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Episode 14
"Spirits and the Final Four"

Filmed August 3-5, 2004
Airs Sunday, Dec. 12, 2004

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Episode descriptions
TV Guide: - Tonight, the game concludes with "a very heated and emotionally honest" two-hour finale, according to host Jeff Probst, that yields "tears, anger, hurt feelings, healed feelings and a surprising winner."
TitanTV: The final immunity challenge is a test of endurance that involves a bow and arrow.
Final Four IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Some sort of maze/race/puzzle-type deal - Chris wins?
This one appears to be a combination of gathering stuff (survivors racing towards the big wall), and perhaps assembling things (the four trays behind Probst at the start). This would appear to favor speed and agility (Eliza) and possibly puzzle-solving (everyone but Chris). Since there are no pigs in sight, we'd say either Eliza or Chris would be the prohibitive favorite here, although there's so little footage, it's hard to say for sure.

As is being discussed at MeSS, the wall appears to be symbolic of a volcano. On the wall are a series of red paths, all of which end in golden necklace-looking things (the real immunity necklace is visible on a pole at the base of the wall, see picture below). From the second picture-in-picture promo, ably capped from HDTV signal by Snewser (click for Snewser's vidcaps), it's clear that the wall is a vertical maze, and the Survivors have to climb around on platforms inside it, presumably retrieving the golden things. Perhaps the golden things contain various puzzle-type items that the contestants have to eventually assemble on the trays? Close-ups of the various components are below (thanks again, Snewser).

In the picture-in-picture promo, a TC marching shot is shown, featuring Eliza and Twila, neither apparently wearing the immunity necklace. Eliza is wearing her Mom's shirt again, for the first time since Ep11, when it was given to her. Twila appears to be wearing her buff on her head, which suggests this is (new) footage from the finale, since Twila wore her buff on her left wrist at the Ep11 TC. The question is: is this the Final Four TC, or the Final Three TC? If it's F4, Chris seems the most likely to have won immunity. This seems the simplest assumption, so we'll go with a Chris F4 immunity win (for now).

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click thumbnails above to view larger image

Run, Scout! Run!

Are these the ultimate final two? First two boots?

Or is CBS trying to tell us something here? Or none of the above?
Final Three IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Bow and Arrow Endurance - Twila wins?
As per usual, there are no previews of this available, although it seems safe to assume it will be preceded by the tired tradition of flashing back to all the previous booted contestants, which will be framed this season as visiting with their "spirits." Either that or the title refers to an all-night drinking competition for the final three. Sadly, the former is more likely.

As for the challenge itself, TitanTV says "The final immunity challenge is a test of endurance that involves a bow and arrow." (sjoy pointed this out at MeSS). This would appear to favor both arm strength and arm endurance. So Chris's feet and Scout's knee should not hold them at a disadvantage, if they are still around. Chris or Twila would seem to be the favorite here, though, and Twila won the last endurance challenge. But you never know, this could be a stunning Scout win, too. There is a shot in the PIP preview of a Vanuatu native (or Chris?) with a bow and arrow, so that will have to suffice for visuals for now.
BOOT/ F4-Scout; F3-Eliza; Chris wins jury vote over Twila
One of many possible boot orders, but not the right one
A lot of people claim to know one or more of the final two. And since some claim the exact opposite pair as others, it's not yet clear what's up. We'll do some digging and get back to you.

When in doubt, swim in DarkRivers:
- F4 boot: Scout (this makes sense, as she's next best-liked after Chris, who is immune)
- F3 boot: Eliza (Twila picks Chris)
- Jury winner: Chris. Survivor is a social game (ask Jenna Morasca), and Chris gets along with everyone. Twila, in contrast, not only doesn't get along with women (five of whom are on the jury), but has actively burned bridges with Ami, Julie and Eliza. On top of that, Chris has managed to Survive in a merged tribe, despite being outnumbered 6-to-1. Neither is likely to wow the jury with their eloquence, so Chris should comfortably emerge the victor.

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