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Oh dear, it's the True Dork Times'...
(A largely irrelevant compendium of Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains contestant information)
Episode 14
(season finale)
Chances of survival
Reasons for survival.
Reasons for boot.

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Revisit days of old:

The contestants Chances of survival
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Ep14: Safe | Overall: Winner, 6-3-0
-SurvivorsUnite: Final 3
-missyae: Winner
-Sandra, Ep1: "Sandra wins!"
Parvati Shallow
Ep14: Safe | Overall: 2nd place, 6-3-0
- SurvivorsUnite: Final 3 -
Russell Hantz
Ep14: Safe | Overall: 3rd place, 6-3-0
- -SurvivorsUnite: 3rd place
Here I sit all broken-hearted: 5 left and Ponderosa's barely started (The jury)
Jerri Manthey
Ep14: Toast | Overall: 4th place, 3-1
- -SurvivorsUnite: 4th place
Colby Donaldson
Ep14: Toast | Overall: 5th place, 4-1
- -SurvivorsUnite: 5th place
Rupert Boneham
Ep13: Toast | Overall: 6th place, 4-(2)
- -survivorsims07: Made F6/family visit.
-SurvivorsUnite: 6th place
Daniell DiLorenzo
Ep12: Toast | Overall: 7th place, 4-3
- -SurvivorsUnite: 7th place.
-blackwhale: Booted, 4-3.
Candice Woodcock
Ep12: Toast | Overall: 8th place, 5-3
- -SurvivorsUnite: 8th place
Amanda Kimmel
Ep11: Toast | Overall: 9th place, 6-3
- -SurvivorsUnite: 9th place
JT Thomas
Ep10: Toast | Overall: Third juror, 5-(5) (idoled)
- -SurvivorsUnite: Two idols played against him.
-SurvivorsUnite: 10th place
Courtney Yates
Ep9: Toast | Overall: Second juror, 5-1
- -SurvivorsUnite: 11th place
Coach Wade
Ep8: Toast | Overall: First juror, 4-3
- -SurvivorsUnite: 12th place
They'll take third- or fourth-timers on Second Chance, right? (The non-jurors)
Rob Mariano
Ep7: Toast | Overall: 8th boot, 4-3-1
- -SurvivorsUnite: 8th boot.
James Clement
Ep6: Toast | Overall: 7th boot, 5-1
- -SurvivorsUnite: 7th boot.
Tyson Apostol
Ep6: Toast | Overall: 6th boot, idoled, 3-(4)-2
- -SurvivorsUnite: 6th boot.
-blackwhale: Idoled, 4-3-2.
-SurvivorsUnite: Idoled.
Tom Westman
Ep5: Toast | Overall: 5th boot, 5-2
- -SurvivorsUnite: 5th boot.
Cirie Fields
Ep4: Toast | Overall: 4th boot, idoled, (3)-3-2
- -SurvivorsUnite: 4th boot.
Randy Bailey
Ep3: Toast | Overall: 3rd boot, 9-1
- -SurvivorsUnite: 3rd boot.
Stephenie LaGrossa
Ep2: Toast | Overall: 2nd boot, 6-3
- -SurvivorsUnite: 2nd boot.
Sugar Kiper
Ep1: Toast | Overall: 1st boot, 9-1
- -missyae: Sugar's first boot
-SurvivorsUnite: First boot.