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The final three, sorted by finish (formerly by Survival Avg)
The final three What they did
Sophie Clarke
Ep14: Winner, 6-3-0 | Survival Avg: 10.18
- Jury votes: 6 (Dawn, Ozzy, Whitney, Keith, Jim, Brandon)
- Total votes against: 5 (Ep2-1; Ep13-2; Ep14-2)
Coach Wade
Ep14: Second place | Survival Avg: 10.55
- Jury votes: 3 (Cochran, Edna, Rick)
- Total votes against: 0
- Hidden immunity idols held: 1 (never used)
Albert Destrade
Ep14: Third place | Survival Avg: 6.28
- Jury votes: 0
- Total votes against: 1 (Ep14-1).
Nothing left to do but plan an angry diatribe: The jury
The now-ex-contestants Jury pool seat number
Ozzy Lusth
Ep14: Juror #9 | Survival Avg: 6.27
- Ep7: Voted out, 5-1. Ep9: Voted out, 9-2.
- Duel record: 6-0. Beat Brandon, Edna, Cochran, (Whitney, Dawn), (Keith, Jim), Christine.
Rick Nelson
Ep14: Active | Survival Avg: 2.10
- Total votes against: 11 (Ep8-6; Ep11-2; Ep14-3)
Brandon Hantz
Ep14: Juror #7 | Survival Avg: 4.73
- Ep13: Voted out, 3-2.
- Duel record: 0-1, lost to Ozzy (Ep14).
Edna Ma
Ep13: Juror #6 | Survival Avg: 1.58
- Ep12: Voted out, 5-1.
- Duel record: 0-1, lost to Ozzy (Ep13).
John Cochran
Ep12: Juror #5 | Survival Avg: 1.92
- Ep11: Voted out, 5-2.
- Duel record: 0-1, lost to Ozzy (Ep12).
Whitney Duncan
Ep11: Juror #4 | Survival Avg: 2.82
- Ep10: Voted out, 7-1.
- Duel record: 0-1. Lost to Ozzy (Ep11).
Dawn Meehan
Ep11: Juror #3 | Survival Avg: 2.78
- Ep10: Voted out, 7-2.
- Duel record: 0-1. Lost to Ozzy (Ep11).
Keith Tollefson
Ep10: Juror #2 | Survival Avg: 2.36
- Ep8: Voted out, 6-6 (6-4)
- Duel record: 0-1. Lost to Ozzy (Ep10).
Jim Rice
Ep10: Juror #1 | Survival Avg: 2.43
- Ep9: Voted out, 7-3.
- Duel record: 0-1. Lost to Ozzy (Ep10).
No jury, no buff, no redemption - The non-jurors
The ex-contestants What they did
Christine Shields Markoski
Ep8: Lost duel | Survival Avg: 2.61
- Ep2: Voted out, 4-3-1-1
- Duel record: 5-1, beat Mikayla, Elyse, Stacey, Papa Bear, Semhar. Lost to Ozzy.
Mikayla Wingle
Ep7: Lost duel | Survival Avg: 2.71
- Ep6: Voted out, 4-3
- Duel record: 0-1, lost to Christine (Ep7)
Elyse Umemoto
Ep6: Lost duel| Survival Avg: 2.93
- Ep5: Voted out, 3-2-2
- Duel record: 0-1, lost to Christine (Ep6)
Stacey Powell
Ep5: Lost duel | Survival Avg: 0.24
- Ep4: Voted out, 7-1.
- Duel record: 0-1, lost to Christine (Ep5)
Mark Anthony Caruso
Ep4: Lost duel | Survival Avg: 1.53
- Ep3: Voted out, 6-1-1.
- Duel record: 0-1, lost to Christine (Ep4)
Semhar Tadesse
Ep3: Lost duel | Survival Avg: 0.00
- Ep1: Voted out, 8-1
- Duel record: 0-1, lost to Christine (Ep3).
What the heck is this "Survival average"?

Answer: You'll be sorry you asked (full details here). It's an attempt to apply Sabermetrics to Survivor. (Sorry yet? If not, read on.) Essentially, an attempt to answer: "Who's the best Survivor player?"


Survival Average is a simple sum of fractional Challenge Wins (ChW), weighted TC Ratio (wTCR), and (eventually) a weighted Jury vote% (JV%).


ChW: Challenge wins. This includes tribal challenges (worth 1/# of participants, zero points for the win if you sit out), individual challenges (worth 1 point), and Redemption Island duels (worth 0.5 points). So your score can still go up on Redemption Island.


wTCR: weighted Tribal Council Ratio. This measures how in-the-loop you are on the boot, and punishes you if people vote against you. As it should. It uses the # of times you voted for the person who was booted (Votes for Boot, VFB), # of times you were voted against (Votes Against Player, VAP), and total # of times at tribal council (Tribal Council Appearances, TCA). Tough luck if you end up in the non-eliminee-voting group of an intentional vote-splitting scheme. Valar morghulis. The formula is as follows: wTCR =2* [VFB / (4+VAP)] x (14/TCA).


But wait! It gets worse! Full scoring and more detailed explanation now available in the Survivor 23 Box scores section.