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Episode 7
"Anger, Threats, Tears ... & Coffee"

Filmed July 13-15, 2004
Airs October 28, 2004

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Episode descriptions
CBS: - One member's lack of work ethic prompts negative reactions in the tribe.
- After winning a hard-fought Challenge, one tribe is rewarded with more than just sustenance.
- One Survivor, in danger of being voted off, wins a Challenge for the tribe, thus buying more time on the island.
- A potential target at Tribal Council, one Survivor tries to convince the rest that another tribemate should be next to go.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Some sort of relay - Yasur wins
Yawn. Some people win some stuff. Coffee included, possibly at an exotic destination. Wheee!!!

We'll presume this is the RC, because there does not appear to be an idol in the shot of the running. Lopevi looks quite happy in these shots, cheering even. As SuRvIvOrPhAn1017 points out at MeSS, that's because they were really excited at seeing steak and eggs in Ep6, where that shot originally aired. So, no help there. On the other hand, there's really no good reason for all the Yasur tears, is there? True, Scout may have really, really liked Lisa's implants, oops, personality, but why would Ami be crying, too? Has Rory's cheesy speechifying suddenly gottenmore compelling? Nah, more likely they just lost their fifth straight challenge. And it looks physical, and the only person sitting out is Sarge. So Scout finally has to compete. Seems like a good recipe for tears, which seem to flow freely after Yasur challenge losses.

On the other hand, pmspml5 at Blows presents a compelling argument that comes to the opposite conclusion: Yasur wins, and the deliriously happy shot of Rory and Ami in the promo occurs at the reward site. Later shots of various Yasurs crying seem to be taken at the same time/place, which pmspml5 suggests may be some sort of news from home. Not implausible, although Burnett & Co. usually have the decency to hold off on the predictable tear-jerker activities until later in the show. Still, this is roughly the time frame the Des Moines Register (Rory's paper) acknowledged being asked by SEG for a copy of their rag
, so maybe that's (part of) the exciting, sob-inducing reward. "News from home" that turns out to be, well, newspapers from home. Wait, no, that would be what would happen if Survivor was funny. More likely, it'll just be letters (and news).
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Sarge, sitting out, swears he isn't scoping out Eliza's butt-tock region.

Run Eliza, run!

Ask not for whom the Survivors weep, they weep for thee. For watching this crap.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Ever-exciting plate smashing- Yasur wins
John K.'s leaving, so Yasur wins. Probably Rory or Eliza saving their collective asses this week.

This appears to be a different challenge from the relay RC, because Chad is competing in his hat, and Sarge is standing next to him. The green background in the shot of Chris grimacing matches the picture of Chad shooting, and looks different from the beach shown in the RC. Plus, we expect Lopevi to lose this one, so a grimace seems appropriate here. We won't even bother commenting on the excitement level of seeing yet another Survivor cast flinging projectiles at hanging porcelain objects. All we can say is: Wheeeee!!!!
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Chad, hat on head, takes aim. Sarge to his left.

One red plate down, only 15+ to go! The excitement never ends!

It's not that bad, Chris. At least you can boot the pretty boy now.

BOOT/ John K.
Yep, it's John K. Guess sitting around camp looking pretty doesn't work so well for guys. And stripping was probably right out. Oh well, better luck next reality show.

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