Tina Scheer - Survivor: Panama - Exile Island

Seasons: 1 | Days played: 3 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 0

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Tina Scheer - Career statistics

Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats Overall stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
S12: Panama 0.00 0.25 0.00 0 3 1 -0.75 0.00 - - - -0.75 0.00
Career 0.00 0.25 0.00 0 3 1 -0.75 0.00 - - - -0.75 0.00


Tina Scheer - Performance ranks

Challenges: MPF percentile


Tribal: VFB% percentile


Tribal: rVAP percentile


Performance ranks are a quick visual measure of the contestant's season vs. historical data from all prior contestants, in three basic (scorable) categories:

1. Performance in individual challenges (MPF), as a measure of "physical game";

2. Ability to vote people out consistently (VFB%, or VFB/TCA), or "strategic game"; and

3. Ability to avoid being voted against (rVAP, or TCA-VAP) - which scales better than a percentage would - for "social/strategic game."

See also: Full glossary for all these abbreviations.


Tina Scheer - Challenge record
S12 logo  S12: Panama challenges

Ep1 IC: 4x4

Tribal/team challenge record (0-for-1):

  • Panama Ep. 1 IC: "4x4" - Older women are third to the puzzle, but fail to solve it (4th/4).


Individual challenge record (0-for-0):

  • Panama: None.


Hero challenge/ duel record (0-for-0):

  • Panama Ep. 1 RC: "Skull Crush" - Did not participate.
Career totals - challenges
Team/tribal challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 1
Win%: 0.00
Sat out: --
Individual challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 0
Win%: --
Mean% Finish: --
Hero challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 0
Win%: --
Mean% Finish: --
Tina Scheer - Tribal Council record
S12 logo  S12: Panama Tribal

Ep1 Tribal Council

Idols held/played (0/0):

  • Panama: None.


VFB - Votes for the person booted (0/1):

  • Panama: None.


VAP - Votes against (3):

  • Panama, Ep. 1: Three votes, from Cirie, Melinda, and Ruth-Marie (voted out, 3-1).


Jury votes made (0/0):

  • Panama: None.
Career totals - Tribal Council
Hidden idols
Found: 0
Played: --
Votes voided: --
Voting record
VFB: 0
Tribals: 1
VAP: 3
Jury votes
Made: 0
For winners: --
Received: --
Tina Scheer - Pictures
S12 logo  S12: Panama image gallery
  • Tina Scheer
    Panama intro shot
  • Tina Scheer
    Panama intro shot
  • Tina Scheer
    Full cast arrival at Exile Island, Day 1
  • Tina Scheer
    With the "older women" tribe
  • Tina Scheer
    The older women don't lose! (Hero challenge)
  • Tina Scheer
    Arrival at Casaya beach
  • Tina Scheer
    Talking about her outdoors background
  • Tina Scheer
    Starting a fire
  • Tina Scheer
    Starting line, Ep1 IC
  • Tina Scheer
    Raft released, heading to the beach
  • Tina Scheer
    Digging up the instructions for the ring puzzle
  • Tina Scheer
    Working the puzzle
  • Tina Scheer
    The losing older women
  • Tina Scheer
    Spending some time alone
  • Tina Scheer
    Talking about her son, Charlie
  • Tina Scheer
    I caught a fish with my bare hands!
  • Tina Scheer
    Casaya, Ep1 Tribal Council
  • Tina Scheer
    Talking to Probst
  • Tina Scheer
    First person voted out of Panama...
  • Tina Scheer
    Snuffed, Day 3 (Episode 1)
Tina Scheer - Interviews
S12 logo  S12: Panama interviews

Pre-game interviews


Post-game interviews

  • Matt Webb Mitovich at TVGuide.com (2/9/06): "Lumberjill Is First Axed on Survivor"
  • SurvivorOz podcast interview (10/13/12): "Tina Scheer Interview"
Tina Scheer - Bio
S12 logo  S12: Panama bio

Official CBS.com Survivor: Panama - Exile Island bio page excerpts (1/9/06):

"The youngest of six children born into a logging sports family, Tina Scheer learned how to log roll in Northern Wisconsin when she was seven years old. She feels all of her childhood memories are good ones and credits her mother for raising six children by herself.

Scheer is the owner of the World Champion Lumberjills, "Chics with Axes," a traveling group of female lumberjacks. She is also owner of The Great Maine Lumberjack Show, which is based in Trenton, Maine. She competes regularly as a lumberjill and is also a logging sports promoter. In addition to touring the country, she has traveled to Australia ten times with her exhibitions. She also traveled to South Africa, Germany and New Zealand. She has been featured in CBS's Challenge of the Sexes, MTV's Real World, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and Women's Sport & Fitness.

After Scheer was accepted to participate in Survivor: Guatemala, her only child, Charlie, 16, was killed in an auto accident one week before she was expected to leave. In spite of this tragedy, Scheer was determined to complete the Survivor adventure that they had started together. She describes herself as outgoing, funny and adventurous. Scheer feels her greatest achievement, apart from the privilege of being Charlie's mom, is promoting women in a man's sport.

Having grown up in the woods, Scheer is most comfortable in the outdoors. She is an avid hiker and biker, kayaks regularly and does X-C skiing.

Scheer currently splits her time between Hayward, Wisconsin, and Trenton, Maine. Her birth date is November 17, 1960."