highwire - eastbay indiepop
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Main Entry: highwire
Pronunciation: 'hI-"wI(-&)r

Function: adjective
Date: 1956
1: involving great risk <a financial highwire act>
2: daring <highwire prose>

Function: noun
3: an indiepop band <highwire are a 100% eastbay asian trio>
former members of san francisco's opium (phil and matt) and san diego's jasper rine (eric) came together at the end of 2002 sharing a common need to create fast poppy and slow moody music. snappy melodies and good tunes.
keywords: sleepyhead, small factory, wedding present...you know, the usual. every song they play is about the same thing. and just what might that be? you'll have to listen to them to find out.

highwire proudly endorses santa's, best quality ramen in san mateo.
eric lai - guitar, vocals

eric matt phil