Sally Schumann - Survivor: Panama - Exile Island

Seasons: 1 | Days played: 24 | Wins: 0 | Jury: 1

  • Survivor 12: Panama - Exile Island (2006) - 8th place, 9th out - 2nd juror.
  • Sent to Exile Island one time. Cumulative time: In-game - 23 days; Exile - 1 day.
  • Voted out in Episode 9, "Fight for Your Life or Ear" (Day 24).

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Sally Schumann - Career statistics

Challenge stats Tribal council stats Jury stats Overall stats
Season ChW ChA ChW% VFB VAP TCA TC% wTCR JVF TotJ JV% SurvSc SurvAv
S12: Panama 1.46 5.34 0.27 1 8 5 0.16 0.47 - - - 0.43 1.93
Career 1.46 5.34 0.27 1 8 5 0.16 0.47 - - - 0.43 1.93


Sally Schumann - Performance ranks

Challenges: MPF percentile


Tribal: VFB% percentile


Tribal: rVAP percentile


Performance ranks are a quick visual measure of the contestant's season vs. historical data from all prior contestants, in three basic (scorable) categories:

1. Performance in individual challenges (MPF), as a measure of "physical game";

2. Ability to vote people out consistently (VFB%, or VFB/TCA), or "strategic game"; and

3. Ability to avoid being voted against (rVAP, or TCA-VAP) - which scales better than a percentage would - for "social/strategic game."

See also: Full glossary for all these abbreviations.


Sally Schumann - Challenge record
S12 logo  S12: Panama challenges

Ep5 IC: Buried at Sea

Tribal/team challenge record (7-for-12):

  • Panama Ep. 1 IC: "4x4" - Younger women are first to the puzzle, and win (1st/4).
  • Panama Ep. 2 RC: "A Reptile Dysfunction" - Crosses obstacles, and La Mina wins.
  • Panama Ep. 2 IC: "Anchor Management" - Helps bail, La Mina wins.
  • Panama Ep. 3 RC: "Cross Fire" - Makes no catches, but La Mina wins again, 5-4.
  • Panama Ep. 3 IC: "Battle Dig" - Part of two point-losing teams; La Mina loses, 3-2.
  • Panama Ep. 4 RC: "Puzzle Paranoia" - La Mina can't solve their puzzle, loses.
  • Panama Ep. 4 IC: "Sea Level Tree Level" - Seconds late pouring water, La Mina loses.
  • Panama Ep. 5 RC: "For Cod's Sake" - Catches and tosses fish, but La Mina loses.
  • Panama Ep. 5 IC: "Buried at Sea" - Works the puzzle with Austin, La Mina wins.
  • Panama Ep. 6 RC/IC: "In-Cog-Neato" - Slow working the puzzle with Dan; La Mina loses.
  • Panama Ep. 8 RC: "Rock the Boat" - With Aras and Bruce on the winning team (1st/3).
  • Panama Ep. 9 RC: "Get Hooked" - With Terry, Courtney, Bruce on the winning team.


Ep8 IC: Ups and Downs

Individual challenge record (0-for-3): (Mean % finish: 70.0%)

  • Panama Ep. 7 IC: "Vampire Bats" - Fourth person to drop out, at 10 min. (7th/10).
  • Panama Ep. 8 IC: "Ups and Downs" - Barely loses in final round, to Terry (2nd/9).
  • Panama Ep. 9 IC: "Marine Memory" - Had a guess ready, but Terry is first (tie-2nd/8).


Hero challenge/ duel record (0-for-0):

  • Panama Ep. 1 RC: "Skull Crush" - Does not participate.
Career totals - challenges
Team/tribal challenges
Wins: 7
Played: 12
Win%: 0.58
Sat out: --
Individual challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 3
Win%: 0.00
Mean% Finish: 70.0%
Hero challenges
Wins: 0
Played: 0
Win%: --
Mean% Finish: --
Sally Schumann - Tribal Council record
S12 logo  S12: Panama Tribal

Ep7 Tribal Council

Idols held/played (0/0):

  • Panama: None.


VFB - Votes for the person booted (1/5):


VAP - Votes against (8):

  • Panama, Ep. 4: Two votes, from Dan and Ruth Marie.
  • Panama, Ep. 9: Six votes, from Aras, Danielle, Cirie, Shane, Courtney, and Bruce (voted out, 6-2).


Jury votes made (1/1):

Career totals - Tribal Council
Hidden idols
Found: 0
Played: --
Votes voided: --
Voting record
VFB: 1
Tribals: 5
VAP: 8
Jury votes
Made: 1
For winners: 1
Received: --
Sally Schumann - Pictures
S12 logo  S12: Panama image gallery
  • Sally Schumann
    Panama intro shot
  • Sally Schumann
    Panama intro shot
  • Sally Schumann
    Getting boated in to Exile
  • Sally Schumann
    Full cast arrival at Exile Island, Day 1
  • Sally Schumann
    With the "younger women" tribe
  • Sally Schumann
    The losing younger women, Ep1 Hero RC
  • Sally Schumann
    Arrival at the short-lived Bayoneta beach
  • Sally Schumann
    Courtney finds a dead sea turtle
  • Sally Schumann
    Questioning Courtney's priorities
  • Sally Schumann
    Pre-challenge lineup, Ep1 IC
  • Sally Schumann
    Starting line
  • Sally Schumann
    Raft released, heading to the beach
  • Sally Schumann
    Younger women win!
Sally Schumann - Interviews
S12 logo  S12: Panama interviews

Pre-game interviews


Post-game interviews

  • Polly Leider at (4/13/06): "Survivor: Sally Strikes Out"
  • "People Staff" at (4/17/06): "Survivor: Panama's Sally"
Sally Schumann - Bio
S12 logo  S12: Panama bio

Official Survivor: Panama - Exile Island bio page excerpts (1/9/06):

"Born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, Sally Schumann spent a lot of time outdoors. She attended Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she played midfield on the women's soccer team and earned her Bachelor's Degree in social work. She spent the last four years employed as a social worker and varsity girl's soccer coach at Buffalo High School in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Sally describes herself as compassionate, competitive and funny. The accomplishment she is proudest of is having trained for and completed her first marathon last summer. Her favorite sports to watch include baseball and hockey. She enjoys many outdoor activities, such as fishing, camping and playing broomball. Reading, listening to music and spending time with friends and her dog, Darby, rank among her other pleasures. Photography is her greatest passion; a day spent behind her camera is a day well spent.

Survivor and The Amazing Race are the television shows Schumann never misses. A huge Survivor fan, she has applied for the show a total of five times. This was the first time she made it to the semifinals. Schumann believes she has a great shot at winning because she is determined and competitive, and she enjoys building relationships with people. She draws strength and inspiration from her older sister, whom she admires more than anyone else.

Schumann recently went through a divorce and is currently dating her best friend. She currently lives in Chicago, where she works as a waitress and bartender. Her birth date is December 10, 1978."