11 left.
Day 23
(June 12)

Ep.9 RC: Jump Shot Ep9 RC: "Jump Shot" - Erik, Michael, Reynold, Eddie, Cochran win waterfall picnic.
Day 24
(June 13)
Day 25
(June 14)

Ep.9 IC: Last Gasp Ep9 IC: "Last Gasp" - Brenda wins.

TC9 - Michael voted out (7-3-1; first juror), 10 left.
Day 26
(June 15)

Ep.10 RC: Muddy Waters Ep10 RC: "Muddy Waters" - Reynold, Cochran, Dawn, Erik, Phillip win spa picnic.
Day 27
(June 16)
Ep10: "Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Ep11: "Come Over to the Dark Side" Ep12: "The Beginning of the End" Ep13: "Don't Say Anything About My Mom"
Day 28
(June 17)

Ep.10 IC: Keel Hauling Ep10 IC: "Keel Hauling" - Reynold wins.

Ep.10 idol Malcolm finds another idol.

TC10 - Phillip idoled out (4-[0]-[0]), 9 left.
Day 29
(June 18)

Ep.11 RC: Survivor Auction Ep11 RC: "Survivor Auction" - Cochran buys IC advantage.
Day 30
(June 19)

Ep.11 IC: Drop A Log Ep11 IC: "Drop A Log" - Cochran wins.

TC11 - Malcolm voted out (3-3-3 [6-0]), 8 left.
Day 31
(June 20)

Final 8 IC: Bermuda Triangle Ep12 RC/IC: "Bermuda Triangle" - Andrea wins.

Ep.11 idol Erik finds idol, gives it to Andrea.

TC12 - Reynold voted out (4-2-1-1), 7 left.
Day 32
(June 21)
Day 33
(June 22)

Final 7 IC: Fun Climb Ep12 IC2: "Fun Climb" - Erik wins.

TC13 - Andrea voted out (3-2-2), 6 left.
Day 34
(June 23)

Erik climbs a tree, and a good time is had by all.
Ep13: "Don't Say Anything About My Mom" Ep14: "Final Push" (season finale) Game over
Day 35
(June 24)

Ep.13 RC: Loved Ones Dizzy Gillespie Ep13 RC: "Loved Ones Dizzy Gillespie" - Brenda wins, gives reward to all but herself, Dawn.
Day 36
(June 25)

Ep.13 IC: I Hold On Ep13 IC: "I Hold On" - Dawn wins.

TC14 - Brenda voted out (3-2-1), 5 left.
Day 37
(June 26)

Ep.14 medevac Erik removed (Night 36).

Final 5 IC: Teeter Tower Ep14 F4 RC: "Teeter Tower" - Cochran wins IC advantage.
Day 38
(June 27)

Final 4 IC: Vertically Challenged Ep14 F4 IC: "Vertically Challenged" - Cochran wins.

TC16 - Eddie voted out (3-1), 3 left.
Day 39
(June 28)

Final Tribal Council Final tribal council and jury vote.
Cochran wins, 8-0-0.
(June 29)

Departure. Contestants fly back to the U.S.
(June 30)

Contestants arrive back home; inevitable facebook activity resumes.