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Survivor 37: David vs. Goliath Recaps/ analysis

Ep.14: Make as many fireworks as possible

Episode 14: Make as many fireworks as possible

Published: December 22, 2018

Ryan bids a fond farewell to a great season, and makes as many fireworks as possible, as one should. Chief among them: His choice for Player of the Season, which is of course 100% correct. Deal with it.

Jury Jeopardy - David vs. Goliath

Pre-Episode 14: Jury Jeopardy - David vs. Goliath

Published: December 17, 2018

With six players remaining, three True Dork Times writers (Pat Ferrucci, Ryan Kaiser, and Jeff Pitman) unite to forecast the outcome of the Survivor: David vs. Goliath jury's vote on the final three. Who will win the million? And more importantly, will we out-predict Survivor scribes from other sites?

Ep.13: Treat 'em really well, and then slit their throats

Episode 13: Treat 'em really well, and then slit their throats

Published: December 15, 2018

Ryan negotiates his way through the twists and turns of a convoluted but ultimately shocking final boot before the David vs. Goliath finale. Chock full of tricks, frenemies, revenge, God, and of course... balls.

Ep.12: I'm excited, and I'm nervous, and I'm sad

Episode 12: I'm excited, and I'm nervous, and I'm sad

Ryan ponders the relative merits of going Big (Move) AND going home, crapshoot (lack of) movement to win reward, not moving at all to win immunity, and hiding your movements so as not to become a target, as seen in Episode 12 of David vs. Goliath.

Eps.10-11: Drunk with power

Episodes 10-11: Drunk with power

Published: December 1, 2018

Ryan looks back on two hours of David vs. Goliath that delivered in so many ways: yoga, tips, dunks, drunks, Godfathers, drunk Godfathers, eggs, and dings. Or possibly bings, depending on your perceptions.

Ep.9: Do you like surprises?

Episode 9: Do you like surprises?

Published: November 25, 2018

Ryan recounts his shock and awe at the advantage avalanche the Davids pulled off in blindsiding Dan, but also his love of burger atmosphere and perchance, a hint of a new honorary Wanner?

Ep.8: That Christian, he's wily

Episode 8: That Christian, he's wily

Published: November 16, 2018

Ryan navigates the twists and turns of an episode that was all about Christian, but really only as a distraction in order to pull off an epic idol-aided blindside. With as many sandbags, pizzas, Culpeppers, and Dan pleases as you can handle.

Ep.7: What everyone RSVPed for

Episode 7: What everyone RSVPed for

Published: November 9, 2018

Three tribes become the singular (but double-named) Kalokalo tribe, and Ryan Kaiser is here for the merge shenanigans, mostly involving various Goliaths strong-arming each other, but also double (triple?) agents, art, and seagulls.

Ep.6: She deserves an Emmy

Episode 6: She deserves an Emmy

Published: November 2, 2018

Ryan searches for meaning in a post-Natalie David vs. Goliath world, and finds some seeds of post-merge hope (even if it's not a strategy): A more villainous Angelina, a descent into madness on Vuku, a potential successor to James, and an entire tribe of Debbie-worthy balance beaming.

Ep.5: Always in trouble

Episode 5: Always in trouble

Published: October 26, 2018

It is a dark and tumultuous time as Ryan endures a heavy, wrenching blow: The loss of Queen Natalie, long may she reign. Also some cyclone wrecks the camps, or something, idols are found, challenges won, jackets argued over, yada yada.

Ep.4: Gerrymandered against the Davids

Episode 4: Gerrymandered against the Davids

Published: October 19, 2018

Ryan reviews a movement-packed episode, as Bi leaves, tribes swap, something called Jabeni appears, Natalie ascends to her throne, Carl finds a strange new power, Tiva loses immunity, Alec flips, and Natalia is blindsided. Phew! But at least she takes it in stride.

Ep.3: Get off my island

Episode 3: Get off my island

Published: October 12, 2018

Ryan relishes every hair-flipping moment of the title bout in this episode: No, not Mason-Dixon vs. Gabby, or Bi vs. her knee, but Goliath vs. Goliath, a.k.a. Natalie vs. Jeremy.

Ep.2: Why would you wanna take out the old lady?

Episode 2: Why would you wanna take out the old lady?

Published: October 5, 2018

Ryan surveys the damage of two storms that swept through Episode 2 of David vs. Goliath: Elizabeth's high-powered flipping of the votes on David to save Lyrsa, and Natalie's cyclonic path to deepest reaches of his heart.

Ep.1: We will keep fighting

Episode 1: We will keep fighting

Published: September 29, 2018

Ryan basks in the extended space of the David vs. Goliath premiere, exulting in the extra time to meet and greet the new contestants, from the John of many names, to the Davids of many sad backstories, to sad back story of Pat, to the force of nature that is Natalie.

The TDT DvG contestant draft

Pre-season: The TDT DvG contestant draft

Published: September 22, 2018

The True Dork Times writers (Ben Martell, Pat Ferrucci, Ryan Kaiser, and Jeff Pitman) come together to draft fantasy teams of David vs. Goliath contestants, in an attempt to win eternal* glory by having the team containing the winner. (*Offer expires roughly one month after the season ends.)

DvsG cast assessment

Pre-season: David vs. Goliath cast assessment

Published: September 16, 2018

With just over a week until the premiere, Ryan kicks off our Survivor 37 coverage with his impressions of the new contestants of Survivor: David vs. Goliath, some of whom actually have some pre-season content beyond their written bios!

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