Welcome to the land o' spoils. Population: well, us and you. Read on to see our especially crappy attempt at ruining Mark Burnett's fun.
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Mercifully, Survivor: Africa has come to an end.
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-The Toronto Sun confirmed the final tribal council was held Saturday, August 18th, 2001.  This means filming indeed started July 11th.

- Dan Bollinger (Survivormaps) has pinpointed the tent city used by the crew, and has an unconfirmed report of the site of Tribal Council.  Check out his maps of the Shaba area.

- Host Jeff Probst was stung by a scorpion on Day 21. Oh, the horror! We think he's more crew than cast, so we'll stand by our 0% prediction this ends up on the air.

- Cast arrived at Shaba Game Reserve in Kenya on Sunday, July 8, 2001 (Daily Nation).

- The final episode this year will have four people, as in S1.  This cuts filming down to 39 days this time (USA Today).

- Shaba is 7 hours ahead of the U.S. Eastern time zone, 10 hours ahead of Pacific.

- Filming began on Wednesday, July 11, 2001 (Daily Nation).

- CBS has trucked in all supplies needed, including twigs and branches for huts and fires (East African Standard).  So the reality of the "survival" part, is that everything they need is actually given to them.

- Cast was not allowed to kill any wild animals this time - clearly, CBS is fearful of further animal rights protests (Daily Nation).

- CBS head honcho Les Moonves has helped stir rumors that the rules will be different this season. We suspect he's skillfully stretching the truth. 

- Possible tribe names, in order of likelihood (for the three tribe, post-"merge" thing):
  (1) Twiga (giraffe) - on official logo.

  (2) Tembo (elephant)

  (3) Kiboko (hippopotamus)

  (4) Simba (lion) - "Born Free" filmed here.

  (5) Kifaru (rhinocerous)

  (6) Punda milia (zebra) - in Shaba, but too long

- Chances the cast will contain an active or former member of the armed forces: 100%

- Chances there will be at least two people with grey hair: 100% (Les Moonves has now confirmed this).

- Chances that everyone else will be perky, athletic twenty- through early forty-somethings, just like everyone on Fear Factor: 99%

- Chances that product placement will be even more blatant and ubiquitous this time: 100%

- Chances a cast member will be injured, maimed or killed during filming:  2.5%

- Chances a crew member will be: 100% (was 25%)

- Likelihood crew injury shows up on the TV show: 0%

- Likelihood any cast mishap, no matter how slight, will: 100%

- Likelihood that "Survivor 3" will continue to dominate in the ratings: 100% (unless ABC can come up with something novel and clever, ha!)

- Chances of lame, unfair and/or rigged  challenges popping up unexpectedly to weed out unpopular, ratings-killing contestants: 50%


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