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Brent Sullivan - Top Five, Baby!Brent Sullivan is a long-time fanatic of Survivor and has been writing about it for years. When he is not writing, talking about, or applying to be on the show, he spends his time with family, doing nerdy IT stuff, and watching movies.

His column, "Top Five, Baby!" has run here at the True Dork Times since 2020, when he first wrote about season 40, Survivor: Winners at War. Prior to this, he covered S33: Millennials vs. Gen X through S38: Edge of Extinction at Inside Survivor, under the column title, "Give Me Five!"

Follow him on twitter: @BSully_13

Top Five, Baby! - Brent Sullivan's recaps

Columns by Survivor season:

  • S41 logo Survivor 41
    Twists and risks and savviness

    Episode 14: Twists and risks and savviness

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: September 27, 2021


    Survivor is back, and Brent dives into five topics from the double-length premiere episode that he thinks will have long-term impact on the season, from the many new twists, to the increased elements of risk, to one player's savvy gameplay and another's seeming lack thereof.

  • S40 logo Survivor 40: Winners at War
    Top One, Baby!

    Episode 14: Top One, Baby!

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: May 17, 2020


    With a salute to the new two-time champion, Brent wraps up his Winners at War watch with a look back at five previously flagged key items from earlier in the season that ended up indeed being a big part of the story (plus a miss).

    Episode 13: Top Five! (Maybe ... one more as well)

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: May 10, 2020


    Now that Winners at War has reached its (initial) final five, Brent assesses each of their games and chances of becoming the re-winning Winner. Plus a bonus look at some other contenders.

    Episode 12: Strained relationships, strained arms, and strained Tribal trends

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: May 3, 2020


    As the game churns on and tensions mount, Brent is here to break down the key connections, disconnections, and question marks in Episode 12 of Winners of War.

    Episode 11: Enemies, extortion, chaos, and ... Tony!

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: April 26, 2020


    After 10 long episodes of biding his time, the old Tony Vlachos came bursting through the trees to shake this episode up. Brent celebrates this development, and the other key events in Episode 11 of Winners of War.

    Episode 10: Lots of family, cops, and an original Dakal duo

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: April 19, 2020


    As Brent surveys the key events of the family-heavy Episode 10, the same names pop up frequently: Tony, Sarah, Sophie, Sarah, Sophie, Tony. Original Dakal drives the action, laden with advantages and necklaces.

    Episode 9: Chaos, an Edge split, and rising and falling targets

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: April 12, 2020


    After Episode 9's dramatic and chaotic Tribal Council, Brent evaluates where the divisions are and who has become a target on Winners at War, including a new divide that has become apparent at Edge of Extinction.

    Episode 8: Big threats, little threats, and actual threats at the merge

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: April 5, 2020


    The merge and Edge return produce a surprising shuffle of various alliances, as Brent focuses in on key threats, prime targets, and the balance of power in the post-merge scrambling.

    Episode 7: Boats or tokens, post-merge Tony, and potent tensions

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: March 29, 2020


    The final pre-merge episode finds the Edge group getting smaller but more token-rich, and two of the three tribes patching over simmering tensions. Brent brings it all together for this week's five key topics.

    Episode 6: Peanut butter comfort, spy shack paranoia, and twice the idol fun

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: March 22, 2020


    Brent breaks down five big moments in the big sixth episode of Winners at War, from Edge of Extinction choices to listening to water-well voices to (of course) making a big splash with idol deuces.

    Episode 5: Three new tribes and a lot of hardware

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: March 15, 2020


    A big swap adds a third tribe and shakes up the game, and Brent examines the new opportunities and dangers lurking as the players face their new tribemates. Plus: the women this season are accumulating some serious hardware: Will it soon come into play?

    Episode 4: Lugging logs and legging the trek up from the bottom

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: March 8, 2020


    Brent revisits a week full of stories of hikes up from the bottom, from the Edge dwellers' literal one (or twenty) to Adam, Rob, and Parvati's metaphorical journeys. Plus a check-in on someone who seems to have completed that journey, and an eye on the swap.

    Episode 3: Fishing, covert missions, and momentous decisisons

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: March 1, 2020


    Winners At War's third episode had some memorable shark-eating hijinks, and a tragic loss as the losing tribe got down to the business of eating its own. Brent highlights the top five moments of this week's feeding frenzy.

    Episode 2: Idols, advantages, ladders, and a lad

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: February 23, 2020


    Episode 2 sweeps in awash in idols and advantages (and fire tokens), but don't worry guys, it's designed to be like this. Brent highlights these new-school developments, plus a rising ladder engineer and an ascendant Adam.

    Episode 1: Nerds, rookies, and blowing up the pre-game

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: February 16, 2020


    Brent manages to whittle the two-hour, action-packed Winners at War premiere into five key events and themes that appear to hold importance for the season as a whole - among them a fun new alliance, and the weaponizing of the mere suspicion of a pre-game one.

    Pre-season: Winners at War alliance assumptions

    By Brent Sullivan | Published: February 2, 2020


    For his pre-season preview of Winners at War, Brent speculates on the five most likely alliances to form in the upcoming all-winners season. Will they make an impact on the game?