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Still in it (in TV time)
Contestant Name, info Positive jury/external points Negative jury/external points Overall boot odds
Vecepia Towery

36, Hayward, CA
Office manager

- Several ex-Maraamu (Hunter, Sarah) seemed to think she was controlling Sean's vote, not vice-versa.
- Registered several domain names for herself before the show aired. 
- Hidden alliance with Kathy?
- Robert and Tammy both voted against her, and thought she wasn't pulling her weight.
- Betrayed the Rotu Four, and flipped over to her F5 alliance.
Episode 13: Sole Survivor

Overall: If Paschal goes in a tie, she has a shot against Neleh.

Neleh Dennis

21, Layton, UT

- Perky sweetness may have evaporated a tad.  Some kind of perceived strategizing would be helpful. - Still seen as riding Pappy's coattails, though.  This didn't help MamaKim.  Sean will make sure this is known. Episode 13: Second place

Overall: Outlasted Colleen, Lis and KimP, at least.

Kathy O'Brien

47, Burlington, VT

- Survival despite no obvious alliance has to impress the jury.  Gotta like the independent woman.
- Hidden alliance with Vee?
- The high-intensity misfit (Rudy/Keith/Lex) always finishes third.
- Already has Survivor content on her web site. Is this the behavior of a top-secret Final 2 person?
Episode 13: Third place

Overall: The Kat of Nine Lives did better than we thought.

Probable jury vote: Vee.

Paschal English

57, Thomaston, GA
Superior Court judge

- Robert thinks he's the greatest.  Could be good if he's in the F2.  - Wife says he held his own. Doesn't sound like a win there. Episode 13: Fourth place

Overall: Kathy listed him as strongest competition. F4 target?

Probable jury vote: Neleh.

Stuck with bug-ridden jury duty
Contestant Name, info Points for/against Vecepia Points for/against Neleh Booted
Sean Rector

30, Los Angeles, CA 
Teacher/ aspiring actor

- Will vote for Vee over all others. - No way he votes for Neleh. Episode 12: 3-2

Overall: Too much drama...

Probable jury vote: Vee.

Robert DeCanio

38, Queens, NY
Limo driver

- Voted against Vee for perceived lack of effort. - Did not attend Neleh's Rotu reunion.
- Will probably vote with Rotu Four if they decide to punish Neleh for taking them out.
Episode 11: 5-1

Overall: So much for Kathy and Sean's words, eh?

Probable jury vote: Vee.

Tammy Leitner

29, Mesa, AZ
Crime reporter

- Joined Robert in voting against Vee.
- Unsuccessfully tried to lure Vee and Sean into a counter-alliance.
- Mentioned Neleh's gloating once she came to power. Rotu Four may exact revenge.
Episode 10: 5-2

Overall: Might have found Sean more receptive than Paschal and Neleh.

Probable jury vote: Vee.

Zoe Zanidakis

35, Monhegan Island, ME
Lobster boat captain

- ?  No way to read this one.  Little detectable interaction. - Seemingly friendly with Neleh post-show, but may vote with the Rotu Four. Episode 9: 7-1

Overall: The dog has now barked.

Probable jury vote: Vee or Neleh.

John Carroll

26, Omaha, NE
Registered nurse

- Wants the person who played the game the best.  Case could be made for Vee here. - Promised to seek revenge for his booting. Expect an interesting speech about Neleh's betrayal of their alliance.  She may pay for Pappy's sins.
- OTOH, may have gotten a tattoo with Neleh. But so did Gabe.
Episode 8: 6-3

Overall: Maybe he should have tried harder on the pig snares.

Probable jury vote: Vee.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!
Contestant Name, info Points for boot Points against boot Booted
Rob Mariano

26, Canton, MA
Construction worker

- Becoming more vocal in his anti-social tendencies... another side effect of hunger?
- Talked of glowingly by non-jury members Peter and Patricia: extra bonding time, or pre-emptive counter-editing?
- Decent physical shape, could go on a Lex-like running of the IC table.
- Rob-John feud is good TV, will be played up for a while.
Episode 7: 7-2-1

Overall: Early post-merge boot?  We could be wrong, we could be right.

Gina Crews

28, Gainesville, FL
Nature guide

- In a local Florida newspaper (article now gone), she hinted she "would be busy soon." Early boot?
- E!Online's Wanda swears Gina and Hunter bond in the pre-jury camp.
- NY Daily News confirms this now, too. 3-for-3 in tabloids predicting bootee?
Episode 6: 3-1

Overall: Holy smokes! And CBS swore up and down it was John or Rob!  Who woulda thunk it?  Oh yeah... just about everyone.

Gabriel Cade

24, Los Angeles, CA
Bartender/ aspiring actor

- Tip to SurvivorFever claims he was photographed sailing in late Nov. (ep5 or 6).
- Seen (by Sean at least) as Rotu leader, making him a target.
- Why did the Star pick this week to release the Sean-Gabe pals at Belly story?
- Helpful, calm, thoughtful, strong. Useful pre-merge, a threat post-merge.
- Alliance with Zoe, also Neleh, Paschal?
Episode 5: 7-1

Overall: The real new Colby? Or just the new Greg? Probably the latter.

Sarah Jones

24, Newport Beach, CA
Accounts manager

- Not winning too many points in the tribal popularity department (except with Rob, of course). - OC Register reports she returned starving (so did Tina), and covered in bug bites.  Final six?  Don't trust the Orange County Register! Episode 4: 4-1

Overall: Attitude, missy.  Guess it wasn't much of a vacation after all.

Hunter Ellis

34, La Jolla, CA
FedEx Pilot

- An obvious post-merge target, should Maraamu go in with the minority.
- As the nominal leader, he's now outvoted. Power struggle?
- Lifeguard, ex-Navy.  Should be a strong physical asset in challenges. Episode 3:  4-2

Overall: At least he gave the best post-game confessional, ever.

Patricia Jackson

49, Lugoff, SC
Truck assembler

- Didn't seem thrilled to be talking to Survivor fans on the phone, pre-show.
- Is being bossy really the ideal way to counteract your lack of athleticism?
Episode 2:  4-3

Overall: See rhetorical question to the left.

Peter Harkey

45, Millis, MA
Bowling alley owner

- We're not sure what he does to inspire his tribe's ire. But he's gone. Episode 1:  5-2-1

Overall: Maybe relaxing the mouth a bit might have helped...


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