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Mercifully, Survivor: Africa has come to an end.
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Episode 7: "Will There Be A Feast Tonight?" (Air date: November 22, 2001; filmed July 29-31, 2001)
Our picks: RC- no evidence of one in previews. Yes! One right!
X IC- Samburu wins if tribal, Clarence if individual.  Whoops.  This was predicated on the next pick, of course...
X Boot:  Gotta be Teresa, due to Diane's list.  Curse you, Diane!

Boot: Teresa.  This is the last week of Diane's list of Samburu friends.  Since this week's bootee is the last non-jury member, for Diane to meet Teresa (and not Frank, Brandon or KimP), Teresa has to go this week.  As confirmation, Carl complained about close sleeping quarters with T-bird on safari.  Hmm, we didn't learn before, when we said 'Guess we can't trust Carl.'
Episode 7: "Will There Be A Feast Tonight?" 
The tribes are anxious as they eagerly anticipate the "traditional" merge. Anxiety is high as the tribes try to figure out if (and how) the traditional tribal merge will take place.  Meanwhile, an ill tribemember suddenly finds himself surrounded by elephants; certain former power-players find themselves in a brand new world. (Also from Zap2It).
What it says What we think it means
(1) The tribes are anxious as they eagerly anticipate the "traditional" merge. (1) Is there a merge? We're guessing not until the next episode (ep8). The IC occurs before the merge, anyway, although there's no reason it couldn't be sprung on them that they're suddenly competing for individual immunity. Teresa's boot makes more sense if it's still two tribes, since she's on the short end of old tribal lines, and Frank is more useful if there's another tribal IC. Yet another conclusion crippled by a faulty assumption.
(2) An ill tribemember suddenly finds himself surrounded by elephants. (2) We think this is probably Tom.  Tom is shown sitting by himself in the TV preview, while the remaining four Samburu are reading the IC treemail. Tom previously played an elephant in Ep.1, so he should fit right in. Hmm, a week ago we said Clarence. Poor time to change our minds.
(3) Certain former power-players find themselves in a brand new world. (3) The previews show this is the MallRats. 

Immunity challenge: If individual, we're guessing Clarence wins; if tribal, Samburu.
Below is a series of images preceding and at the IC.  Clarence and Brandon are both holding canteen-like objects, which are probably the tree mail explaining the challenge.  The hike-to-the-challenge pics show both tribes going separately, and Clarence is holding the immunity idol. So if there is an RC, it's not shown, and both tribes are still separate at IC time.  At the IC, there is a wooden structure with rope hanging off of it. Most likely the tree mail objects are involved in some way - another tilting a seesaw to light a fire challenge, as in S2, maybe? Hard to tell from the caps.  Either way, Teresa gets booted, so it's probably a Samburu tribal win.  Clarence is the logical person to boot post-merge since: (1) Boran has a 6-4 advantage; (2)he complained to a Detroit newspaper that he wasted his time bulking up in the gym before going to Africa; (3) he's a huge threat to pull a Colby-like string of IC wins, and (4) nobody in his own tribe likes him.  Since Teresa's the one to leave, he must win an individual IC.



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