Survivor 9: Vanuatu calendar
S9: Vanuatu calendar
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Pre-game Ep1: "They Came..."
Day 0
(June 20)

Day 0
(June 21)

Day 0
(June 22)

Day 0
(June 23)

Day 0
(June 24)

Pre-game interviews?
Day 0
(June 25)

Pre-game interviews?
Day 1
(June 26)

Filming begins today, 18 players, men (Lopevi) vs. women (Yasur).
Ep1: "They Came At Us With Spears" Ep2: "Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs & the Old Bunch" Ep3: "Double Tribal, Double Trouble" Ep4: "Now That's A Reward"
Day 2
(June 27)

Day 3
(June 28)

Ep1 RC/IC: Fire Starter

Ep1 RC/IC: Fire Starter


Every member of each tribe must complete each stage before advancing: mud crawl, table maze, balance beam, then fire starting. Yasur passes Lopevi (Chris) on the balance beam, and wins immunity and flint.

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Ep1 RC/IC: "Fire Starter" - Yasur wins.

TC1 - Brook voted out (5-3-1), 17 left.
Day 4
(June 29)

Ep2 RC: By the Numbers

Ep2 RC: By the Numbers

Ep2 RC

Scout sits out. Contestants are numbered 1-8, and must pass each other (in order) on a balance beam without touching more than one contestant at a time. Yasur beats Lopevi easily. Yasur wins a hammock, blankets & pillows.

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Ep2 RC: "By the Numbers" - Yasur wins.
Day 5
(June 30)

Day 6
(July 1)

Ep2 IC: Four on the Floor

Ep2 IC: Four on the Floor

Ep2 IC

Dolly sits out. Sarge and Scout serve as callers. Tribes must send blindfolded and tethered pairs (or trios) of people to retrieve puzzle pieces, then use the pieces to assemble a multiple-tiered 'staircase' puzzle. Lopevi wins, finally gets flint.

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Ep2 IC: "Four on the Floor" - Lopevi wins.

TC2 - Dolly
voted out (5-4), 16 left.
Day 7
(July 2)

Ep3 RC/IC: Great Escape Run

Ep3 RC/IC: Great Escape Run


In first part of the challenge, tribes must get through a series of gates (as in the later Jailbreak challenge). Lopevi wins, gets fishing gear. Lopevi then has an individual IC, digging up ladder rungs and making a ladder. John K wins, then gives individual immunity to Ami at Tribal.

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Ep3 RC/ IC: "Great Escape Run" - Lopevi, John K. win.

TC3 - J.P. voted out (5-3).
TC4 - Mia voted out (5-3), 14 left.
Day 8
(July 3)

Ep4 RC: Remembrance

Ep4 RC: Remembrance

Ep4 RC

Yasur and Lopevi play Concentration. Matches: Ami 1, Eliza 1, Julie 1, John K 0 (blows it), Leann 1 (gets the one John K blew), Sarge 1, Twila 0 (misses coconut), Chad 1 (gets one Twila missed), Lisa 1. Yasur wins, 5-2, gets the instructive services of Dah, who spends the day showing them how to better set up their camp.

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Ep4 RC: "Remem-brance" - Yasur wins.
Ep4: "Now That's A Reward" Ep5: "Earthquakes and Shakeups" Ep6: "Hog Tied"
Day 9
(July 4)

Dah departs Yasur camp. Tears.
Day 10
(July 5)

Ep4 IC: Tribal Tiles

Ep4 IC: Tribal Tiles

Ep4 IC

Rory and Eliza are puzzle directiors. Yasur solves a simple 4x4 placement/logic puzzle.

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Ep4 IC: "Tribal Tiles" - Yasur wins.

TC4 - Brady voted out (6-1), 13 left.
Day 11
(July 6)

5.8 earthquake.
Scout & Sarge pick new tribes.

Ep5 RC: Dive Masters

Ep5 RC: Dive Masters

Ep5 RC

Bubba sits out for New Yasur. Contestants must dive for and retrieve markers at different depths along a rope attached to a buoy. Chris narrowly saves New Lopevi from his own screw-up, retrieving the 22-foot marker, beating Ami. Lopevi wins Pringles and beer at a waterfall.

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Ep5 RC: "Dive Masters" - Lopevi wins.
Day 12
(July 7)

Ep5 IC: Outwit, Outplay, Outrig

Ep5 IC: Outwit, Outplay, Outrig

Ep5 IC

Scout sits out for New Yasur. Lopevi wins at retrieving outrigger parts, assembling a canoe, and paddling to retrieve a flag.

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Ep5 IC: "Outwit, Outplay, Outrig" - Lopevi wins.

TC5 - Bubba voted out (6-1), 12 left.
Day 13
(July 8)

Ep6 RC: Pig Pen

Ep6 RC: Pig Pen

Ep6 RC

Gate-keepers: Scout, Julie. Lopevi easily doubles Yasur's pig-catching output, 10-5, winning steak and eggs.

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Ep6 RC: "Pig Pen" - Lopevi wins.
Day 14
(July 9)

Day 15
(July 10)

Ep6 IC: Strung Out

Ep6 IC: Strung Out

Ep6 IC

Lopevi gets all four sets of puzzle pieces and finishes the puzzle in the time it takes Yasur to get three. Lopevi wins.

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Ep6 IC: "Strung Out" - Lopevi wins.

TC7 - Lisa voted out (4-2), 11 left.
Ep7: "Anger, Threats, Tears... & Coffee" Ep8: "Now the Battle Really Begins" Ep9: "Gender Wars..."
Day 16
(July 11)

Ep7 RC: Jo Coconut

Ep7 RC: Jo Coconut

Ep7 RC

Sarge sits out. New Yasur finally wins, skillfully navigating an obstacle course to fill a jar with coconut water. They win coffee and letters from home.

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Ep7 RC: "Jo Coconut" - Yasur wins.
Day 17
(July 12)
Day 18
(July 13)

Ep7 IC: Shoot Your Way Home

Ep7 IC: Shoot Your Way Home

Ep7 RC

Chris sits out. Yasur beats Lopevi at a slingshot-based tile-smashing challenge. Rory essentially saves himself with his marksmanship.

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Ep7 IC: "Shoot Your Way Home" - Yasur wins.

TC8 - John K. voted out (5-1), 10 left.
Day 19
(July 14)

Ep8 RC: Fire Fighter

Ep8 RC: Fire Fighter

Ep8 RC

Lopevi wins at passing sea-water along in a bucket brigade; gets milk, cookies and chocolate cake.

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Ep8 RC: "Fire Fighter" - Lopevi wins.
Day 20
(July 15)

Tribes merge, Alinta formed.

Ep8 IC: Jumper

Ep8 IC: Jumper

Ep8 IC

Contestants must grab a flag, jump off a platform, swim to the beach, and place the flag in a holder, then repeat. First round is three flags, and done in two heats of five people, with the top two finishers advancing to the final round, which has five flags. Results: First heat: 1.Sarge, 2.Eliza (barely ahead of) 3. Chris; 4/5 Leann & Julie. Second heat: 1.Rory, 2.Ami, 3/4.Twila & Chad, distant 5.Scout. Finals: 1. Sarge wins, easily. 2/3 Rory/Ami, 4. Eliza.

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Ep8 IC: "Jumper" - Sarge wins.
Day 21
(July 16)

Alinta gets around to naming itself.

TC9 - Rory voted out (6-4), 9 left.
Day 22
(July 17)

Ep9 RC: Head Hunter

Ep9 RC: Head Hunter

Ep9 RC

Trivia-based coconut chop challenge - answer a question correctly, and you get to burn one of another player's three skulls. Elimination order - Q2: 9.Sarge out (Hit by Scout, Leann, Ami),8.Chad out (Eliza, Julie, Twila). Q3: 7.Chris out (Eliza, Scout, Eliza). Q4: 6.Eliza out (Twila, Twila, Scout). Q5: 5.Julie out (Chad, Sarge, Twila). Q6: 4.Scout (Sarge, Julie, Leann), 3.Ami (Chris, Scout, Scout) out. Q8: 2.Twila (Ami, Leann, Leann) out, 1.Leann wins helicopter chicken wings picnic with champagne, takes Julie.

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Ep9 RC: "Head Hunter" - Leann wins.
Ep9: "Gender Wars... It's Getting Ugly" Ep10: "Culture Shock and Violent Storms" Ep11: "Surprise and... Surprise Again!"
Day 23
(July 18)

Ep9 IC: Memory Mosaic

Ep9 IC: Memory Mosaic

Ep9 IC

Probst briefly displays a mosaic puzzle, which the contestants have to re-create from memory. If they get it wrong, they're out. Order of elimination: First round - Chad, Sarge, Chris; 2nd round - Twila, Scout; 3rd round - Eliza; 4th round - Julie, Leann. Ami wins!

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Ep9 IC: "Memory Mosaic" - Ami wins.
Day 24
(July 19)

TC10 - Sarge voted out (7-1-1), 8 left.
Day 25
(July 20)

Ep10 RC: Sacrificial Lamb

Ep10 RC: Sacrificial Lamb

Ep10 RC

Chris, Chad and Ami guide Eliza along a twisted rope course, beating Julie and the rest. They win an overnight village visit (with Piggy and kava).

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Ep10 RC: "Sacrificial Lamb" - Chris, Chad, Ami, Eliza win.
Day 26
(July 21)

Chris, Chad, Ami, Eliza return from Vanuatu village visit.
Day 27
(July 22)

Ep10 IC: Get A Grip

Ep10 IC: Get A Grip

Ep10 IC

Contestants must hold themselves up on a pole as long as possible. Order of elimination: (No elapsed times shown, hard to judge how long people lasted) 8.Julie, 7.Chris, 6.Scout, 5.Ami, 4.Eliza, 3. Leann, 2.Chad, 1.Twila wins.

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Ep10 IC: "Get A Grip" - Twila wins.

TC11 - Chad voted out (6-2), 7 left.
Day 28
(July 23)

Ep11 RC: Played Out

Ep11 RC: Played Out

Ep11 RC

Eliza best remembers trivia based on previous challenges. Order of elimination: 7,6. Chris, Twila (3 right), 5,4,3. Leann, Scout, Ami (6 right). Julie and Eliza face off in final tiebreaker, Julie gets 0 right, Eliza gets 1+, Eliza wins. She wins an overnight camp visit from her mom, Susan. Everyone else gets hugs.

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Ep11 RC: "Played Out" (loved ones visit) - Eliza wins.
Day 29
(July 24)

Eliza's mom, Susan, leaves Alinta camp.
Ep11: "Surprise and... Surprise Again!" Ep12: "Now Who's In Charge Here?" Ep13: "Eruptions of Volcanic Magnitude"
Day 30
(July 25)

Ep11 IC: Love Is Blind

Ep11 IC: Love Is Blind

Ep11 IC

Survivors direct blindfolded loved ones to retrieve bags, then complete a puzzle together. Finishes: 7.Leann/Terri (stop mid-challenge), 6.Eliza/Susan, all others on puzzle as challenge ends. Chris/Lorie 2nd to start the puzzle, Scout/Annie 3rd, Julie/Justin 4th, Twila/James 5th. Ami/Crissy win.

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Ep11 IC: "Love Is Blind" - Ami and Crissy win.

TC12 - Leann voted out (4-3), 6 left.
Day 31
(July 26)

Ep12 RC: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Ep12 RC: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Ep12 RC

Survivors race over outriggers then dive to retrieve 3 flags. Eliza wins a Pontiac G6. Ami and Chris finish 2nd and 3rd to join her in an overnight resort getaway.

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Ep12 RC: "Bridge over Troubled Water" - Eliza wins, brings Ami and Chris.
Day 32
(July 27)

Eliza, Ami and Chris return from reward trip.
Day 33
(July 28)

Ep12 IC: Island Hopping

Ep12 IC: Island Hopping

Ep12 IC

Chris wins at glorified shuffleboard.

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Ep12 IC: "Island Hopping" - Chris wins.

TC13 - Ami voted out (4-2), 5 left.
Day 34
(July 29)

Ep13 RC: Redemption

Ep13 RC: Redemption

Ep13 RC

Four stages, single-elimination: 1. Mud crawl (Scout out); 2. Pig catch (Eliza out); 3. Puzzle (Chris out); 4. Balance beam/slingshots - Julie wins Mt. Yasur overnight horseback trip, takes Chris.

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Ep13 RC: "Redemption" - Julie wins, brings Chris.
Day 35
(July 30)

Chris and Julie return from Mt. Yasur trip.
Day 36
(July 31)

Ep13 IC: Warrior

Ep13 IC: Warrior

Ep13 IC

Eliza is the first to answer five memory questions based on a story Probst tells about an ancient Vanuatu warrior-chief.

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Ep13 IC: "Warrior" - Eliza wins.

TC14 - Julie voted out (3-2), 4 left.
Ep14: "Spirits and the Final Four" (season finale) Game over
Day 37
(August 1)

Final 4 IC: Snakes and Ladders

Final 4 IC: Snakes and Ladders

Final 4 IC

Contestants must retrieve 10 tiles pairs from within a massive vertical maze. When all tiles are collected, they must then decode a 10-letter, 2-owrd phrase (FINAL THREE). Chris narrowly beats Twila, Eliza is third, Scout last.

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Ep14 F4 IC: "Snakes and Ladders" - Chris wins.

TC15 - Eliza voted out (3-1), 3 left.
Day 38
(August 2)

Final 3 IC: Ready, Aim, Don't Fire

Final 3 IC: Ready, Aim, Don't Fire

Final 3 IC

Chris outlasts Twila (and Scout, duh) at holding a drawn bow-and-arrow.

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Ep14 F3 IC: "Ready, Aim, Don't Fire" - Chris wins.

TC16 - Scout voted out (1-0 [2-1]), 2 left.
Day 39
(August 3)

Final Tribal Council

Final Tribal Council

Final Tribal Council

Chris delivers an impressive jury performance, and beats Twila, 5-2.

← Previous: Final 3 IC

Final tribal council and jury votes on Final Two.

Chris wins, 5-2.
(August 4)

Departure. Contestants fly back to the U.S.
(August 5) (August 6) (August 7)