Well, in theory... Pat Ferrucci's S34 recaps
Well, in theory... - DvsG
By: Pat Ferrucci
Survivor: David vs. Goliath analysis

Evolution is real; Survivor is proof

Episode 3: Evolution is real; Survivor is proof

Published: October 17, 2018


Pat applies Darwin's theory of evolution to Survivor strategy, and questions the inverse correlation between pre-merge swaps and survival of the goats. Plus a look at who else benefits from the upcoming swap.

Don't upset the system

Episode 2: Don't upset the system

Published: October 4, 2018


Pat explains how Talcott Parsons's social systems theory relates to the key strategic decision in Episode 2 of Survivor: David vs. Goliath - Lyrsa and Elizabeth's targeting of Jessica instead of Carl.

The TDT DvG contestant draft

Pre-season: The TDT DvG contestant draft

Published: September 22, 2018


The True Dork Times writers (Ben Martell, Pat Ferrucci, Ryan Kaiser, and Jeff Pitman) come together to draft fantasy teams of David vs. Goliath contestants, in an attempt to win eternal* glory by having the team containing the winner. (*Offer expires roughly one month after the season ends.)


Pat Ferrucci Survivor 36 recapsPat Ferrucci started watching Survivor when episode two of Borneo first aired. He's seen every episode since. Besides recapping here, he'll be live-tweeting this season from the Mountain Time Zone. Why? Because nobody cares about the Mountain Time Zone except when they want to ski. Follow him @patferrucci for Survivor stuff and tweets about anything and everything that enters his feeble mind. 

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