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More info on Survivor 23: South Pacific contestant Brandon Hantz
Last updated: August 27, 2011
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Pre-game vidcap gallery
Updated: August 27, 2011

Collection of images from the pre-game and circa Ep1-era footage provided with the cast release videos:


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Brandon Hantz: Official Survivor 23 contestant
Added: August 20, 2011

From his contestant profile:

"Brandon says: It would be a great opportunity to have money for my family and it was going to be an opportunity to show America there's more to the Hantz family than what Russell brought to Survivor. I am the exact opposite of my uncle Russell but most of my family doesn't think that's true.

Jeff [Probst] says: He's the underdog."


From his new contestant picture caption (by Dalton Ross):

"Just when you thought Survivor was finally done with Russell Hantz, along comes his nephew Brandon. And Brandon is on a mission to show that there is a much different side to the Hantz family. What side might that be? 'It's loyal. It's courageous. It's kind of like a golden retriever,' says Brandon. 'I want to show that we have morals and values and we have a standard in the Hantz family.' So what kind of advice did Uncle Russell give him? 'Pretty much to stay calm. If somebody tries to get in my face, to not lose my temper. Other than that, he knows I'm a nice guy to be around, and as long as I keep my cool, it's going to be smooth sailing.'"


Excerpts from his official CBS Survivor: South Pacific bio page:

"Inspiration in life: Jesus, because he died for me.
Hobbies: Shooting my guns, hunting and eating crawfish.
Pet peeves: When I order some food and it's not the way I want it or they forget my hot sauce.
3 words to describe you: Headstrong, bold and clever.
Survivor contestant you are most like: Probably Colby, Johnny Fairplay, Russell and Brandon [Ed. note: We presume he means Brandon Quinton from S3.]
Reason for being on Survivor: Financial freedom and to show everyone there is more than one side to the Hantz family other than being mean.
Why you think you'll "survive" Survivor: I'm very strong and I can hunt. I like fishing and swimming and I can build.
Why you think you will be the sole Survivor: I'm very handsome, smart, cunning, manipulative and funny."

Brandon Hantz: potential Survivor 23 contestant?
Added: July 30, 2011

Summary of evidence for Brandon Hantz being on Survivor: South Pacific.


- SurvivorSkills (6/24/11) drops a hint that "Survivor: South Pacific has a contestant who is a relative of a past, and controversial player."

- MayanSun (at Sucks, 6/25/11): "I hope it is not Russell Hantz's nephew. He had a video on youtube that looked like it was a casting call video. Can't find it now. It may have been taken down."

- Later, the ugly truth is revealed: After MayanSun clarifies that the nephew in question is Brandon Hantz, DanieuBleau confirms that yes, Brandon Hantz is on S23.

- See also RealityBlurred's summary of events.


- Two days after contestants return (7/10/11), Polonium at Sucks reveals Brandon's facebook has miraculously reappeared. Twelve days later, Polonium goes through all the contestants that have started showing up there as friends. *sniff* Family traditions.

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