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Most times voted out - single season
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: August 28, 2021

Most times voted out - Ozzy Lusth, S13, S16, S23, S34

Ozzy Lusth, S23: South Pacific

3 times

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Times voted out - career

Most times voted out in a single season
Rank Contestant Season Times voted out
1 Ozzy Lusth, South Pacific Ozzy Lusth S23: South Pacific 3
2-t Burton Roberts, S7 Burton Roberts S7: Pearl Islands 2
2-t Matt Elrod, S22 Matt Elrod S22: Redemption Island 2
2-t Andrea Boehlke, S22 Andrea Boehlke S22: Redemption Island 2
2-t Tina Wesson, S27 Tina Wesson S27: Blood vs. Water 2
2-t Laura Morett, S27 Laura Morett S27: Blood vs. Water 2
2-t Tyson Apostol, S40 Tyson Apostol S40: Winners at War 2

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Times voted out notes:

This category should be self-explanatory. The only thing not counted here are eliminations via forced Final Four firemaking (sorry, Rick Devens), or any other time where someone leaves without directly being voted out (quits, medevacs).