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Episode 10
"Culture Shock and Violent Storms"

Filmed July 22-24, 2004
Airs November 18, 2004

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Episode descriptions
CBS: -Two Survivors become "sacrificial lambs" and are tied up by their tribe.
- A surreal Reward drives one Survivor to overindulge and pay for it later.
- After a tumultuous night in which one castaway struggles to keep the camp together, it is decided that the most useless tribemate should go.
- One Survivor is torn between joining a new alliance or thwarting an existing one. A tribemate exploits this indecision to work a plan.
- Before Tribal Council, one Survivor makes a last-ditch effort to sway a tribemate. Will it work?"
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Hurdles-n-chains - Chris, Chad, Ami and Eliza win
Not much deception going on here this week, apparently. The challenge appears to be split into two teams (Chris-Chad-Ami-Eliza versus Scout-Twila-Leann-Julie). It's fairly physical, and appears to involve running around and tossing your tied-up teammate (Eliza and Julie, respectively) over a number of barriers. Not surprisingly, the team with all the strong people wins, as we see from both the celebration picture, and the shot of that team sitting on a bench, apparently enjoying (or something, judging from Ami's laugh) the native dancing. Later, we see what appears to be an under-the-weather Chris slumping by the fire.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

The lay of the land.

Please Scout, burn the cubes before they're used again

Well, that certainly sucked!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Grab your pole! - Julie wins?
Another straightforward challenge. Perch atop a (greased?) pole for as long as you can. Unlike previous endurance challenges, there's no standing on platforms here, though, it's pure grabbing the pole and trying to stay on. Chris and Chad (or possibly Ami) are the ones who need this the most, and we find it hard to believe Chad's prosthesis is ideal for this challenge. Twila is shown slipping part of the way down her pole in the promo (with no men in the picture... already eliminated?), but beyond that, not much help. One scene that may be of assistance is the march to TC. TV ads over the weekend may be of assistance in figuring out which of the seven (!?!) people shown, if any, is wearing the necklace. From our preliminary analysis of the web promo, we think Julie (third from right, hair pulled back at the top of her head) may be wearing the necklace in the marching picture. After seeing the TV version, we're sticking with that conclusion.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Beard = extra friction! Like velcro! Okay, maybe not with wood, but a guy can hope, can't he?

Hopefully they used extra-splintery wood.
Seven torches, Julie wearing the necklace?

BOOT/ Chad
Chad and Chris are the last two guys left, and despite CBS's attempts to convince us that this week is the one where Ami finally gets toppled, that seems unlikely on the surface, especially since there is an even number of contestants remaining. That means a near-supermajority of 5-3 is required, which will take a lot of convincing to achieve, especially for a woman who believes she's #4 in Ami's alliance. Nope, more likely one of the guys is going, and Chad seems to be the one in prime danger, seeing as Julie and Leann seemed willing to boot Eliza before Chris. Not to mention Chris' alleged weight loss suggests a longer stay than this.

And so... it is Chad.

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