The Baker's Dozen - Survivor: Cagayan

Emptying the cupboards

Ep.14: Emptying the cupboards

Published: May 25, 2014


Andy takes a final, post-finale look at the season, players and winner of Survivor: Cagayan.

The power of perception

Ep.13: The power of perception

Published: May 18, 2014


Heading into the finale, Andy examines how the remaining players perceive themselves, how they are perceived by their competitors and the audience, and how that shapes their chances of winning Survivor: Cagayan.

The persona predicament

Ep.12: The persona predicament

Published: May 10, 2014


Andy examines how the personas the remaining contestants bring to Survivor: Cagayan affect their gameplay, and their ability to win. Along with bonus taking Probst to task for interfering in the game, and forward-looking prognostications.

Pulling no punches

Ep.11: Pulling no punches

Published: May 3, 2014


Andy delivers a bare-bones (bare-knuckled?) Baker's Dozen that takes casting to task, both praises and laments Tony's targeting of Jefra, suggests auction fixes, and praises the agedeness of the Cagayan Final Six.

Idol gossip

Ep.10: Idol gossip

Published: April 26, 2014


In a special, Special Idol-related column, Andy casts a disapproving eye on the origins of, search for, and likely impact of the Special Idol on the remaining strategic options in Survivor: Cagayan.

The rambler

Ep.9: The rambler

Published: April 19, 2014


In a return to the traditional Baker's Dozen format, Andy examines LJ's mistakes, makes a long-awaited in-depth evaluation of Tony's game, and assesses the strength of the remaining players.

Running diary

Ep.8: Running diary

Published: April 12, 2014


Ever wondered what goes through the head of a Survivor superfan on the day a Survivor episode airs? Obviously you should have. If through some fault of your own you haven't, you're going to find out, anyway. In this case, Cagayan's Episode 8, featuring Sonic-mode Woo.

The merge menu - A la carte

Ep.7: The merge menu - A la carte

Published: April 5, 2014


Andy dispenses with his usual 13-bullet-point format to offer a series of independent observations on Survivor: Cagayan's merge episode. Including: Kass's move was not so bad, Trish's move was not so great, LJ/Tony, Tasha, and Sarah's faults and strengths, and... Final Two?

Quitters can kiss my ***

Ep.6: Quitters can kiss my ***

Published: March 30, 2014


Andy examines the ramifications of Lindsey Ogle's quit, commends Alexis Maxwell's (largely hidden) strategic game, and picks favorites among the remaining players of Survivor: Cagayan.

Avenue to the endgame

Ep.5: Avenue to the endgame

Published: March 24, 2014


Andy analyzes how the new, post-swap tribes (and the contestants' responses to their changed environments) affect each contestant's chances of winning the game, with a baker's dozen of them remaining.

Pre-swap report card

Ep.4: Pre-swap report card

Published: March 17, 2014


Andy takes a (spoiler-free, ad-free) look at which contestants are currently the best-situated heading into the upcoming tribal swap, based on their performances in the first four episodes. And everyone gets a letter grade! (Spoiler alert: The people already booted don't do well.)

The beauty of a bivouac

Ep.3: The beauty of a bivouac

Published: March 9, 2014


Andy argues that this is the perfect point for an early season pause, in which the Survivor: Cagayan contestants should take a moment to re-evaluate their prospects in the game and chances of reaching the end. Just in case they don't, Andy does it for them.

Capital offenses

Ep.1-2: Capital offenses

Published: March 3, 2014


In which Andy takes various members of the Survivor: Cagayan cast to task for their egregious strategic stumbles in the premiere episode. By "various" we mean mostly David and Garrett, and yeah, the rest of the Brains tribe, and... okay, yeah, fine: almost all of them.

A dangerous thing

Pre-season: A dangerous thing

Published: February 17, 2014


Andy takes a second pre-season look at the Survivor: Cagayan cast and twists, now including the information included in the Jeff Probst Cast Assessment video, and in the TV Guide Network preview show. Includes Andy's updated cast longevity projections.

Premature articulation

Pre-season: Premature articulation

Published: February 7, 2014


Andy takes an initial pre-season look at Survivor: Cagayan, including projecting how the recently announced cast will fare under the three-tribe Brains/Brawn/Beauty format.

Burnett's bedlam

Caramoan Ep.5 re-print: Burnett's bedlam

Originally published: March 13, 2013, at RHAP


(Archival edition). A re-published form of Andy Baker's analysis of Brandon Hantz's exit from Survivor: Caramoan.

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