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More info on Survivor 23: South Pacific contestant Albert Destrade
Last updated: August 27, 2011
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Updated: August 27, 2011

Collection of images from the pre-game and circa Ep1-era footage provided with the cast release videos:


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Albert Destrade: Official Survivor 23 contestant
Added: August 20, 2011

From his contestant profile:

"Albert says: They'll expect me to be a dumb athlete guy (because I'm a baseball coach) but I'm pretty cerebral. I really think things through. I'm not a spur of the moment. I'm pretty calculating.

Jeff [Probst] Says: He's a possible poser.."


From his new contestant picture caption (by Dalton Ross):
"This former dating coach was initially recruited for The Amazing Race but ended up on the island instead, and it will be worth keeping an eye on how he does in the elements. 'I work outdoors, but I'm not an outdoorsman by any stretch of the imagination,' he admits. 'I'm not very handy. I'm a little spooked by animals and things like that, to be honest with you.' Uh-oh. But Albert is a smooth talker and physical force, making him a real threat to win it all."


Excerpts from his official CBS Survivor: South Pacific bio page:

"Hobbies: Poker, writing and exercise.
Pet peeves: I have little to no patience for ignorance. People who are uninformed about something, yet insist to be opinionated about it, really irritate me. I also get bothered by mentally weak people.
3 words to describe you: Versatile, dynamic and resourceful.
Survivor contestant you are most like: I really like how J.T. managed to forge himself as a leader on Season 18 without being overbearing or bossy whatsoever. He commanded respect and led by example....
Why you think you'll 'survive' Survivor: I was a Division I college athlete as recently as four years ago. I am a tough guy to beat in challenges. I'm a team player and I don't have a problem contributing to any construction, hunting, fishing or gathering.
Why you think you will be the sole Survivor: I know that I possess a unique combination of attributes that would make me a favorite in this game. I'm athletic and very socially adept. I'm calculated and self-aware. Ultimately, if you combine my awareness, physical strength and social calibration, I bring a lot to the table."

Albert Destrade: potential Survivor 23 contestant?
Added: July 31, 2011

Summary of evidence for Albert Destrade being on Survivor: South Pacific.


- guatemala fanfic (at Sucks, 7/26/11) after mentioning "another coach" (and another Latino male) is on S23, reveals Albert's name and info: "Albert Destrade, 26, high school baseball coach from Plantation, FL. The youngest person to be a head hs baseball head coach in South Florida. He's Cuban. Real name is Alberto but he seems to have dropped the 'o' on the end."

- As noted by liskd at Sucks (7/26), Albert is facebook friends with Sophie Clarke.


- Unclear if this means anything, since they may have been created after guatemala fanfic's announcement (neither account has tweeted), but there are two "Albert Destrade" twitter accounts. The @AlbertDestrade one follows Jeff Probst (among other celebrities), while @AlbertSurvivor has, well, Survivor right there in the handle.

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