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F4 IC: Jenna
F4 Boot: Butch
F3 IC: Jenna
F3 Boot: Rob
Winner: Matthew

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The cast
Contestant Name, info Points for winning Points for losing Overall boot odds
Matthew Von Ertfelda

33, Washington, D.C.
Restaurant designer
More info

- MissingAmber reports at VO that Matthew "lost a lot of weight." Estimates circa 30 lbs.
- Gambling site: final two?
- Harder worker, better in challenges.
- Probst suggests the final vote hinges on answers to jury questions. Something Matt is not well-versed in.
Episode 13 Overall
Sole survivor? Sole survivor?
Jenna Morasca

21, Pittsburgh, PA
Model, TV reporter

More info

- Gambling site: final two?
- Might be able to spin some last-minute pageant charm.
- Will have a lot of sitting around camp to answer for.
Episode 13 Overall
Loses the jury vote? Second place?

"I was in every episode" (The jury)
Contestant Name, info Final two friends Final two enemies Finish, projected jury vote
Rob Cesternino

24, Wantagh, NY
More info

- He will be surpassed by his understudy. But he ought to at least respect Matt's physical abilities. - He hates everyone. Could go either way, really. Rob's vote is dependent on his boot. If betrayed at F4, Jenna gets it. Otherwise, it's probably Matthew's to lose.
Episode 13 Overall
Booted, 2-1. Third place?
Projected vote: ?
Butch Lockley

50, Olney, IL
School principal
More info

- See below. - Not really any enemies, but should vastly prefer hardworking Matt (who had an F2 pact with Butch) to Jenna.
Episode 13 Overall
Booted, 3-1? Fourth place?
Projected vote: MATTHEW
Heidi Strobel

24, Eldon, MO
Gym teacher
More info

- Duh. - Anyone not named Jenna.
Episode 12 Overall
Booted, 3-2. Fifth place
Projected vote: JENNA
Christy Smith

24, Basalt, CO
Children's guide

More info

- Anyone against Jenna.
- Jenna.
Episode 11 Overall
Booted, 4-2. Sixth place
Projected vote: MATTHEW
Alex Bell

32, Los Angeles, CA
Actor/ triathlon coach
More info

- Jenna. Maybe. Kept his mask on the whole game. - Doesn't like Matt all that much, but doesn't hate him, either.
Episode 10 Overall
Booted, 4-3. Seventh place
Projected vote: JENNA
Deena Bennett

35, Riverside, CA
Deputy D.A.

More info

- Chances are, she'll vote for a woman. Especially since she thought she had an alliance with Jenna. - Didn't seem too fond of Matt. But is he the best player?
Episode 9 Overall
Booted, 6-2. Eighth place
Projected vote: ?
Dave Johnson

24, Pasadena, CA
Rocket scientist
More info

- Well, he did get to see Jenna showering, and thought it was the best thing that ever happened to him. - Not clear that he really dislikes anyone. Plus, he did hang out with Roger an awful lot, which might help Matthew's chances.
Episode 8 Overall
Booted, 8-1. Ninth place
Projected vote: ?

Walked the non-jury plank
Contestant Name, info Points against boot Points for boot Overall boot odds
Roger Sexton

56, Valencia, CA
Construction executive
More info

- Alliance with Butch and Christy may protect him for a while. - Rob planning to oust him.
- (Weakly) defended in Janet's chat.
Episode 7 Overall
Booted, 7-3. Seventh boot
Shawna Mitchell

23, Redwood City, CA
Retail sales
More info

- Still? allied with Jenna-Heidi-Deena, in theory.
- Currently living in LA, MBR says she's dating Alex Bell. But she officially denies this. Hmmm.
- Snewser thinks she doesn't make it very far. Probably pre-jury.
Episode 6 Overall
Booted, 4-2. Sixth boot
Jeanne Hebert

41, North Attleboro, MA
Marketing director

More info

- Poster EyeKnowOne at Blows alleges Jeanne "lost in excess of 25 lbs from start to end." - On the short end of five votes, but at least she's not Shawna.
Episode 5 Overall
Booted, 4-2. Fifth boot
JoAnna Ward

31, Orangeburg, SC
Actor/ guidance counselor

More info

- Looks quite athletic. For what that's worth. - Nighttime is generally not the right time for sermons about that demon idol.
- Move over, Alicia's finger, here comes the Hand.
- Spoken of fondly by Janet & Ryan.
Episode 4 Overall
Booted, 4-2-1. Fourth boot
Daniel Lue

27, Houston, TX
Tax accountant

More info

- You'd think they'd want strength around. But maybe not on a tribe of buff guys. - Roger sees him as "useless," as he did Ryan. Next on the block?
- Janet likes him, so does Ryan.
- FilmMkr alleges Daniel's mother will be able to talk to press after Ep3.
Episode 3 Overall
Booted, 6-1. Third boot
Janet Koth

47, Ballwin, MO
Nurse/ travel agent
More info

- None obvious. - On Early Show, seen napping while others are awake (bad idea).
- Sick during Ep1.
- Appears to be missing from MTV's shots of challenge hike with 14 left.
Episode 2 Overall
Booted, 5-1-1-1. Second boot
Ryan Aiken

23, Ellicott City, MD
Aspiring actor/ model

More info

- ChillOne says he's booted second, although originally had his name as "Brian."
- Missing from Ep2 challenge pic.
- Lists "tanning" among hobbies.
Episode 1 Overall
Booted, 4-3-1. First boot

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