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Episode 11
"Surprise And... Surprise Again!"

Filmed July 25-27, 2004
Airs November 24, 2004

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Episode descriptions
CBS: -One Survivor tries to solidify a Final Four position, but is crushed to learn that things aren't always what they seem.
-The Survivors are surprised by an emotional reunion with their loved ones. But only one castaway gets quality time with their loved one.
-At the Immunity Challenge, castaways are surprised to get special help for the competition.
-One Survivor approaches a tribemate with a plan for the upcoming Tribal Council vote. Caught off-guard, the tribemate tries to deflect the vote. How will the voting go down?
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Loved Ones Visit; Q & A - Ami wins?
This looks to be a two-part extravaganza of tears (and more tears), and that's just for the RC! From the web promo, the waterworks get switched on with a preliminary teaser, an iChat (apparently using an iBook with an iSight webcam... gotta get in the Apple evangelism) with the contestants' various loved ones. This appears to progress to a different location outside, where the challenge starts to be explained, followed by the in-person appearance of the loved ones. Presumably, the loved ones get to compete in the challenge with the Survivors. From the shot of Eliza screaming, and the "only one castaway gets quality time" teaser, we suspect this will once again parallel Thailand: no contact with the loved ones for the RC losers, only the winner, and the losing loved ones get cruelly whisked away (only to make a "heartwarming" return for the IC). Not much changes in the world of Survivor.

The only real questions here are what the challenge is, and who wins. Recently, this has been the spot for gross food eating (which has not otherwise appeared, unless you count the kava and cow's head). But Probst appears to be reading from cue cards here... this could be either RC or IC, but when Eliza leaps up, screaming "No," she also appears to be holding a card of some kind. Perhaps a repeat of Survivors and loved ones having to match answers to personal questions? Or it may be trivia questions again. Who knows? As for who wins, Eliza's outburst may simply be as her loved one walks in, so she's not necessarily eliminated, but we'd lean to the opposite interpretation - Eliza probably doesn't win. Also, there's a lot of Chris in the promos, seemingly talking to anyone who'll listen around camp. We'd guess he wouldn't have time for that if he's off spending some quality time. Finally, there is a happy-looking shot of Ami standing up. This could just be at the arrival of her loved one (Crissy?), but with nothing better to go
on, we'll guess Ami wins.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Cruelly, Eliza's webcam is sending back pictures of food.

What? You didn't send my Justin here? You bastards!

I always win everything!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Loved Ones Return; Puzzles? Trivia/Elimination? - someone wins
So again, after getting the Survivors all good and weepy with the bait-and-switch Loved Ones RC semi-visit, they get to see them all again here (and presumably hug, and cry some more). That's probably what Ami's happy about in the pre-challenge shot there. As for the challenge itself, no real clue what it's about, although some sort of elimination-by-proxy challenge seems possible: there are color-coded bags attached to ropes, presumably representing each remaining Survivor. The loved ones probably have to perform some task (answer trivia? do a puzzle?), then hack ropes/ untie knots to speed another Survivor toward elimination. The Survivors seem to be yelling instructions to their loved ones during this challenge - helping with the task itself, or making suggestions on who to knock out? Eh, something or other, anyway.

So who wins? Could be anyone, although Ami or Chris is a decent guess, since both stick around again this week. More may come out of this weekend's TV ads. Or not. Whatever.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

We're all tied up in knots figuring this challenge out. Okay maybe not.

Are we gonna "go" again? Eh? Eh? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more?
Go faster, you stupid loved one!

BOOT/ Leann
"I never win anything!"

Well, okay, here's a handy ceremonial torch-snuffing for you. Enjoy! Better luck next reality show!

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