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MPF, single-season leaders (minimum 4 challenges)
Rank Contestant Season MPF ChA
1 Joe Anglim, Worlds Apart Joe Anglim S30 - Worlds Apart 0.925 4
2 Tasha Fox, Cagayan Tasha Fox S28 - Cagayan 0.880 6
3 Ozzy Lusth, Cook Islands Ozzy Lusth S13 - Cook Islands 0.878 8
4 Mike Holloway, Worlds Apart Mike Holloway S30 - Worlds Apart 0.877 11
5 Dawn Meehan, South Pacific Dawn Meehan S23 - South Pacific 0.863 4
6 Lex van den Berghe, Africa Lex van den Berghe S3 - Africa 0.849 11
7 Yau-Man Chan, Fiji Yau-Man Chan S14 - Fiji 0.824 9
8 Ozzy Lusth, South Pacific Ozzy Lusth S23 - South Pacific 0.823 5
9 Kim Spradlin, One World Kim Spradlin S24 - One World 0.822 12
10 Rupert Boneham, Pearl Islands Rupert Boneham S7 - Pearl Islands 0.819 4
11 Tom Westman, Palau Tom Westman S10 - Palau 0.815 10
12 Colby Donaldson, The Australian Outback Colby Donaldson S2 - The Australian Outback 0.815 11
13 Terry Deitz, Panama-Exile Island Terry Deitz S12 - Panama-Exile Island 0.811 12
14 Brian Heidik, Thailand Brian Heidik S5 - Thailand 0.805 9
15 Joe Anglim, S31 Joe Anglim S31 - Cambodia 0.803 8
16 Boston Rob Mariano, All-Stars Boston Rob Mariano S8 - All-Stars 0.798 10
17 Ian Rosenberger, Palau Ian Rosenberger S10 - Palau 0.791 10
18 Keith Nale, San Juan del Sur Keith Nale S29 - San Juan del Sur 0.790 11
19 Jason Siska, Micronesia Jason Siska S16 - Micronesia 0.785 4
20 Bob Crowley, Gabon Bob Crowley S17 - Gabon 0.765 11
21 Fabio Birza, Nicaragua Fabio Birza S21 - Nicaragua 0.763 10
22 J.T. Thomas, Tocantins J.T. Thomas S18 - Tocantins 0.763 10
23 Ami Cusack, Vanuatu Ami Cusack S9 - Vanuatu 0.754 8
24 Boston Rob Mariano, All-Stars Boston Rob Mariano S22 - Redemption Island 0.752 10
25 Parvati Shallow, Cook Islands Parvati Shallow S13 - Cook Islands 0.745 6
26 Erik Reichenbach, Micronesia-FvF Erik Reichenbach S16 - Micronesia 0.744 8
27 Spencer Bledsoe, S28 Spencer Bledsoe S28 - Cagayan 0.740 9
28 Jay Starrett, Millennials vs Gen X Jay Starrett S33 - Millennials vs. Gen X 0.739 9
29 Chase Rice, Nicaragua Chase Rice S21 - Nicaragua 0.737 10
30 Jamie Newton, Guatemala Jamie Newton S11 - Guatemala 0.733 4

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What do we mean by MPF?

MPF, or Mean Percent Finish in individual challenges, is a simple measurement of individual challenge proficiency. Someone with a 1.000 MPF has finished first in every individual challenge in which they've competed. Finishing in the middle of the pack every time will net you a score around 50%. And so on down from there.


While simply totalling challenge wins is a handy shortcut, we feel this is a more comprehensive measurement of challenge success. Maybe someone is good at standing still, or holding balls aloft, but can't solve a puzzle to save their life. That may be hidden when comparing challenge performance by simply adding up challenges won, or even calculating challenge win percentage. In contrast, MPF includes the challenges the contestant didn't win. So there may be a few surprises. For example, despite Kelly Wiglesworth memorably ending Borneo with a five-challenge win streak, that performance is only the 61st-best overall (!), because she under-performed in several early post-merge challenges. We've added MPF totals to all the single-season scoring data, so if you don't see someone you expect here, check that season's complete scores.


Single-season data summary: Over the first 32 seasons, there have been 261 contestants who appeared in four or more individual challenges in a season. Of those, the average MPF score is 0.563, and the standard deviation is 0.140. There have been 41 contestants with an MPF at least one SD above the mean (greater than 0.703), who would be strong performers. Conversely, there have been 50 contestants whose MPF has been lower than one SD below the mean (less than 0.423); they fared particularly poorly. (There are six contestants at > 2 SDs above the mean, three at < 2 SDs below the mean, mainly because it's difficult to get a really low % Finish.)


Glossary of terms
  • MPF: Mean % finish - mean of all % finishes in individual challenges. Essentially how close the contestant comes to winning any random challenge (1.00 is a win; 1/[# of participants] is last place).
  • ChA: Challenge Appearances. The number of challenges in which they competed.