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Idols, advantages, ladders, and a lad

Episode 2: Idols, advantages, ladders, and a lad

Published: February 23, 2020


Episode 2 sweeps in awash in idols and advantages (and fire tokens), but don't worry guys, it's designed to be like this. Brent highlights these new-school developments, plus a rising ladder engineer and an ascendant Adam.


Nerds, rookies, and blowing up the pre-game

Episode 1: Nerds, rookies, and blowing up the pre-game

Published: February 16, 2020


Brent manages to whittle the two-hour, action-packed Winners at War premiere into five key events and themes that appear to hold importance for the season as a whole - among them a fun new alliance, and the weaponizing of the mere suspicion of a pre-game one.


WaW alliance assumptions

Pre-season: Winners at War alliance assumptions

Published: February 2, 2020


For his pre-season preview of Winners at War, Brent speculates on the five most likely alliances to form in the upcoming all-winners season. Will they make an impact on the game? And who does he pick to win?


Brent Sullivan - Top Five, Baby!Brent Sullivan is a long-time fanatic of Survivor and has been writing about it for years. When he is not writing, talking about, or applying to be on the show, he spends his time with family, doing nerdy IT stuff, and watching movies. Follow him on twitter: @BSully_13

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