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Episode 10: "We Are Family" (Air date: December 20, 2001; filmed August 7-9, 2001)
Our picks:  RC - Food auction, no winner, except maybe Lex's gut.
X IC - Previews none too helpful.  When in doubt, guess Ethan. Frank is another possibility.  Lex again. At least Paratrooper got it
X Boot - KimP.  Nope, Frank.  Always trust the previews...
Episode 10: "We Are Family" 
This week, we would compare and contrast the CBS site and Zap2It's descriptions, but CBS has apparently banned Zap2It from giving them.  View the web preview here.
What CBS says What we think it means What actually happened
(1) One tribe member gives a selfless blessing to another. (1) Most likely Teresa "accidentally" not winning the IC, allowing Frank to just beat her. (1) What the hell was this?  Thanks to the Early Show, this was apparently Frank volunteering to sacrifice himself, so that Teresa could go further.  Nice editing, CBS!
(2) Some of the tribe members pair up on their own to cooperate at a Reward Challenge, revealing telling friendships and alliances.  (2) As suggested by Cranky Andy himself, this would appear to be the now-traditional food auction, which also appeared in ep10 of Survivor 2.  No word on whether the leaves available have holes in them or not. (2) Woo-hoo!  Thanks, Cranky Andy!
(3) Tom washes the women. (a.k.a. "Tom helps the women shower"). (3) Once again: More skin, more Tom = bigger ratings for CBS!  (3) Umm, was this actually some sort of mystery?

Reward Challenge
Sounds like a food auction. Everybody wins! (except the viewers, unless we get to see more toilet humor afterwards). Guess we got more Tom dancing, instead

Immunity challenge
This one appears to be a running around and answering trivia questions one, like the one on S2 where Keith dropped the locks (d'oh!).  We know it's IC because you can see the necklace in the shot of Ethan running (plus the CBS site says that people team up on the RC).  Contestants appear to pick up ribbons for each right answer, which they place on their staff.  There appear to be seven stations/ questions total, each with a different-colored ribbon.  Not clear from the previews who wins, but since it's a memory/ speed challenge, we suspect Ethan has the best chances.  Lex is also a strong contender, as is Frank.  In fact, Frank winning immunity would be a good reason for KimP being targeted for the boot.  One red herring from the web site preview: The last scene asks, "Who's next?" and shows only six survivors (not MamaKim).  Then MamaKim pops up and says, "It will be an interesting tribal council."  Call us crazy, but we don't think there's any way MamaKim can win immunity this week.  Unfortunately, we went with Ethan.

Boran, thanks to the dumb, dumb Samburus, emerged from the Lex's gut debacle, regaining a 4-3 advantage.  That means a Samburu is gone this week, and we believe, based on the fact that her screen time in episode 9 more than doubled her cumulative presence for the entire series, this week's victim is poor little bit/bear KimP.  Ethan and Tom had both previously mentioned booting KimP, and Tom and MamaKim both appear to have ties to Frank and Teresa. Plus Brandon and Kelly claim to have had fun on the jury, making it unlikely that Frank joined them this soon.  Another possibility is Lex, but the Borans would have to be completely retarded to sever their ties to him so soon.  Lex will, however, not get to push the vote on Frank, as Tom or MamaKim will now call the shots. KimP gets the boot.  We're not really sure why this episode is called "We Are Family," but it could reflect the post-KimP tribal makeup - everyone left was a Boran at some point.

Alternatively, several people seem to think "We Are Family" implies the emergence of an all-female alliance (conveniently, three of the "nickname" domain names belong to the three remaining women).  These domains were registered August 7th, which is day 1 of this episode.  It is a bit odd that CBS went to the expense of registering the domain littlebitpowers.com, when they have so far completely avoided associating KimP with this nickname on the show.  More to come?  Perhaps the Evil Pecker has been concealing a top-secret female alliance from us, but there's really been no solid evidence of one so far. The best we have is MamaKim stirring up girls-vs-boys sentiment in ep2, and the odd scene with Tom and Frank bemoaning the slow women in ep9.  That and Clarence's statement that MamaKim was "evil" in his final chat.  All three women were seen talking about Brandon at the start of ep9, so it is possible they are a "hidden trio," but that's the extent of their on-screen interaction, so there's no way to know that at this point.  If KimP doesn't go this week, and Lex does, we'll be significantly more suspicious.



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