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Episode 13
"...And Then There Were Four"

Filmed Dec. 10-12, 2002
Airs Sunday, May 11, 2003

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, RC, fire, IC.
Episode descriptions
CBS: It's down to the Final Four, and no one knows what to expect. The men are busy targeting Jenna, but she vows to turn things around. Meanwhile, Rob finds his anxieties at an all time-high.
TV Guide: In the two-hour episode, the four remaining players are whittled down to two and the seven-person jury decides the winner. “It's a toss-up when we get to the final two,” reports host Jeff Probst. “It's not a sure thing. How people answered the questions at the final tribal council had an impact on whether they got a vote.”
Final Four IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ A-Maze-ing: Jenna wins? Butch booted?

Vidcaps from Entertainment Tonight (below), showthis one is a blindfolded maze race of some kind. The overhead shot shows silve-colored round things on the ground in the maze, possibly to be retrieved by the contestants. Otherwise, the maze doesn't look particularly complex, so it's unclear what the point is.

As for the winner and bootee, the most solid info for this episode is the Offshore Betting Spoiler, which revealed that Matthew and Jenna are in the final two. How can this happen? A few ways. One, Jenna could somehow pull off two straight IC wins (an idea Matt and Rob thought unlikely in Ep12 - see Markopolo's transcript of the Yahoo! Platinum footage). Alternatively, Matthew could continue his challenge dominance. But then he'd have to boot both of his potential final two allies, one after the other. This seems unlikely, in light of Matthew's apparent loyalty to Rob. More likely, Jenna finds a way through the maze to win.

The boot (obviously) could also go a couple of ways. With Jenna inexpicably immune, the guys have to race to figure out who to boot. Rob could get ousted here, after sowing the seeds of mistrust with both Matthew and Butch. But more likely, since Rob and Matthew have already discussed their desire not to reward Butch for his complete lack of gameplay, everyone turns on Butch here.

F4 Immunity challenge pictures: Click thumbnails above for larger pictures. Pictures below are actual size, but feel free to click if you feel it's necessary.

Luckily, Matthew's production year came fitted with buff-piercing vision sensors.

Probst explains the maze to the soggy contestants.

And they're off. Round disk things on the ground.

Final Three IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Fallen Comrades? - Jenna wins? Rob booted?
Probst's paraphrase in TV Guide: "The big change this time, explains Probst, is that the concluding vote takes place immediately following the last immunity challenge." This actually refers to the F3 vote, not the jury one. But it does suggest a return to the final three slot for Fallen Comrades, as it was in the Outback. MarioLanza at Survivor-Central has imagined what this might sound like.

Either Rob or Matthew, who were neck and neck in the previous tribe quiz challenge, would seem to be shoo-ins to win this one, which might suggest Rob's already gone at this point (since he's not in the final two). But as long as there are no questions about Christy, Jenna might be able to pull this one out. She is, after all, rich in pageant and sorority experience. We're really not sure why this is important, but Jenna and Probst seem to think it is. So we'll go with that, which is the easier assumption. If so, she finally gets her wish: Rob gets booted.
Again, the offshore betting story says this is Matthew versus Jenna.
Someone at SIA seems awfully confident that Matt wins this, despite ChillOne's pregame sense that "Jana" (aka Jenna) was better liked. From the way these two have been shown in the last few episodes, however, that seems like a logical conclusion, though.

The voting would appear to have a few sure votes: Christy and Butch will probably vote for Matthew; Heidi and Alex will probably vote for Jenna (Heidi definitely will). That leaves three toss-ups: Dave, Deena and Rob.
- Dave is hard to predict. He seemed to be tight with Heidi, so by default, Jenna should have been a friend. And he had the date with Jenna, which he seemed to enjoy quite a bit. But he was a hard worker and hung out with Butch and Roger. So he probably appreciates Matthew's efforts around camp. And guys tend to vote for guys over women, unless the guy stabbed them in the back. Probably a slight edge to Matthew.
- Deena, the lawyer, also keeps her cards close to her chest. She was all for a woman winning during her in-show confessionals, and in post-game interviews, didn't sound too fond of Matthew. She also appreciates strategy, which Matthew admits is not his strong suit, while Jenna loudly proclaims her own alleged prowess. Unless Deena is intenionally faking everyone out (which is possible), she would seem to lean toward Jenna.
- Finally, Rob could be a wild card himself. For all his on-screen alliance with Matthew, he has bad-mouthed him privately at every opportunity (although the same can be said for Jenna). If Matthew can avoid having to turn on Rob, the vote would appear to be in the bag. But if Matthew votes him out, and Jenna is involved, Jenna will get the strategic credit. Again, a slight edge to Matthew.

That makes it a 4-3 Matthew victory, but a flimsy one at that. Jury votes are notoriously difficult to predict, and unseen game events could easily change a vote or two. Where it comes down is anyone's guess. But we'll go with Matthew winning, somehow.

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