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Episode 13
"Eruption of Volcanic Magnitude"

Filmed July 31-Aug 2, 2004
Airs December 9, 2004

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Episode descriptions
CBS: -One Survivor is alienated from the tribe after an outburst that jeopardizes any chance of being in the Final Four.
-Tempers flare when one tribemate refuses to tell another the whereabouts of some buried provisions.
-When a tribemate catches two Survivors talking strategy, an altercation erupts that makes everyone realize what's at stake.
-Working both sides of a divided camp, one Survivor makes conflicting promises going into Tribal Council. Which way will the tribe member vote? And who will make it to the Final Four.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ "Redemption" super challenge - Julie wins
From the web promo, it appears the reward challenge winners get to travel to an active volcano (presumably among other things), which gives one interpretation of the title. There is a shot at the volcano (below, right) of the winner and the guest of their choice (presumably), one of whom appears to be wearing Chris's hat. Julie wears Chris's hat at the start of the challenge, and upon further review, particularly taking note of OkieLoki's observation that the strap is extended, the wearer of Chris's hat at the volcano appears to be... Julie. Who's with her? VolcanicGlass has posted a series of high-quality animations of the pair at the volcano, and the person on the left (holding the lantern) appears to be either Scout or Chris. It's hard to say for sure, but strategically, Julie would probably want Chris there more than Scout, so we'll go with that.

For this challenge (the description of which, which follows, may actually refer to the IC), we actually have a detailed description from TV Guide. The web promo swears this is for immunity, so we'll go with that for now. See (click to expand) sketch at right for the overview (thanks, VG). It's a four-stage challenge, with one person eliminated at each stage. For those of you too timid to click, here's the text description:
- "Round 1 - 5 person mud crawl"... during which (gasp!) Scout is eliminated.
- "Round 2 - 4 person pig catching"... during which (gasp again!) Eliza is eliminated. That leaves Chris, Twila and Julie for Stage 3.
- "Round 3 - 3 person tam tam puzzle"... during which (gasp! thrice!) Chris is eliminated.
- "Round 4 (final) - Scale ladders and walk balance beam. Shoot out three tiles to raise arm and light wok." We see Julie shooting the slingshot, and Julie and Twila on the balance beams. We've divided the vidcaps below by stage. Julie appears to have an initial lead on the balance beam, and is the only one shown with a slingshot, so we'll still go with a Julie win here, taking Chris (who finished third) along for the volcano trip.
ROUND ONE/ Mud crawl - Scout eliminated (Click on thumbnails to expand)
ROUND TWO/ Pig catching - Eliza eliminated (Click on thumbnails to expand)
ROUND THREE/ Tam tam puzzle - Chris eliminated (Click on thumbnails to expand)
ROUND FOUR/ Balance; slingshot - Julie wins? (Click on thumbnails to expand)
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Storytelling, memory, collecting flags - Chris wins?
In addition to the Super Challenge, there is another challenge visible in the web promo, with the contestants more full-clothed and non-muddy, and Probst in a blue shirt. There are once again flag-collecting poles visible, and the contestants appear to be running around in multiple directions. There's also a partial shot of a sign that says "It was...". Perhaps a resurrection of the challenge in which Probst tells a story, after which the contestants have to run to multiple stations answering questions to retrieve challenge-winning items. (This has previously been an IC, so it fits). Logically, this should be a challenge tailor-made for Eliza. But Ami hoped two episodes that Chris wouldn't screw up her plans and "win the next couple of immunities." So we'll guess that he, in fact, does.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Run, Scout! Run!

Well, okay, Julie's running at least (she'd better).

What did you say? A clue! A clue! You see a clue?
BOOT/ Julie
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