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Here's where old, outmoded spoilers go to die.  Some are true, some make it here even before being officially disproven.  Please read:

(1) The "new" Amber-Elisabeth Final Two HTML spoiler
(2) The original HTML spoiler
(3) The finally passe "Uncle Camerman" hoax
(4) The infamous "Edina Lester" spoiler
(5) The Ogakor Final Five Rumor
(6) The CBS "post-production" Claim
(7) Rodger Falls Off A Horse, Breaks Collarbone
(8) The "Ultimate Spoiler" from Survivor Insider (oh please)
(9) The "Seraphaem" boot order and web of creative lies
(10) The Boston Herald/Elisabeth Spoiler
(11) The Colby-Nick Las Vegas loose lips spoiler
(12) The Kangaroo Dan/Survivor BillyBob spoiler
(13) The "reunion" / "jury" pictures
(14) The "Jesus" / Dan & Scott boot order

The Elisabeth Final Four Spoiler, from the Boston Herald (right, then wrong)

In February, the Boston Herald claimed that local fave Elisabeth made the final four.  Click here for the full story. We didn't believe this at the time, but it's starting to look fairly likely.  Plus, they did correctly predict Alicia's ousting, then Jerri's boot, then Nick's, then Amber's (although so did we).  Maybe they have, as they claim, an inside source?

Well, apparently not, as they picked Keith for Episode 13. But Elisabeth did go exactly to the Final Four, and no farther.

The Colby-Nick Las Vegas loose lips spoiler, from Star100.7's (ugh) Jeff and Jer (misleading)

Star100.7 in San Diego is one of the lamest radio stations in America.  And their morning drive-time DJs, "Jeff and Jer" are horrifically lacking in entertainment value, even by Star's already-abysmal standards.  Somehow, these morons got their hands on the photo below, sent in by one of their listeners (one of the women in the photo).  The woman claims to have met the three survivors at the Paris, Las Vegas casino on the weekend of March 31st, and asked Nick and Colby (now referred to as "they") where they went after getting voted off.  "They" pointed to Mitchell, and said "HE got to go to a resort, but we had to go to a ranch."  Colby and Nick then looked at each other, apparently wondering if they had slipped up, and said something they weren't supposed to.  If real, this suggests that Colby is not in the Final 2.  Also, since they are now hanging out together, they must have had a chance to bond, perhaps at the ranch, suggesting they were voted out in close proximity to each other (either that, or they got buddy-buddy at the Barramundi camp without visibly communicating).

Thankfully, just because Jeff and Jer are mongoloid bottom-feeders, this one looks pretty useless now.

The Kangaroo Dan / Survivor BillyBob spoiler (fake)

This is a well-made Flash movie that purports to spill the remaining Survivor beans.  For those gullible enough to believe anything you see on the internet, we'll point out (after directing you to the motto of the True Dork Times: "If it's on the internet, it must be true") that the creation date was Friday, April 6th, placing it the week before Amber's booting.

As per the request of the creators, we won't link you directly to the movie. If you want to see it, contact us here, and we'll send you the link.  However, there's no express directive against telling you the remaining boot order: Ep. 12: Rodger; Ep. 13: Colby; Ep. 14: Elisabeth; Final vote winner: Keith.

As far as its spoiler value goes, this is now dead. So long. "Seraphaem" later took credit for it. He/she can gave it.

The "reunion," or supposed "jury," picture (probably real)

This showed up in several places (several of the online Survivor elite received it by email... note that we are not among such elite) shortly after Amber's departure in Episode 11. What it shows is clearly some sort of party, involving all of the booted Survivors through Ep. 11, plus Elisabeth and Rodger (Jerri is seated, Alicia is wearing the hat; the two women on the right are not from the show). This has been extensively discussed on Voted Off, among other places, and there do appear to be some sort of retouching anomalies around Rodger and Nick.

It does look like a real photo, though. As diligent sleuths have pointed out, the salt shaker says "Saxa Salt," an Australian brand.  This places the party in Australia. And now, it looks like it might as well be real, because it correctly shows the jury.

The "Jesus" / Dan & Scott boot order (fake)

Dan & Scott have this online radio show on  We tried listening once, and it was moderately interesting for a few minutes, but was stretched out for an hour.  Anyway, they have a Survivor informant named "Jesus."  Jesus claims to be one of six screenwriters collectively known as the "TV apostles," who are doing their best to destroy reality TV and protect their jobs (there is a screenwriters' guild strike looming, along with a Screen Actors' Guild one).  Apparently, Mark Burnett (aka Evil Pecker Mark Burnett, or EPMB) exclusively uses foreign, non-union filming and production crews for his shows, which also rubs the screenwriters the wrong way.  We're not sure if "Seraphaem" is also an Apostle, but it's possible.

Anyway, Jesus accurately predicted Amber's boot on the Tuesday before it happened (emphatically, as well).  He had a 16.7% chance of doing so, so this is nothing spectacular.  He has gone on to give the following boot order, presumably stolen from the depths of EPMB vaults (full boot order given on the afternoon of April 18th, 2001):

Episode 12: Rodger
Episode 13: Colby
Episode 14-1: Elisabeth
Overall winner: Tina, over Keith in a landslide.

Frankly, "Jesus" seems to be going to great lengths to establish credibility for his predictions. That's because they were wrong.

The New Amber-Elisabeth Final Two HTML Spoiler (bogus)

First, a little history: We discovered Wednesday morning, March 14th (before Episode 8), while trying to duplicate the Episode 8 "Look quick" bug/hoax, in which (on the Tuesday before Ep. 8) the table of TC votes showed everyone voting for Colby (including Colby himself).  So we clicked on a Survivor's photo, and then looked at the source code on their Biography page... and saw "commented out" text for Jerri.  Then Alicia.  Then Colby, Rodger, Keith, Tina and Nick.  Everyone except Amber and Elisabeth, just like the original HTML spoiler.

This is a weird one, though.  For reasons we can't figure out, it ONLY works if you read the Bio page AFTER coming from the Tribal Council Votes table.  here's a step-by-step way to do this:

(1) Go to the CBS site's voting history table.
(2) Click on the pictures along the left-hand side of any remaining survivor.  This will take you to their "Biography" page.
(3) View the source code ("View" menu, "Page source" in Netscape).  Scroll down about 75% of the way.  If you're looking at Tina, for example, you will see this: (Picture deleted, no one cares, it was bogus).

The blue text above is a block of code for the buttons above Tina's picture - taking you to her photos, video, voting history, etc.  These are all visible on the page as buttons.  The black, italicized text is also for buttons: Final Words, and Final Chat.  These have been "commented out" and do not code for visible buttons, but theoretically could be quickly made to do so, simply by deleting the comment marks at each end (which look like <--! and -->).

If you do this from the links above, it will work for everyone left except Amber and Elisabeth.  NOTE: If you just go to the CBS site, click on a Survivor, and view the source, the comments are missing.  But again, if you do it in the order above, they're there.  We have no idea why this is.

So what does this mean?  We think nothing.  It's apparent Ogakor will continue voting the Kuchas off one by one, so Lis cannot be in the final two.  This is just Mark Burnett's way of getting people's hopes up, to keep them watching.  The code was put there for a reason, but we highly doubt that the CBS coders know who the final two are, and if they did, that they would advertise it like this.

And we were, eventually, right.

Updated history:
(1) The commented-out code first showed up on the bio pages sometime before the morning of Wednesday, March 14th. Of the then-remaining 9 survivors, all had the code but Elisabeth and Amber.  We posted it on's message board on the 14th.  In retrospect, it appears found this on the 13th, but they didn't post it until the 15th...
(2) Alicia was voted off on Episode 8, the night of the 14th.
(3) The next morning, March 15th, Alicia's final words are now visible.  She still has commented-out code for her "Final Chat" button, the chat not being scheduled until the next day.  Commented-out code is still missing from Amber and Elisabeth's pages.
(4) Afternoon, Friday, March 16th: code shows up on Amber and Elisabeth's bio pages.  Now _all_ the remaining survivors have this spurious "hidden" code.

We think this closes the book on it.  Not that we won't keep checking the CBS site for other "errors".

The Missing Names/Final Two Spoiler (also a hoax)

This occurred shortly after Jeff was voted off on Episode 7.  On his Final Words and Final Chat pages, commented-out code for the Final Words and Final Chat pages of all the remaining Survivors was visible in the source code - except, again, Amber and Elisabeth.  This was rectified, again, within a couple of days. has a complete description of the whole thing (including an uncredited account of the "new" HTML spoiler, here.

But Amber's not in the final two, so this one bites the dust.

The "uncle camerman" four spolier (a very slowly-dying, but now dead, fake):

This was posted BEFORE Episode 7 on's Survivor Spoilers board, and was attributed to someone who had a relative at CBS/Survivor crew, etc. The original post has since disappeared, but board moderator Beef Jerky correctly recalled the timing and attribution, and the original poster seems to have been ChicagoSurvivor, claiming an "uncle who was a cameraman" told the story.  Could it be real? Well, it correctly described in detail the events of Episodes 7 and 8, so it deserves at least an open mind. OTOH, while it got the "shocking" outcome of Episode 9 correct, the description is completely bogus.  We thought it was most likely a lucky guess.  And it was.  But it sure got a lot of people all hot and bothered.

Someone posted this a couple weeks ago and so far it is correct!

When the tribes merdge, Jeff and Colby are tied with votes. They vote again and their tied. So
Survivor rules say that who had the most votes before tonight gets voted off. That would be Jeff. So Jeff is Voted off in ep.7

ALICIA goes next due to the ogakors trying to do a pick of Kucha 1 by 1 thing, but... her and liz do alot of detective work before she goes and they find the cracks. Alicia goes and it seems that they didnt do good and it was gonna continue as 1 by 1

Then, Keith and rodger were talking alot and it scares jerri, she thinks she is next, so jerri trys to get liz to join her as well as nick, but she gets lied to by a smart liz who is with rodger and jerri dosnt see this. keith, rodger, liz and nick eliminate Jerri in ep. 9

Then in episode 10, Keith is now hated by amber who knows she is dead meat now. she gets colby to join her and they try to get nick, which they get, but... keith, tina, rodger, and liz are solid and they rid of nick due when they find this out. they go to get colby, but he wins immunity. nick is gone

episode 11 - the keith, rodger, liz, tina combo is strong as ever and they are on a roll, in the immunity, colby, amber, and tina are the last three remaining in the immunity challenge and it is to the fact where whichever of the 2 of colby or amber looses is gone, but tina wins, so its open game. Colby is next booted and he says before he leaves tribal council "when a texan gets outsmarted, dont mess with him, or texas" which is kinda a sore looser bit.

 episode 12 - would be the obvious of amber going, but she wins immunity in suprising fashion, and due to it, she votes for tina to go. the alliance with tina, keith, liz and rodger know one of them is gone and they go back to basics. amber, helping herself, persuades liz and rodger to vote tina and they do. Tina is gone

Final Four is Amber, Rodger, Liz, And Keith

The Edina Lester final four spoiler, from the Survivor Spoilers messageboard (fake)

The following e-mail was posted on the "Survivor Spoilers" message board, prior to Episode 8.  It was later revealed to be a hoax by several means: Several diligent sleuths made e-mail contact with the supposed Ms. Lester, and got the names of these supposed "journalists."  None of the names were real.  Much later, the hoaxster himself gloatingly pulled back the curtain.  The following is all false, but was based on a few actual events (Tym the Yowieman did fly over the set, and dropped chocolate bars).


It may be a big secret over here in the states about who's left standing on Survivor II, but in Australia it's a well-spoken secret that many journalists already know due to corporate-sponsored news fly-overs of the encampment where it was filmed. Since the press is not bound by signed agreements, they're free to report it if they choose to do so. Up until now they've kept it quiet, but they're not obliged to honor any secrecy.

Thanks to my husbands writer friend who works out of NSW for the Sydney Morning Herald, he readily told my husband when asked which 7 contestants were left in the camp after the merge. He also mentioned something that my husband didn't ask for - who the final four were when the last fly-over was done in mid-November.

This may be considered the biggest spoiler in the U.S., so if you don't want to know who's left in the standing in 7 and the final 4  please don't read this any further.

Okay, you were warned. Here goes. According to the journalist he talked to, the 7 contestants that could be seen from the air were 3 men (identified now as Colby, Keith, Nick) and 4 women (identified as Amber, Jerri, Tina, Elisabeth). The ones missing are Alicia and Rodger.  He didn't know which ones were taken off in particular order.  Now the big one! The final 4 that were spotted near the water  after 3 fly-overs by separate news organizations were 1 man and 3 women positively identified as contestants Keith, Amber, Jerri, Tina. The ones missing are (Colby, Nick, Elisabeth).

Edina Lester

The Ogakor Final Five Rumor, from the Survivor Spoilers messageboard (fake)

In the interest of equal time, if we can believe Elisabeth has a big mouth and doesn't mind a gigantic lawsuit from Mark Burnett Productions and CBS, why not suspend our disbelief to include Amber? This was posted 3/20/01, by someone calling herself Brightonchik, on the Spoilers board, shockingly, by someone who registered that day.  Clearly, it's now impossible.  Not even worthy of a "nice try."

All right, before you rip this apart let me say upfront that the source of this potential huge spoiler is a bitter girl in Pennsylvania. She was allegedly the girlfriend to Amber's brother until very recently, when some other girl got in the way or something like that and they broke up. Now she's out to get the guy and was blabbing this in a CompuServe (?) chat room over the St. Patrick's Day weekend.
Amber couldn't keep what happened on the show a secret from her immediate family, and her brother confided this to the now-ex-girlfriend:
According to the source, the final five is all Ogakor. Don't know what order the remaining Kuchas get eliminated, but they all go. And something modestly bad apparently does go down between Jerri and Amber, though the girl barely addressed it.
Anyway, when it gets down to the final five Jerri is voted out 3-2 when Colby swings to Keith and Tina ? much to Jerri's dismay, but not a big surprise to Amber. Then Amber is knocked out when she just loses immunity to Tina, and the final three are Tina, Keith and Colby.
Keith wins the last immunity and votes out Colby. Then Keith wins the jury vote over Tina, 4-3. Source says Jerri and Amber were at odds by then, though they did discuss who to give the money to. Jerri blamed Tina for swinging Colby away from her and said she "Held my nose and voted for Keith." Amber said she voted for Keith because he ended up winning more immunities than anybody else, but she had nothing against Tina. Colby apparently voted for Tina. No word on how the Kucha jury votes fell, but if you do the math, they apparently split, 2-2.
Questions abound, but who knows? I mean, does Amber even have a brother?

The CBS "post-production" claim (yup, also fake)

This one showed up on the Survivorsucks spoiler board on March 26th, by someone called "cbshascrappybenefits".  Since claims like these (my father/brother/uncle is a cameraman/boom mic operator...) are a dime a dozen, generally we ignore them wholeheartedly.  While we appreciated the overall cranky tone, it was quickly made obsolete by Jerri's ouster.

Burnett can bite me, here's the skinny...

i recently quit working at a CBS contracted post-production studio. we did some work on the surv2 dailies as well as the rough cut. we didn't actually do mix, sync, or any work on the final cut. but regardless, i've seen all the footage. (btw, everyone involved in production, as well as all the cast members, get $35,000 bonuses plus 4% of your scheduled shoot pay if the winner stays a secret - why do you think no one ever lets it get out?) anyway, i could care less as no one will believe this post and it won't get any publicity and everyone will still cashout. i'm just sick of reading all the crap on this silly message things.

blah blah blah this will happen or that will happen blah blah blah. enough you lying kids, here:


and if you're too stupid to figure out what that means, maybe you don't deserve to know.

The following was added the next day, after a hailstorm of flaming on the board. The coffin immunity challenge sounded about as likely as the "marco polo on horseback" challenge, and was barbecued on a spit.

OK OK OK i will give you some of the "specific" blah blah information you want. i can tell you this.. the final challenge thing (with C/T/K) is an endurance test. each of them has to lay inside what looks like a bamboo coffin. it's above ground but very small. the last person to stay in the coffin thing wins the final immunity. they cannot see the other 2 people while they are laying inside it. after 49 hours (yes forty nine) colby quits making tina the winner. keith had quit after about 35 hours or so. tina votes off keith and has the final vote with colby where she wins it all. what you people dont know (and you'll love it because it's hilarious) is how shocked jerri is when she gets voted off and how angry amber is with colby in the days afterward because he lied and led them on so much. as for why tina would vote keith off, you should know this by what they've already aired. colby and tina were an alliance from the very beginning. they made promises to each other. and for tina, it was a smart move to go up against colby anyway (aside from the promise) because jerri and amber were pissed at him for lying and would vote against him, along with most of the kuchas for how cocky he was when jeff was booted - which meant the end for the kuchas.

Rodger Falls Off a Horse, Breaks Collarbone

The rumor that refused to die. We're pretty sure this started due to a couple of suspect press stories.  First, in January, the LA Times shamelessly ran a hopelessly inaccurate story saying a survivor rode a horse and fell off of it.  Included in this fanciful tale (which covers the first 7 episodes of the show, up to the merge) is the claim that more men than women merged (they were even), that there was a frantic canoe race, and that they catch snakes! Additionally,  the New York Post claimed 63-year-old man was whisked from the SII set after falling off a horse and breaking his collarbone (amid a list of completely wrong cast predicitions).  Starry-eyed Survivor fans believed that this was really 53-year-old Rodger.  In fact, it was most likely a hired bush guide, who was patrolling the perimeter of the set, to keep out prying press.

This all started again when Paratrooper from ellipsiiis posted a picture on their Photo Evidence archive, showing two guys on horseback. It's possible it came from Ep11, but more likely that this and the two other accompanying pictures (which have Survivor-style text - "Outwit", "Outlast," "Outplay") were from the Eco-Challenge. It's not Survivor! Give it up!

The Ultimate Spoiler from Survivor_Insider

This was originally posted by Survivor_Insider on 4/6/01.  SI allegedly had correctly predicted the boots and ICs of Episodes 8-10 (well, the boots were pretty easy, but...).  The post is here.  The Ep11 scenario seemed pretty solid, but was completely wrong. S/he should be embarassed.

Okay, this is a solid Immunity/Boot list. No plot details, because the plotlines I am told about never seem to show up in that lovely manipulative editing.

EP. 11 --Tina wins Immunity --Colby is booted

Ep. 12 --Amber wins Immunity --Tina is booted

FINAL FOUR: Amber, Elisabeth, Keith, Rodger

Ep. 13 --Elisabeth wins Immunity --Amber is booted

Ep. 14 --Elisabeth wins final Immunity --FINAL TWO: Elisabeth and Rodger (Liz votes Keith)

RODGER BINGHAM announced as winner of "Survivor: The Australian Outback" in a special live telecast from the Tribal Council set in Australia. This will be a reunion of all 16, as well as the final votes being counted.


The Seraphaem boot order and web of creative lies

This one creatuvely appeared in pieces between Good Friday and Easter Sunday (i.e. right after Amber's boot in Ep. 11) on the SurvivorSucks EZ board. We werealready suspicious, since the poster: (1) registered two days earlier, and (2) apparently does not know how to spell "seraphim." The "details" from Ep12 were all clearly taken from the CBS previews, and even included some hot topics from the discussion boards (people thought Tina was holding darts at the RC). But the IC was completely wrong.  "Seraphaem" apologized (sorta) the day after Ep12, and admitted it was a hoax, then claimed s/he was Survivor BillyBob.  Since they both use the same website now, this may be true.The posts are below, and an update follows.
Episode 12: HE will guide you to the key for episode twelve...
The argument between Colby & Keith about cooking too much rice is an undercurrent of the real problem: why Keith broke ranks at the previous tribal council. They will face off in private as to why Colby was left out of the loop. The original plan is once again revisited.  But quietly, Colby has other plans for Keith just down the road.

Rodger's search of the immediate grounds proves fruitful: some of the fishing equipment that was lost in the flood is now found. Tina and Elisabeth chat. Elisabeth is being charmed by a new alliance, but will old kindships be broken?

Pre-reward: messages from home. All members get to sample their prospective video, but one who wins the challenge get something heartwarming..
Reward Challenge: the key is to be "on target." Prize: a day away from camp with a special loved one.
Winner: Tina.

Immunity Challenge: the key is to "recover" what is needed.  Prize: immunity necklace.
Winner: Elisabeth.

Tribal council: focus is placed on both Rodger and Colby. Rodger is voted out 3 to 2.
Voting record is as follows: for Colby (Elisabeth, Rodger); for Rodger (Tina, Keith, Colby).

Episode 13: ...And The Mighty Shall Fall
The day after the departure of Rodger, and his quick dispatch to the awaiting jury, the struggle for trust amongst the Ogakor Alliance has all but disappeared. We will see Tina in a new light. Colby has a frustrating time both in the water and with bad news from home. Keith and Elisabeth come to terms with what was left behind by Rodger.

The tribe is frustrated about not catching fish. Elisabeth talks with Tina about an offer from 2 days ago. Jeff Probst makes a special visit to Barramundi camp with important news regarding the lack of rice a second time. The news is not good.

Reward Challenge: The key to this reward is "floatation"  Prize: Overnight stay in hotel, dinner, drinks. A famous visitor awaits.
Winner: Keith (Colby disqualified)

While Keith is away at his reward, Colby tries to forge a new alliance with Tina and Elisabeth against Keith. They all agree they will vote out Keith at tribal council pending he doesn't win immunity.

Immunity Challenge: The key to this is "mental ability".  Prize: Immunity necklace.
Winner: Elisabeth.

Tribal council: Focus is placed on Keith. Tina asked about female alliance. Colby is voted out 3 to 1.
Voting record is as follows: for Colby (Elisabeth, Keith, Tina); for Keith (Colby).

Seraphaem update (April 29, 2001) Seraphaem has been very busy over the last few days, putting together yet another Flash movie containing new claims/predictions. We've given the abbreviated set below.  The SS admins have known for some time that Seraphaem, KronosHedron and Asmodeus have all been posting from the same IP address (an AOL one).  Tired of Seraphaem's games, very very early on Sunday morning (4/29), SS admin BeefJerky finally gave Seraphaem the ultimatum of either admitting this, or being banned. Seraphaem responded by taking the list below down again, replacing it with the simple message "The secret will never be revealed."  S/he also blamed BeefJerky for this "traumatic" conclusion. Yeah, boo hoo (click here to see Seraphaem's ever-evolving site).

This, and the list of the "apostles" is funny, for several reasons. First, Seraphaem claims to be "SurvivorAntartica" .  Hey, Seraphaem: We know SurvivorAntartica, SurvivorAntartica is a friend of ours... you are no SurvivorAntartica.  This shows that Seraphaem read the 2000-page "Uncle Cameraman" thread on SS, but doesn't really know any of the players.  So maybe Seraphaem is not really an elp, or perhaps is just a particularly dumb one.But keep up the entertaining posts, pal! We're all having a good laugh.

1. Who are BillyBob and Kangroo Dan?
What is the true purpose of Seraphaem?  Who are the 6 apostles?
Who is "Legion"?  Behold, The Clues ...

2. "Behold, I set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it, and thou hast not denied my name"
Revelations 3:8

3. "Who are BillyBob and Kangaroo Dan?"
Two who were once legion.  From the inside, they were cast out of Legion.  One listens one speaks.  They are but only 2 of the 6 Apostles.

4. "What is the true purpose of the Seraphaem?"
The Seraphaem reveals secrets in verse of which is not known by fans of survivor.  His writings have great meaning...Use logic Seraphaem is the 3rd Apostle.

5. "Who is Legion"
Legion is connected to Survivor, they watch and  deceive those who seek. There are 10 who comprise Legion. Out of the 10 came 6 apostles - fallen angels.

6. The Six Apostles
Astaroth = Billy Bob - Holder of the Flame
Jezebeth = Kangaroo Dan - He who speaks
Seraphaem = SurvivorAntartica - The voice of God
Malphas = God - The Eye That Rules
Beelzebub = The Myrmidon - Guardian of the Gate
Thoth = The Little Nail - Writer of the Book

7. Remains of Legion...The names of blasphemy
KronosHedron = Asmodeus - The Desolate One
ThreeMothers = Ash Mehta - Redeemer of the SS
Mr. Stitch = Belial - Leader of the Addicts
Elspeth = Many Names - The Watcher of the Web

8. What is the Secret?
...All shall be revealed May 2nd


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