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Jury Jeopardy - EoE


Finale time already?! Wow. But... there are still 16 players active!


Oh well, we're duty bound to continue this Jury Jeopardy tradition. After all, we eventually have to out-predict our fellow writers at Reality Blurred, the RHAP blogs, Inside Survivor, and A Tribe of One, right? Regression to the mean, and all that? Anyway, rather than regurgitating the somewhat complicated rules here, feel free to look back at our past predictions:



So are you ready for the Edge of Extinction edition of these predictions? In light of people objecting to potential spoilers (such as who was voted out last episode), we've hidden this year's content in the box below. Simply click to read on.


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    "Dude, are you freaking kidding me? You've got to be out of your mind bro if you think anyone seriously has the time to sit down and think about how sixteen jury votes could go, what, like fifteen different ways? Oh yeah, I can do math too. The Wardog's not the only Rain Man around here who can crunch some lame numbers, okay?


    This whole Jeopardy thing's stupid anyway. What's the point? Obviously it's me that's coming back in the game and winning dude, and I will dropkick anyone who disagrees. I've been living on the freaking Edge of Extinction this whole damn time and all those Edgicers or whatever out there have been all, "Oooh, I think the winner's Rick! Or is it Lauren? Maybe it's Victoria!" Uhhh, listen dude. It's not any of those losers. It's freaking Reem.


    It's not Joe. It's not Aubry. It's not any of them. It's me. I'm winning. This is my season. I'm the one who's had to live on this shite island the longest so, therefore, I deserve to win. That's just the way it is. I don't care who the hell is in the final three or who the hell is on the jury – the money's going to me, man. If you don't think so, then you're lame, dude. Freaking. Lame."


So there you have it. See you in S39!


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