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Mercifully, Survivor: Africa has come to an end.
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Episodes -1 to 0: Prehistory
The list.
    Someone contacted both Survivornews.net and Surviiivor.com on August 22, 2001, and provided each with a list of 16 names, supposedly the complete cast of Survivor: Africa.  They were right, of course.  This was discovered by looking at a list of domain names registered by CBS.
Brandon Quinton Carl Bilancione Clarence Black Diane Ogden
Ethan Zohn Franklin Garrison Yesenia "Jessie" Camacho Kelly Goldsmith
Kimberly "Little Bit" Powers Kim "Mama Kim" Larsen Johnson Lex van den Berghe Linda Spencer
Lindsey Richter Silas Gaither Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper Tom "Big Tom" Buchanan

Name Age, Hometown Story (source) Likelihood, caveats
Lindsey Richter
27, Portland, Oregon

Beaverton High School, 1992
University of Arizona, 1996

Made first cut for S3, sent email to friends on July 4th , saying she was taing a trip for a few months. "Big Loser" on the survivorsucks EZ board revealed this to the world in July.  On August 8th, Peter Carlin of the Oregonian ran a column describing Lindsey to a tee. Has been photographed by the Oregonian since returning. Officially confirmed as a contestant by the Oregonian on August 24th, 2001.
"Big" Tom Buchanan
45, Rich Valley, Virginia. Owns a cattle ranch and runs his own trucking business in Saltville. Most of the footwork confirming him done by Surviiivor.com. Confirmed by neighbors, and profiled in the local paper, which claims he lost close to 80 pounds and grew a full beard while gone. 

While the weight loss is impressive, he may have simply not shaved after being voted off.

Yesenia "Jessie" Camacho
26, Orlando, Florida. 5-foot-8, rock-climbing mother, policewoman, and former beauty pageant winner. Found by Surviiivor.com. Confirmed to have been on leave from the police force for two months. Profiled by the Orlando Sentinel on August 30th, 2001.

yesenia.com, registered in August, may be for her?

Franklin Garrison


43, Horseheads/Odessa, NY

Formerly from Lindley, NY?

Only Survivor to have website registered for him independently (survivorfrank.com and frankgarrison.com). Has a deceptive friend named Jeff Heffner. Someone purporting to be his sister-in-law confirmed he was missing from mid-June to mid-August (did so September 2, on surviiivor.com). Confirming evidence for his absence uncovered by Snewser at votedoff.tv: Frank works for Verizon, and is listed as being "on leave".
Carl Bilancione
46, Winter Park, Florida Marathon-running dentist, who, using the vast medical knowledge he acquired in dental school, hawks magnetic insoles and wondrous (untested by the FDA) powders to millions of unsuspecting Floridians. Our choice for villain of S3. Quickly identified due to large web presence, multi-board poster Gatorgrrrl volunteered to get her teeth cleaned, to scout out his appearance. The Orlando Sentinel confirms he's been gone for two months.  He also grew a beard (see Big Tom caveat above).
Ethan Zohn
27, Formerly from Lexington, MA, currently residing in New York

Vassar College, 1996

Was an assistant coach for men's and women's soccer at Farleigh Dickinson University in 2000. No longer listed as a coach there. 

Was the backup goalie for a professional soccer team, the Cape Cod Crusaders, also in 2000.

Had been scheduled to be part of the Team USA men's soccer team at the Maccabiah games in Israel in July, but Team USA ended up not taking a soccer team, thus freeing him up. 

Other Ethan Zohns are not forthcoming, so this is likely him. The Boston Herald seems to think so.

Silas "Chip" Gaither

Photo courtesy surviiivor.com
~22, from Memphis, Tennessee, now living in Los Angeles.

University of Tennessee, 2000-1

Son of Silas Dwain Gaither, DDS. "Chip" was a boxer in the 195 weight class, and a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at UT Knoxville in 1999.

chipgaither.com, registered by Darien Wilson of Boulder, CO, in April, 2001. No site linked to it (taken down?), and Darien does not return emails.

"cgmd" on the EZ board identified Chip, remarking his nickname refers to him being a "chip off the old block," since he shares his dad's first name. cgmd says Chip recently moved to California to take up acting, and claimed to have taken off "To Italy for a few months." Awaiting further verification, but sounds like a good fit.
Lex van den Berghe

Photo courtesy survivorfever.net
38, San Jose, California Heavily tattooed drummer for several Bay Area bands.

Former spokesman for the Bay Area fusionONE company.

Surviiivor.com states a coworker confirmed his absence; other sources have given non-commital non-responses, suggesting he's the one.
Diane Ogden


42, Lincoln, Nebraska Divorced mother, postal service worker/mail carrier from Lincoln. According to a Lincoln Journal-Star article, a co-worker says she has been instructed not to answer questions about her, and a man (possibly her father?) told her not to answer a reporter's questions. There are many, many Diane Ogdens in the U.S., but this one certainly behaves like a contestant.  Congrats to vanillaslave for the find.
Kelly Goldsmith

Photo courtesy votedoff.tv
22, Rancho Sante Fe, California

Duke University (Cum Laude), 2001

Within a day after the list emerged (and people found her site), pictures of her from her personal folder on the Duke server mysteriously disappeared.

Co-social director for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at Duke. Participated in drama there.

Confirmed by a San Diego radio station who called her house, and were told that she couldn't say anything for a few weeks, and that CBS had told them not to say anything (oops!).

Two people claiming to be friends have also posted confirming messages at Surviiivor.com's board.

Clarence Black

Photo courtesy survivornews.net
24, Detroit, Michigan

Attended Hillsdale College

Coach of JV basketball team for the Birmingham Detroit Country Day school. 

Interestingly, "astanhope" on the surviiivor.com board revealed someone fitting Clarence's description was in a Nairobi hospital near the start of August, suffering from an intestinal infection.

Long suspected, due to anonymous tips to Survivornews.net, then confirmed by Mark Francescutti, a reporter for the Oakland (MI) Press, on September 6, 2001.  Out of touch with friends over the summer, and his basketball team and school officials have been instructed not to talk.



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