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More info on Survivor 23: South Pacific contestant Elyse Umemoto
Last updated: August 26, 2011
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Pre-game vidcap gallery
Added: August 26, 2011

Collection of images from the pre-game and circa Ep1-era footage provided with the cast release videos:


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Elyse Umemoto: Official Survivor 23 contestant
Updated: August 26, 2011

From her MSN.com contestant profile:

"Elyse says: I'm not the typical pageant girl or the typical Vegas girl. I'm not the typical anything. I know I am going to be strong in the physical challenges and even stronger at the social game. I'm not used to being out of my element, having to survive out here will be difficult.

Jeff says: She's trouble."


From her EW.com new contestant picture caption (by Dalton Ross):

"Like many a Survivor contestant before her, Elyse comes from the pageant world, where she was crowned Miss Washington in 2007 and was the second runner-up to Miss America. (Unlike the others, however, she encountered controversy when some mildly racy party photos surfaced online.) Elyse also already has reality show experience, appearing on TLC's Miss America: Reality Check. But she says there's more to her than her background in beauty. 'I like to call myself a tall glass of contradiction. I'm a total dichotomy. I'm such an academic, but was also captain of the cheer squad. I was born and raised in the church, and now perform and live in Las Vegas. There are two very different sides of me."'


Excerpts from her official CBS Survivor: South Pacific bio page:

"Personal claim to fame: I was the second runner-up to Miss America and I raised my three younger sisters.
Pet peeves: Professional athletes with bad attitudes, wet laundry that doesn't get moved to the dryer immediately, pretty girls wearing ugly shoes and people who drink decaf.
3 words to describe you: Enchanting, indomitable and spunky!
Survivor contestant you are most like: Brenda from Nicaragua and Parvati. They know what they want and how to get it. They truly understand the social game.
Reason for being on Survivor: I thrive on challenge and the rush of competition. I always push the envelope and my limits. There's no better avenue to do this than Survivor.
Why you think you'll 'survive' Survivor: I'm engaging, personable and a master at reading people. I'm controversial in many ways and I embrace that I'm a 'character.' I'm naturally athletic and can seamlessly blend into a group. I radiate confidence and always compete to win.
Why you think you will be the sole Survivor: It's not just my character traits that make me a winner. It's literally in my blood to survive. My Japanese grandfather spent his childhood in an internment camp. My German grandmother's family has strong, long-standing ties with the government and fled immediately before the war. My Native American grandfather was the son of a deaf mute who learned English as a second language on the reservation by age 9. I have a passion for competition and I am the product of generations of TRUE survivors- their strength and resilience are a natural part of who I am. "

Elyse Umemoto: potential Survivor 23 contestant?
Added: August 2, 2011

Summary of evidence for Elyse Umemoto being on Survivor: South Pacific.


- guatemala fanfic (7/25): Starts a new thread for Elyse, stating:
Elyse Umemoto, 27, mixed ethnicity (Native American – Yakama tribe, Japanese, German, and Hispanic). I believe she's currently a gogo dancer in Las Vegas.

   First Native American to win Miss Washington USA in 2007, and was just 1st runner-up in Miss Washington USA 2011. Had some controversy surrounding her when inappropriate pictures surfaced in 2008. Also a survivor of domestic violence. Just google her for more."

Elyse circa 7/21/11 - pageantsurvivorfan (7/29) adds the following: "there's a convenient [facebook] posting gap between 23 May and 12 July when she updated, 'great scott! im back from the future, y'all. miss me?' The replies allude to the fact that she'd dropped off the planet i.e. 'Wow, you are alive!!!! Good to know!' Can't say she looks noticeably skinnier like Ashley last year though..."

- psf later adds: "No mutual friends other than [Anthony] Caruso."
- pageantsurvivorfan also passes along to Sucks the photo of Elyse at right, apparently taken on 7/21/11, or about twelve days after the game ended.


- Elyse describing herself - Casting-bait excerpts from her facebook profile (in addition to listing herself as a spokesmodel and actress):

   "Things I Adore and/or Can't Live Without: ... PLU Cheer (even though I'm just a retired Captain) ... my director & PM ... my beautiful life in sunny Las Vegas ... the Lord ... the Miss America Organization ... all music by Christina Aguilera ... my dual-doctorate plans ... yoga ... my dog Alex. Oh - and world peace. *wink*

   Utterly loathsome and detestable things: ... lies ... waking up early ... cranky people ... whiny country music ... professional athletes with really bad attitudes ... obnoxious behavior."


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