Individual immunity wins, career

By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: June 1, 2024

Most individual immunity wins, career - Boston Rob Mariano, S4, S8, S20, S22, S40

9 wins

Boston Rob Mariano: S4, S8, S20, S22, S40


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Individual IC wins - Season

Most individual IC wins, career
Rank Contestant Seasons ICW ICA
1 Boston Rob Mariano, S2, S8, S20, S22, S40 Boston Rob Mariano S4, S8, S20, S22, S40 9 19
2 Ozzy Lusth, S13, S16, S23, S34 Ozzy Lusth S13, S16, S23, S34 7 15
3-t Joe Anglim, S31, S38 Joe Anglim S30, S31 6 10
3-t Spencer Bledsoe, S28, S31 Spencer Bledsoe S28, S31 6 18
5-t Terry Deitz, S12, S31 Terry Deitz S12, S31 5 7
5-t Tom Westman, S10, S20 Tom Westman S10, S20 5 8
5-t Mike Holloway, Worlds Apart Mike Holloway S30: Worlds Apart 5 9
5-t Brad Culpepper, S27, S34 Brad Culpepper S27, S34 5 10
5-t Kim Spradlin, S24, S40 Kim Spradlin S24, S40 5 14
5-t Colby Donaldson, S2, S8, S20 Colby Donaldson S2, S8, S20 5 15
11-t Jenna Morasca, S6, S8 Jenna Morasca S6, S8 4 8
11-t Fabio Birza, Nicaragua Fabio Birza S21: Nicaragua 4 8
11-t Rafe Judkins, Guatemala Rafe Judkins S11: Guatemala 4 9
11-t Chrissy Hofbeck, Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Chrissy Hofbeck S35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers 4 9
11-t Ken McNickle, Millennials vs Gen X Ken McNickle S33: Millennials vs Gen X 4 10
11-t Kelly Wiglesworth, S1, S31 Kelly Wiglesworth S1, S31 4 11
11-t Rick Devens, Edge of Extinction Rick Devens S38: Edge of Extinction 4 11
11-t Erik Reichenbach, S16, S26 Erik Reichenbach S16, S26 4 13
11-t Tyson Apostol, S18, S20, S27, S40 Tyson Apostol S18, S20, S27, S40 4 16
11-t Michele Fitzgerald, S32, S40 Michele Fitzgerald S32, S40 4 17
11-t Nick Wilson, S37, S40 Nick Wilson S37, S40 4 17
11-t Amanda Kimmel, S15, S16, S20 Amanda Kimmel S15, S16, S20 4 18
11-t Keith Nale, S29, S31 Keith Nale S29, S31 4 18
11-t Tony Vlachos, S28, S34, S40 Tony Vlachos S28, S34, S40 4 19
11-t Parvati Shallow, S13, S16, S20, S40 Parvati Shallow S13, S16, S20, S40 4 20
11-t Andrea Boehlke, S22, S26, S34 Andrea Boehlke S22, S26, S34 4 20
27-t Brian Heidik, Thailand Brian Heidik S5: Thailand 3 6
27-t Dee Valladares, Survivor 45 Dee Valladares Survivor 45 3 6
27-t Maria Shrime Gonzalez, S46 Maria Shrime Gonzalez Survivor 46 3 6
27-t Darrah Johnson, Pearl Islands Darrah Johnson S7: Pearl Islands 3 7
27-t Yau-Man Chan, S14, S16 Yau-Man Chan S14, S16 3 7
27-t Bob Crowley, Gabon Bob Crowley S17: Gabon 3 7
27-t Ricard Foye, S41 Ricard Foyé
Survivor 41
3 7
27-t Cassidy Clark, Survivor 43 Cassidy Clark Survivor 43 3 7
27-t Ian Rosenberger, Palau Ian Rosenberger S10: Palau 3 8
27-t Noura Salman, Island of the Idols Noura Salman S39: Island of the Idols 3 8
27-t Owen Knight, Survivor 43 Owen Knight Survivor 43 3 8
27-t Lex van den Berghe, S3, S8 Lex van den Berghe S3, S8 3 9
27-t Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Marquesas Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien S4, S8 3 9
27-t Chris Daugherty, Vanuatu Chris Daugherty S9: Vanuatu 3 9
27-t Brett Clouser, Samoa Brett Clouser S19: Samoa 3 9
27-t Monica Culpepper, S24, S27 Monica Culpepper S24, S27 3 9
27-t Domenick Abbate, Ghost Island Domenick Abbate S36: Ghost Island 3 9
27-t J.T. Thomas, S18, S20, S34 J.T. Thomas S18, S20, S34 3 10
27-t Sophie Clarke, S23, S40 Sophie Clarke S23, S40 3 14
27-t John Cochran, S23, S26 John Cochran S23, S26 3 15
27-t Troyzan Robertson, S24, S34 Troyzan Robertson S24, S34 3 15
27-t Denise Stapley, S25, S40 Denise Stapley S25, S40 3 16
27-t Tasha Fox, S28, S31 Tasha Fox S28, S31 3 16
27-t Russell Hantz, S19, S20, S22 Russell Hantz S19, S20, S22 3 17
27-t Jeremy Collins, S29, S31, S40 Jeremy Collins S29, S31, S40 3 18

*Active player. Complete through Survivor 46. Click contestant name/picture to view their contestant page.

Individual IC wins notes:

IC wins are like individual challenge wins in general (which we also list here), but are arguably more important. While many players admit to throwing or sandbagging individual reward challenges, there's a much greater chance people are actually trying to win immunity challenges. (Okay, even then not always, but the deeper you get into the game, the more likely.) There's no minimum here, so we just list total immunities won. Simple as that.

  • ICW: (Individual) immunity challenge wins. How many times they won. Combined reward/immunity challenges also count as ICs. Duels and/or hero challenges do not. Redemption Island/EoE re-entry challenges also do not.
  • ICA: Challenge Appearances. The number of challenges in which they competed.