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Mercifully, Survivor: Africa has come to an end.
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Episode 1: "Question of trust" (Air date: October 11, 2001; filmed July 11-13, 2001)
We picked: Samburu wins immunity; Diane gets the
boot. (yup).

Immunity/Reward challenge
This challenge, described in TV Guide, involves each team pulling a flaming 300-pound cart up a hill and through sand, trying to be the first to reach a tower, which must be set alight.  From the clothes Samburu is wearing in this picture, we know this is a different challenge than that shown on the Early Show preview on 10/9/01, which showed all eight Samburu members huddling, then Frank taking the immunity idol and handing it over to Jeff Probst.  This strongly suggests Samburu wins immunity, meaning someone from Boran is the first evictee.

As for Diane, she's the obvious choice. The previews practically scream she's booted (which could be taken either way), and she has no obvious assets for her tribe. In her solo TV Guide cover, she wears the same clothes as the Survivors wore before filming started (as they were being interviewed by the likes of Extra, E! and Access Hollywood. She does not appear to have this outfit with her on the actual show.  Meanwhile, other contestants appear to be being photographed during the show for their covers.  Also, the Early Show preview from 10/9/01 indicates the episode 2 IC takes place on a cold day.  Other preview shots (Extra, Access Hollywood) show Jessie and Tom, and Clarence and Lex, and Ethan wearing lots of clothes. Admittedly, this could just be early morning, but it's better than no evidence at all.  Finally, all of the Samburu pics from the 10/9/01 Early Show preview are from episode 2.  In the same preview, Tom and Kelly are shown, suggesting they last to ep2.  That roughly narrows it down to Diane and KimJ.  Given a choice, we'd boot Diane if we were Boran.



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