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Episode 14
"Spirits and the Final Four"

Filmed August 3-5, 2004
Airs Sunday, Dec.12, 2004

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Episode descriptions
TV Guide: - Tonight, the game concludes with "a very heated and emotionally honest" two-hour finale, according to host Jeff Probst, that yields "tears, anger, hurt feelings, healed feelings and a surprising winner."
TitanTV: The final immunity challenge is a test of endurance that involves a bow and arrow.
CBS Ep14 TV and web promos/ Click on thumbnails to view larger picture
CBS picture-in-picture TV preview
Aired December 11, 2004
(During NCAA Basketball)

Crops from Snewser's HDTV promo caps
Aired December 9, 2004
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Post-Ep13 TV preview
Aired December 9, 2004
Note: web promo is identical
Voiceover: CBS Sunday
Probst: It's down to four Survivors. Who will take home the million dollars?
Voiceover: Chris... could have been first on the chopping block, but survived.
Chris (early confessional): A lot tougher than I thought it would be.
Voiceover: Eliza... thought she was doomed.
Eliza: I always think I'm going home!
Voiceover: Scout... cruised under the radar.
Scout: (slaps own face).
Voiceover: And Twila's mouth...
Twila: You have done nothing but boil freakin' water!
Voiceover: Has gotten her this far.
Probst: Three tribal councils.
Voiceover: Two breathtaking hours.
Probst: And one ultimate winner.
Voiceover: Don't miss the Survivor finale and live reunion show, CBS Sunday.

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