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Final Episode

F4 IC, Boot: Jon, Darrah
F3 IC, Boot: Lill, Jon
Winner: Sandra
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The final four
Contestant Name, info Evidence for boot Evidence against boot Overall boot odds
Sandra Diaz-Twine
28, Fort Lewis, WA
Office assistant
More info
- Ep2 piracy against Morgan may come back to haunt her at F3, if Lillian wins. - Tip to TDT claims she gets booted at F3.
- Heavy online betting on Sandra by gamblers at Intertops, other sites.
Episode 13 Overall
Winner? Winner?
Lillian Morris
51, Cincinnati, OH
Scout troop leader
More info
- Still the oldest person on her tribe.
- Once an Outcast, always an Outcast.
- Panamavacation's F2 "older woman"?
- The older woman in SNN's final two?
- Buckeenie17 on EZ: lost 30 lbs.
- SPhoenix says: Final two.
Episode 13 Overall
Voted out: (Jury) Third boot, Second place?

I'm sure I would have gone all the way
Contestant Name, info Final two friends Final two enemies Jury vote projections
Jon Dalton
29, Los Angeles, CA
Erotic art consultant
More info
- Has fought with Sandra all season, but does he secretly like her? - Unclear.
Episode 13b Overall
Voted out: 2-1 Sandra?
Darrah Johnson
22, Liberty, MS
More info
- Gets along pretty well with both Lill and Sandra. But her friend Tijuana seemed hostile to the Outcasts idea. - Unclear.
Episode 13a Vote
Voted out: 3-1 Lillian?
Burton Roberts
31, San Francisco, CA
Marketing exec
More info
- Unclear. Probably stronger ties to Lill, though, since Sandra booted him twice. - Unclear.
Episode 12 Vote?
Voted out: 3-2 Lillian?
Christa Hastie
24, Los Angeles, CA
More info
- Sandra. - Was ready to boot Lillian if necessary.
Episode 11 Vote?
Voted out: 4-2 Sandra
Tijuana Bradley
28, St. Louis, MO
Pharmaceutical sales
More info
- Not too keen on Outcasts, but also not exactly fond of Sandra. - Lillian, Sandra.
Episode 10 Vote?
Voted out: 5-2 Sandra?
Rupert Boneham
39, Indianapolis, IN
Teen mentor
More info
- Could go almost any way, but was betrayed by Lillian. - Unclear, but may also have a beef with whoever votes out Sandra.
Episode 9 Vote?
Voted out: 5-2-1 Sandra
Ryan Opray
31, Los Gatos, CA
Apprentice electrician
More info
- Might prefer anyone over Lillian. - Lillian.
Episode 8 Vote?
Voted out: 8-1 Sandra?

Don't call us, we won't call you
Contestant Name, info Evidence for boot Evidence against boot Overall boot odds
Andrew Savage
40, Chicago, IL
More info
- Lill is coming back, and she gets to vote.
- Every problem is caused by someone else. Tribemates beginning to notice.
- Strong performance in Ep6 IC might hinder post-merge chances.
- Excessive whining not usually helpful.
Episode 7B Overall
Voted out: 6-4 Ninth boot
Osten Taylor
27, Boston, MA
Equities trader
More info
- Physical threat post-merge, although his strategy seems to be to hide this.
- Could the momentous decision be actually quitting? (Yes).
- diamond at Blows claims he had "a substantial weight loss."
Episode 7A Overall
Quit, Ep7A Eighth "boot"
Shawn Cohen
29, Hollywood, CA
Advertising sales
More info
- Not as popular as he thinks he is.
- Wezzie, Quartzeye: last to fly out of Contadora?

- Double threat post-merge (strong, untrustworthy).

Episode 7A Overall
Voted out: 4-1 Seventh boot
Trish Dunn
42, Annapolis, MD
More info
- As the oldest woman on the tribe (despite running marathons) could be a target. - Panamavacation's F2 "older woman"?
- One of SNN's final two?
Episode 6 Overall
Voted out: 4-2 Sixth boot
Michelle Tesauro
22, Pittstown, NJ
More info
- Everyone else voted for Burton in Ep4.
- Burton said he was "rooting for" her.
- "Sweethearts" generally go pretty far.
- Reasonably strong performance in early challenges.
Episode 5 Overall
Voted out: 6-1 Fifth boot
Ryan Shoulders
23, Clarksville, TN
Produce clerk
More info
- Admits pre-game he'll "be the worst one out there" with respect to food.
- Good match for the tall, skinny guy SNN reports as an early boot. Later, second boot?
- SNN: Not sure second bootee is him.
Episode 2 Overall
Voted out: 5-2 Second boot
Nicole Delma
26, Hermosa Beach, CA
Massage therapist
More info
- Good match for female SNN reports as an early boot. Later: first boot?
- Wezzie, Quartzeye: first boot.
- None obvious.
Episode 1 Overall
Voted out: 7-1 First boot

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