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Episode 12
"Now Who's In Charge Here?"

Filmed July 28-30, 2004
Airs December 2, 2004

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Episode descriptions
CBS: -One tribe member accosts another for breaking a pact.
-The tribe is irritated by two tribemates who show little desire to contribute to routine camp life.
-A suddenly powerless castaway attempts to sway an undecided tribe member going into a crucial Tribal Council.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Getaway RC plus car RC, water obstacle race - Eliza wins?
"Today you'll push your limits, of swimming, balance and diving. A test of will and stamina, for the last six still surviving. A game changing reward, with rejuvenating power. Fuel for your body, fuel for your soul, and a hot, relaxing shower." As shown in the late-arriving web promo, the prize is not only a getaway, but also a car (the Pontiac G6). This was cleverly predicted ahead of time by ExtraCrispyCaneRat and Garbotalk at MeSS. So there. They didn't need no stinkin' web promo.

The course seems to involve running across narrow planks/canoes, swimming out to buoys, diving to retrieve multiple (three?) flags, and returning to hang the flags on a pole on the beach. Everyone (except Scout, of course) is shown with at least one flag. The first people into the (first flag's) swimming leg would appear to be Ami and Eliza, which is not out of character with past challenges. Ami would appear to have the best overall chances, but there is a shot of Eliza running up the beach near the end, since three poles (Green-Eliza, Yellow-Ami, ad Blue-Chris) are visible with two flags each on them. So we'll go with a surprising Eliza win over Ami here.

REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Fuel for the soul? Maybe, but does your soul provide fuel for the G6? Didn't think so.

They're off... and still no sign of a necklace.

Eliza nears the finish line?

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Something exceptionally lame - Chris wins?
All that's clear about this challenge is that there must be one. We feel the pre-challenge shots in the post-Ep11 TV promo are probably pre-RC. It's not obvious that the gasps of surprise during Probst's reveal might not be excitement at the reward (Eliza) and shock at the challenge's difficulty (Julie). Everyone is wearing their suits on both occasions, Probst is dressed the same, and both are at a beach.

Even without the gasps, there has still not been a gross food challenge on the show, so that's one dead horse that is still likely to be further beaten, although this is usually heavily advertised.
The web promo failed to add anything, so we're back to guessing. Our guess is that it has no action whatsoever, so as not to merit promo inclusion. As for the winner, we'll take Ami's apprehension at Chris's potential to go on an IC winning streak as prophetic, barring any images of the actual challenge.
Seraphaem and Snewser seem to agree. Clearly, flying saucers must be involved. We report, you decide.

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