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Colby Donaldson
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Rachael Ray
2007-2009: Following various attempts to establish a career as an actor, Colby seems to have settled into the role that originally gained him notoriety: playing himself. Based on IMDb and Google, it appears that Colby has appeared 28+ times as "Colby Donaldson" on the Rachael Ray talk show.

This apparently includes helping with post-hurricane weddings in Houston and describing the merits of rapid beverage coolers. He also gets to call himself Rachael's "buddy." Sweet.

Colby's CBS S8 site bio
February, 2004: CBS's bio for Colby during the ill-advised Survivor: All-Stars season:

"After his success on SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK, Colby Donaldson moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He has guest starred on "Reba" and "Just Shoot Me." He can soon be seen in "Curb Your Enthusiasm." He is also the face of the very popular Schick commercials. In addition to acting, Colby enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with friends.

Originally from Christoval, Texas, Colby was a successful, self-employed custom auto designer and builder living in Dallas before he was cast on SURVIVOR. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in business marketing."
Colby's CBS S2 site bio
February, 2001: CBS's bio for Colby in the Survivor: The Australian Outback season:

"Originally from Christoval, Texas, Colby Donaldson is a successful, self-employed custom auto designer and builder currently living in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in business marketing and began working as a sales representative at an HMO carrier until he decided to leave the security of a successful corporate job to pursue a passion and start his own company.

Donaldson describes himself as imaginative, dedicated and flexible. A competitive athlete, he enjoys water skiing and mountain biking before gathering with friends for a barbecue. When not customizing cars, Donaldson enjoys designing and building furniture. His favorite sport to watch is football, but he prefers to play sand volleyball.

His birth date is April 1, 1974."

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