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Episode 6
"Hog Tied"

Filmed July 10-12, 2004
Airs October 21, 2004

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Episode descriptions
CBS: -Feeling vulnerable, one castaway gives an impassioned, persuasive speech in hopes of breaking the tribe's alliances.
-In a piglet-herding Reward Challenge, could one tribe's chance of winning be hurt by a member's fear of handling pigs?
-Things get very relaxed at one camp, where one castaway decides to do some nude sunbathing, and a walk to gather food fuels an alliance.
-Conflicted over how to vote in the upcoming Tribal Council, one castaway prays for a sign to guide the decision. POOF! The sign appears.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Piglet herding - Lopevi wins
Hey, good job Yasur, for voting off the farm-boy wrestler! Maybe next time ye shall heed the prophet Eliza. Nah, probably not. The only person shown actually catching a pig in the web promo is, of all people, Lisa (although Chad comes close). There are no clear shots indicating progress, either - it's hard to see much of anything in the holding pen behind Chad, which would indicate how many pigs each tribe had captured.

So to pick a winner, we'll have to go with camp shots. Lopevi looks universally happy, what with naked Julie napping, and Chad pretending to peer, uh, over her. Yeah, that's it. Meanwhile over at Yasur, Rory seems to think he needs to go on strike to avoid tribal council. Everyone around him looks dour. Based on Rory and Scout's clothes, this speech appears to be before the IC (or at least before the marching-to-a-challenge shot, which presumably is IC, since it looks nothing like their RC attire). The relative moods at the camps could be explained if Yasur lost the RC, indicating to Rory that, with three straight challenge losses, Yasur was also likely to lose the IC, and boot his butt out of there. So, on this flimsy evidence, we'll guess Lopevi wins.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Ah, the traditional Vanuatu ritual of painting piglets red and yellow, making a muddy pen, and chasing away!

"Don't make me come down there!"

"I just know this is gonna save my bacon!"

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Yet another water race - Lopevi wins
The new Yasur tribe failed miserably at two straight water challenges last week. And there's no reason to suggest they'll do any better here, even though their non-swimmer is now gone. It appears to be a multi-stage race, which is a welcome departure from the last IC, which was... a multi-stage race. We'd be thankful it's not another lame puzzle, but it's too soon to rule even that out. Anyway, Lopevi looks to have an early lead in the sole overhead shot. Can they hold it? Maybe. Yup.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Smiles, everybody, smiles!

Jeff Probst tries on Yasur yellow for this week's promo. Plus there's Chris pushing the cylinders.

Narrow edge to Lopevi at this point, but not clear how far into the challenge this is.

BOOT/ Lisa
John K. suddenly got to speak on camera in Ep5, which doesn't bode well for him over the next two weeks. Then again, thanks to Snewser, we already knew that. Several people, starting with PepeLePew at Blows, have speculated that "Hog Tied" suggests a tie at Tribal Council. Outcast John might be able to convince the new Lopevi women their best move is to join him in forcing a tie. And Sarge may not think so highly of the co-ed effect on John's allegiance, so he's not an illogical target. The next episode's title involves "Tears," which Brownroach has suggested could be fallout from the tie vote. Both ideas seem reasonable. The question is: which tribe? We have two tribes of six. For Lopevi, it might not be unsurprising to see some tears from Twila if, for all her instant bonding, she suddenly has minority status on the tribe she actually likes. Or from Julie, from having her eye candy snatched away. Or from Sarge, for... no, now we're just being silly.

On the other hand, Rory's busy tantrumming his way into the graces of that rock-solid female alliance in Yasur. He has a tough road, because it's held up for one whole vote so far. And that's how long it's going to last, too. But will it break this week, or next week? When Rory does get saved, Lisa gets the boot. Considering the numerous tears already shed at Yasur, we can certainly see more flowing after a tie vote in which Rory outlasts a woman. And that seems like the best guess. For now. For what it's worth, she's also shown much more frequently in the promo than John K.

How could a tie come about at Yasur? Interestingly, in Rory's speech in the promos, he's interspersed with headshots of various Yasur women. The sequence goes: Rory - Scout, Ami - Rory - Eliza - Rory - Lisa, Leann. Symbolically, at least, Rory is coming between groups of Yasur women. How does this carry over into the voting? For a two-way tie, you could have Rory siding with one of the groups of two in the first vote (presumably Scout and Ami), with Eliza flipping back to Scout and Ami's side in the re-vote. Another possibility would be a three-way tie, with the Scout-Ami duo vs. Rory-Eliza vs. Lisa-Leann. That would be an absolute mess, and it's difficult to imagine Lisa and Leann having a shared interest in ousting someone the others like, but it might fit with the "Conflicted over how to vote in the upcoming Tribal Council, one castaway prays for a sign to guide the decision" clue.
But we're leaning for the more simple, two-way tie, with Lisa going on the re-vote.

And yes, Lisa does go. Somehow.

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