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Most challenges sat out - career
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: March 18, 2020

The Survivor contestants who sat out the most challenges, career - Courtney Yates, S15, S20


Sandra Diaz-Twine, S7, S20, S34, S40



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Sit-outs - Season

Most sit-outs, career
Rank Contestant Season SO ChA
1* Sandra Diaz-Twine, S7, S20, S34 Sandra Diaz-Twine S7, S20, S34, S40 13* 62
2 Courtney Yates, S15, S20 Courtney Yates S15, S20 12 38
3 Abi-Maria Gomes, S25, S31 Abi-Maria Gomes S25, S31 8 41
4 Katie Gallagher, Palau Katie Gallagher S10 - Palau 7 24
5 Cirie Fields, S12, S16, S20, S34 Cirie Fields S13, S16, S20, S34 7 73
6 Janu Tornell, Palau Janu Tornell S10 - Palau 6 17
7-t Caryn Groedel, Palau Caryn Groedel S10 - Palau 6 22
7-t Laura Morett, S19, S29 Laura Morett S19, S29 6 22
7-t Monica Padilla, S19, S31 Monica Padilla S19, S31 6 22
10 Shii Ann Huang, S5, S8 Shii Ann Huang S5, S8 6 31
11 Parvati Shallow, S13, S16, S20 Parvati Shallow S13, S16, S20 6 78
12 Jenn Lyon, Palau Jenn Lyon S10 - Palau 5 23
13 Ian Rosenberger, Palau Ian Rosenberger S10 - Palau 5 24
14 Corinne Kaplan, S17, S26 Corinne Kaplan S17, S26 5 33
15 Big Tom Buchanan, S3, S8 Big Tom Buchanan S3, S8 5 43
16 Danielle DiLorenzo, Panama, HvsV Danielle DiLorenzo S12, S20 5 44

*Active player. Complete through Winners at War, Episode 6. Click contestant name/picture to view their contestant page.

SO - Most challenges sat out

Sitting out challenges is a pretty straightforward stat to track: Was the contestant sitting out? Okay, chalk one up to the tally board. Even if the player is just standing around, useless, during a challenge, they're still "competing." For placement, we sorted first by most sit-outs, then by fewest challenge appearances (a.k.a. sit-out opportunities).


There are only a couple of exceptions:

(1) If the contestant is somehow exiled and not even present during a challenge, they don't get charged with a sit-out.

(2) Hero challenges (also duels) in which the contestant does not participate aren't counted, either.


Glossary of terms
  • SO: Challenges sat out.
  • ChA: Challenge Appearances. The number of challenges for which contestants were eligible to compete.