Sami Layadi - Survivor 43

Seasons: 1 | Days played: 21 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 1

  • Survivor 43 (2022) - 7th place, 12th out - 5th juror.
  • Voted out in Episode 11, "Hiding in Plain Sight" (Day 21).

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Sami Layadi - Career statistics

Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats Overall stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
Survivor 43 0.65 7.65 0.08 5 7 7 0.70 1.82 - - - 0.78 2.47
Career 0.65 7.65 0.08 5 7 7 0.70 1.82 - - - 0.78 2.47


Sami Layadi - Performance ranks

Challenges: MPF percentile


Tribal: VFB% percentile


Tribal: rVAP percentile


Performance ranks are a quick visual measure of the contestant's season vs. historical data from all prior contestants, in three basic (scorable) categories:

1. Performance in individual challenges (MPF), as a measure of "physical game";

2. Ability to vote people out consistently (VFB%, or VFB/TCA), or "strategic game"; and

3. Ability to avoid being voted against (rVAP, or TCA-VAP) - which scales better than a percentage would - for "social/strategic game."

See also: Full glossary for all these abbreviations.


Sami Layadi - Challenge record
Survivor 43 logo  Survivor 43 challenges


Tribal/team challenge record (2-for-8; 2 2nds):

  • Survivor 43, Ep.1 RC: "Crate Wide Open" - Carries first crates for Baka, but Baka loses.
  • Survivor 43, Ep.1 IC: "Freedom of Choice" - Works the table maze with Gabler, Baka loses again (3rd/3).
  • Survivor 43, Ep.2 RC/IC: "Serpent Turf" - Hauls the snake, Baka wins (1st/3).
  • Survivor 43, Ep.3 RC/IC: "Turtle Head" - Retrieves a buoy/key, Baka wins (1st/3).
  • Survivor 43, Ep.4 RC: "Walk Around" - Knocks, walks on blocks; Baka loses.
  • Survivor 43, Ep.4 IC: "Brain Stew" - Crosses obstacles, and Baka doesn't lose (2nd*/3).
  • Survivor 43, Ep.5 RC/IC: "EOC" - Lands all three balls, and Baka doesn't lose (2nd*/3).
  • Survivor 43, Ep.6 RC/IC: "No Quarter" - Part of the losing team.


Crocodile Rock - Ep9 IC

Individual challenge record (0-for-5*; 1 sit-out): (Mean % finish: 45.9%)

  • Survivor 43, Ep.7 IC: "Eve 6" - With Noelle, eliminated in the first stage (tie-9th/12).
  • Survivor 43, Ep.9 RC/IC: "Crocodile Rock" - Last out on blue team (2nd/5).
  • Survivor 43, Ep.10 RC: "Put a Ring On It" - One of seven tossing sandbags when Noelle wins (tie-2nd/8).
  • Survivor 43, Ep.10 IC: "Teeter Tower" - One of seven to not reach the height limit (tie-2nd/8).
  • Survivor 43, Ep.11 IC: "Last Gasp" - Second person to drop out (6th/7).

*Since the Ep8 IC sit-outs were coerced, it was not counted as a ChA


Hero challenge/ duel record (0-for-0):

  • Survivor 43: None.
Career totals - challenges
Team/tribal challenges
Wins: 2
2nd place: 2
Played: 8
Win%: 0.38
Sat out: -
Individual challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 5*
Sat out: 1
Win%: 0.00
Mean% Finish: 45.9%
Hero challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 0
Win%: -
Mean% Finish: -
Sami Layadi - Tribal Council record
Survivor 43  logo  Survivor 43 Tribal

Ep8 Tribal Council

Idols held/played (0/0):

  • Survivor 43: None.


VFB - Votes for the person booted (5/7*):

Tribal Voted Boot (totals) VFB?
Ep1 Morriah Morriah Young (voted out, 5-1) Yes
Ep6 Elie Elie Scott (voted out, 7-2-1-1) Yes
Ep7 Dwight Dwight Moore (voted out, 7-3-2) Yes
Ep8 Jeanine Jeanine Zheng (voted out, 9-2) Yes
Ep9 James James Jones (voted out, 4-1) Yes
Ep10 Karla Noelle Lambert (voted out, 5-2-1) -
Ep11 -* Sami Layadi (voted out, 6-0) -

*Sami played his Shot in the Dark at the Ep11 Tribal (was Not Safe), which counts as a TCA, even though he did not cast a vote.


VAP - Votes against (7):

  • Survivor 43, Ep. 10: One vote, from Noelle.
  • Survivor 43, Ep. 11: Six votes, from Cassidy, Cody, Gabler, Jesse, Karla, and Owen (voted out, 6-0).


Jury votes made (1/1):

  • Survivor 43, Ep. 13: Voted for Mike Gabler, who won, 7-1-0.
Career totals - Tribal Council
Hidden idols
Found: 0
Played: -
Votes voided: -
Voting record
VFB: 5
Tribals: 7
VAP: 7
Jury votes
Made: 1
For winners: 1
Received: -
Sami Layadi - Pictures
Survivor 43 logo  Survivor 43 image gallery
  • Sami Layadi S43
    CBS pre-season interview shot
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Boating in, Day 1
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Opening sequence confessional
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Greeting Probst
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Watching Jeanine try to retrieve the key, Ep1 RC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Revealing the trick in the Savvy task
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Time for intros
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Gabler has an idol
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Table maze-ing with Gabler, Ep1 IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Talking about the vote
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Baka, Ep1 Tribal
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Listening to Morriah
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep2 RC/IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Watching the puzzle stage
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Baka wins!
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep3 RC/IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Baka wins again!
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Complaining about Gabler's palm-frond "blanket," Ep4
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Crossing the course, Ep4 RC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Watching the puzzle stage, Ep4 IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Chatting with Gabler, Ep5
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Rolling balls, Ep5 IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Jeanine lost her vote at the Dilemma
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Merge-ish time, Ep6
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Teams drawn, Ep6 IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Watching the puzzle stage
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Talking to Elie
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Trying to rein in Gabler
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Not-merge tribe, Ep6 Tribal
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Talking to Probst
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Waiting for Noelle, Ep7 IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Deal-making with Karla
  • Sami Layadi S43
    James just fished an advantage out of the well
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Dwight starts the idol/advantage shuffling
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Gaia, Ep7 Tribal
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Listening to James
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Explaining his Dwight vote to Jeanine, Ep8
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Opting out of the Ep8 IC for rice
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Gaia, Ep8 Tribal
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Talking to Probst
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Starting line, Ep9 IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Telling Karla the vote is on James
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Blue team, Ep9 Tribal
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep10 RC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Noelle wins!
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Reward feasting at the Sanctuary
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Plus letters from home!
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Stacking tiles, Ep10 IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Unintentionally part of Jesse's scheme
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Gaia, Ep10 Tribal
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Listening to Noelle
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Not thrilled to be out of the loop, Ep11
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep11 IC
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Last Gasp-ing
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Gaia, Ep11 Tribal
  • Sami Layadi S43
    I'm playing my Shot in the Dark tonight, Jeff!
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Following through
  • Sami Layadi S43
    So much for that idea
  • Sami Layadi S43
    12th person voted out, fifth member of the jury ...
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Snuffed, Day 21 (Episode 11)
  • Sami Layadi S43
    With the jury, Final Tribal
  • Sami Layadi S43
    Finalists plus jury, After Show
Sami Layadi - Interviews
Survivor 43 logo  Survivor 43 interviews

Pre-game interviews

  • Mike Bloom at (9/3/22): "Pet Cremator Sami Layadi Has Insecurities Behind a 'Self-Centered' First Impression"
  • Rob Cesternino & Mike Bloom at RHAP (9/9/22): "Survivor 43 | Baka Tribe Castaway Preview"


Post-game interviews

  • Dalton Ross at (12/1/22): "Sami Layadi says he fell victim to the Cassidy Curse on Survivor 43"
  • Mike Bloom at (12/1/22): "Sami Layadi Explains Why He Never Went After Cody and Jesse"
  • Rob Cesternino at RHAP (12/1/22): "Survivor 43 | Exit Interview with the Twelfth Player Voted Out"
Sami Layadi - Bio
Survivor 43  logo  Survivor 43 bio

Official CBS Survivor 43 bio excerpts (expected August, 2022):

(Still none as of 10/8/22. But available at

"Favorite hobbies: Sports, fitness, journaling

3 words to describe you: Unpredictable, tenacious, indecisive

Pet peeve(s): Excuses, laziness, being woken up before noon on weekends

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Probably getting my Eagle Scout, because I struggled mightily with completing merit badges and often took 3-4 classes just to get them. To finally receive it made me very proud of myself.

What is something we would never know from looking at you? My background is very culturally diverse with my father being an immigrant from Morocco.

Which past Survivor will you play the game most like? Kelley Wentworth. What I admire and take away from Wentworth's game is that she never gave up until her torch was snuffed, and even when she was clearly in the bottom, she not only found ways to climb up, but she made everybody think that she was oblivious and not smart enough to foil the foolproof plan they had.

Why do you believe you can be the Sole Survivor? Because I do not allow myself to not know what is going on with those around me. I am too conversationally and emotionally experienced with people to be unaware of my standing in the game at all times, and I am too determined and hungry to get comfortable. Everybody that I meet grows a heart on their sleeve after I speak with them for 20 minutes, and my competitors on the island will be no different."

CBS's "Meet Sami" pre-season tweet: