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Final Episode

F4 IC: Brian
F4 Boot: Helen
F3 I
C: Brian
F3 Boot: Jan
Sole survivor: Brian

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The final two

Contestant Name, info Reasons for winning Reasons for second place Overall boot odds
Brian Heidik

34, Quartz, CA
Used car salesman
, actor
CBS intro video

- Has maintained a low profile (as much as possible) since returning, as did Vecepia.
- As an actor, could "accidentally" lose the final IC, to avoid F2 decision.
- Openly in it for himself, but friendly.
- Promised Ted and Helen final two, as opposed to Clay's vague F4 pacts. But seems to be doing it right, and it probably won't count against him.
Episode 13 Overall
Makes the Final 2. Sole survivor?
Clay Jordan

46, Monroe, LA
Restaurant owner
CBS intro video

- "Diamond in the rough" Ep1 claim.
- Richard Hatchian editing. He's the guy you can't believe is still around.
- "You'll be surprised how far this man from Louisiana goes."
- Has maintained a high profile since return, from the Jordan Journals, to weekly parties at his restaurant. Neleh acted similarly.
- Openly in it for himself. Period.

Episode 13 Overall
Makes the Final 2. Second place?

Welcome to the jury, we've got fun and games...

Contestant Name, info Reasons to vote for Brian Reasons to vote for Clay Overall boot odds
Jan Gentry

53, Tampa Bay, FL

CBS intro video

- Well, he is the king, after all.
- Mentioned her dislike of Clay to Helen.
- Texas connection.
- The only person on the show who criticizes him infrequently. Plus, he brought her beer.
Episode 13b Projected vote
Voted off at F3? Edge Clay over Brian.
Helen Glover

47, Middletown, RI
Navy swim instructor
CBS intro video

- Multiple confessionals describing how much she dislikes Clay.
- Sees Brian as honest, unlike Clay.
- Trusts Brian, but what will she do if he boots her?
Episode 13a Projected vote
Voted off at F4? Probably Brian.
Ted Rogers Jr.

37, Durham, NC
Software designer
CBS intro video

- Has had a long-standing alliance with Brian. - If Brian has to boot him, Ted is sufficiently close to Clay that it wouldn't be inconceivable Ted's vote could flip.
Episode 12 Projected vote
Voted off, 4-1. Brian. Solidly.
Jake Billingsley

60, McKinney, TX
Land broker
CBS intro video

- Spent a lot of time strategizing with Brian, trying to find a way in to CG. Will respect Brian's relaxed gameplay. - None visible, apart from the "neighbors" thing (Texas connection). Also spent a lot of time strategizing with Clay.
Episode 11 Projected vote
Voted off, 5-1. Edge Brian over Clay. Respect for the leader.
Penny Ramsey

28, Plano, TX
Pharmaceutical sales
CBS intro video

- Penny and Brian share a Maryland connection.
- Jake will undoubtedly fill her in on Clay's post-TC outburst stunt.
- Excessive eye-rolling in response to Clay's tribal council responses.

- Followed through on his promise not to vote for her.
- Clay attended her wedding, suggesting good relationship post-game.
- Texas connection.
Episode 10 Projected vote
Voted off, 4-2-1. Could go either way, but edge Brian.
Ken Stafford

30, Brooklyn, NY
Police officer

CBS intro video

- Seemed both friendly with and hostile to Brian, but mostly as a competitor.
- Kept Brian's past a secret.
- Clay's gloating after his IC win sealed Ken's doom.
- None visible, but could theoretically vote Clay just to prove he has power over Brian, after all.
Episode 9 Projected vote
Voted off, 5-3. Brian.
Erin Collins

26, Austin, TX

CBS intro video

- Did they even talk to each other?
- On the other hand, what's not to like?
- Texas connection.
- Listed him among her post-game friends. Apparently not offended by his admiration of her ass.
Episode 8 Projected vote
Voted off, 3-1. Probably Clay.

Hello, Loser Lodge!
Contestant Name, info Points for boot Points against boot How did this happen to me?
Shii Ann Huang

28, New York, NY
Executive recruiter

CBS intro video

- Part of Ghandia's post-boot smoking club, list of stars.
- Stated she wasn't trusted by Erin and Penny.
- Similar role to Kelly Goldsmith.
- Planned to be a "chameleon." Doesn't seem to be working out too well.
Episode 7 Overall
Voted off: 4-1. Final pre-jury boot.
Robb Zbacnik

23, Scottsdale, AZ
CBS intro video

- Heavily featured in pre-show promos.
- Also smoked with Ghandia, "Star".
- Active voice of dissent and division.
- Oblivious to tribe's maneuvers.
- Might be retained for strength.
- Jeff Probst mentioned a guy would be shown as cocky at first, then despondent, then you would root for him. This sounds like Robb. Maybe.
Episode 6 Overall
Voted off: 5-1. Pre-jury boot.
Stephanie Dill

29, Fayetteville, AR
CBS intro video

- Many shots of her alone. Before and during the show. Sick. Grumpy!
- Rumored pre-merge boot.
- Voted with Robb and Jed.
- Firefighter/ EMT. In great shape.
Episode 5 Overall
Voted off: 5-2. Does not make the jury.
Ghandia Johnson

33, Denver, CO
Legal secretary
CBS intro video

- Least athletic woman on the tribe.
- Apparently still quite angry at Ted and Clay.
Episode 4 Overall
Voted off: 4-2. Early boot.
Jed Hildebrand

25, Dallas, TX
Dental student
CBS intro video

- Smallest guy on the tribe.
- Seems interested in doing his own thing. Averse to getting blisters.

- Picked by SNN just prior to Ep3.

- Looks in good shape.
Episode 3 Overall
Voted off: 5-3. Does not make the jury.
Tanya Vance

27, Kingsport, TN
Social worker

CBS intro video

- Does not make final three.
- Frequently shown alone. Youngest tribe member.
- Ghandia speaks very highly of her: pre-jury bootee bonding?
- Excessive puking got Jessie voted off.
- From news accounts, seems athletically inclined and friendly.
Episode 2 Overall
Voted off: 5-2. Does not make the jury.
John Raymond

40, Slidell, LA
CBS intro video

- Shown alone. In several shots. While the other guys are all buddy-buddy.
- Seems quite anxious to milk his connection to the show. Early boot?
- In pre-show interviews, seems willing to cloak the religion and do some back-stabbing.
Episode 1 Overall
Voted off: 6-1-1. First boot.

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