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Episode 6: "I'd Never Do It To You" (Air date: November 15, 2001; filmed July 26-28, 2001)
Our picks: RC - Samburu, just because. IC: Boran, see below.  Boot: Lindsey (swish!).

Useful info from Ep.6 and Ep.7 previews:
Episode 6: "I'd Never Do It to You" 
One age-aligned group fights to save one of its own, while another considers betrayal. A "quiet" conversation is overheard by the wrong person.  A tribe member many seemed to dislike turns out to be a pretty good teacher. (From Zap2It, virtually indentical to CBS's claptrap).
What it says What we think it means
(1) One age-aligned group fights to save one of its own. (1) The previews show this extensively - it's the MallRats trying to hide Lindsey's votes against.
(2) While another considers betrayal. (2) Could be just about anyone...
(3) A "quiet" conversation is overheard by the wrong person. (3) Again, just about anyone here, too.  Likely prospects: an ex-Boran hears MallRats discussing Lindsey's votes, Kelly hears Lex and Tom calling her a "kid", or Brandon hears ex-Borans planning to vote for him.
(4) A tribe member many seemed to dislike turns out to be a pretty good teacher. (4) Archery challenge, Frank is an unliked archer.  Boran wins challenge.

Reward challenge: ? (Guessing Samburu, because they're  shown).
No obvious previews of this.  Squat from the Early Show. The web preview has one shot (Fig. 1) of Samburu walking together, in clothes that may or may not be different from the immunity challenge (Lex and KimP look to be wearing the same clothes, Tom and Lindsey are wearing slightly less than in the IC archery shots). So this pic is either going to RC, or possibly returning from IC (empty handed).  We're guessing it's most likely before RC, mainly because Lindsey has moved her buff from her neck to her wrist.

Fig. 3: The path of Tom's arrow suggests Samburu is shooting at the left-hand set of targets.
  Fig. 6: Which target is it?  As best as we can tell, the target in the inset most closely matches Boran's farthest target (arrow).

Immunity challenge: Boran - hey, whaddya know?  Vidcap analysis can actually work when MB plays along!
About time they came up with something cool.  This one involves flaming projectiles, and targets that appear to completely explode when hit by a barely-burning arrow.  Sweet.  We can tell this is IC, because the web preview shows Lindsey arriving, holding the idol.  Later shots show His Probstness standing next to the idol in an authoritative fashion.  So who wins?  The apparent order the teams are hitting the targets is front-to-back. Figure 5 appears to show Boran's farthest target getting hit (Fig. 5 and 6).  How do we know it's Boran's?  (1) It most closely resembles the farthest right-hand target (Fig. 6); (2) The crack in the rock, the lack of grass, and the patch of wate rin the background best fit this being the farthest Boran target, and (3) Frame-by-frame analysis shows not only (as was originally noted elsewhere) heat coming from the right of the target in Fig. 5, but there are also sparks flying over from the right.  This suggests there is a flaming target to the right, making the target in Fig. 5 Boran's last one.  Unless they hit this one out of order, that's a pretty strong suggestion they win.  We'll go with Boran winning this one.

Boot: Lindsey
CBS promises an "intense tribal council," which, while generally meaningless, might indicate some Lindsey fireworks.  In a tie vote, Lindsey would get to plead her case before the revote, which might not be pretty, since she knows she's doomed.  Certainly, any Samburu TC should be intense, because Linz has been trying to hide her votes against for six days now.  We're guessing that none of the ex-Boran votes will be shown before Jeffy pulls them out of the box, adding to the "suspense".  Ooooh.

Still-possible spoilers (in vague order)
(1) "Diane's friends" - list given by Diane in Final Chat of who she talks to from Samburu: "like Carl and Theresa [sic.], Linda, Lindsey and Silas."  Sounded fake at the time, but Carl's and Linda's boots are making this look better and better.  The importance here is that we think the non-jury members were sequestered from those bootees on the jury.  Based on the number of Samburus here, who Diane had never met beforehand, this would require every one of these people to be the next ones booted.  Linda's boot shows that the order was not exact, although for several reasons, we think it's roughly accurate, suggesting Teresa's next.
(2) "Carl's non-friend" (new!) - in Carl's Final Chat, he mentions he never really got to know KimP.  This would fit with the "Diane's list" of pre-jury bootees, all of whom presumably joined in on Diane's month-long safari as they were booted.
(3) "Silas' buddy list" - According to his final chat, he apparently did not go on safari, but instead hung out at base camp.  There, he would meet bootees as they arrived every three days.  He says his favorite contestant is 'Big Tom" (whom he did not meet on the show), and sounds quite close to him, right down to naming Tom's cologne.  He also says he does not correspond with Lex (whom he also did not meet on the show), later backpedaling to say they didn't "hit it off" - suggesting Lex may have been final two.  91X in San Diego reports Silas and Kelly (third person not met on the show) watch the show together, so they may have met at base camp too.



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