It's Kind of a Funny Story - Dan Otsuki's Survivor: Game Changers recapss

Fast takes from an airport in Newark


Hello, my friends. So, as my last post indicated, I’ve spent all week touring law schools. As I’m now about to start my work week, I had unfortunately little time to write a full post. As such, I thought I’d give y’all some fast takes whilst I sit here on a short layover in the Newark Airport. Sorry it ain’t more substantial, but I hope y’all enjoy anyway!


  • THAT is the Survivor editing I remember. The predictable, short-term villain went home, idols/advantages were found left, right, and center, and all is seemingly right going into the Merge.

  • I know I’m way behind the curve in saying this, but it deserves to be reiterated: this is one of the, if not the, best pre-Merge groups Survivor has ever seen. I hope that doesn’t sully the post-Merge play, but yeah.

  • If it wasn’t clear by this point, Chelsea isn’t winning. I truly believe she had a lot more to do with the Bradley boot than the edit let on, but Dom seemed to be the one making the decision, editing-wise. Sorry, Chelsea. If they don’t include that, you ain’t the Sole Survivor. It doesn’t help that you were absent from everything for the first few episodes, either.


Dom makes new plans


  • On a similar note, I am liking Dom more and more. His willingness to change things up, no matter how much it might not have been ideal for his game, shows a moral backbone I appreciate. After all, he’s gonna boot Chris this week. And although I’ll be sad to see my favorite male model get snuffed, I’m down with Dom continuing on.

  • Donathan is going far, but he’s not winning. Yes, I know, I’m behind on this claim as well, but did y’all see Wendell’s edit this week????? He’s got to be the forefront winner edit right now.

  • I don’t think it’s fair to call Michaela’s not-found advantage cursed. Namely, even if Michaela had had it, she couldn’t have saved herself AND Sarah didn’t need to play it to ensure she went home. Why not use Fishbach’s? I should hold that thought, however. There’s still plenty of time for more vote-based advantages to rear their heads.


Jason's stick


  • Jason’s stick... damn. Glad that’s back, and I LOVE it. Also, all the stuff about it maturing... that’s pretty funny.

  • Erik’s necklace... I feel it was a wasted opportunity to just make it an idol. Do something creative!!! At least make it an idol you HAVE to give away. That’d be pretty funny, right?

  • Final thought: boot this week. If traditional editing is be believed, Chris has to be the obvious choice. While there’s been a lot of abnormal editing this season, last episode seemed to go back to modern Survivor’s roots, and given the Dom/ Chris feud coming to a head, short of immunity, Chris is toast. If not, I fear Sea Bass might be an unfortunate casualty.






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