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Survivor Boot Order

The Ultimate Survivor will be:  TINA


Last updated: May 3rd, 2001.

The final three.  Could this be where Colby finally loses an immunity challenge, and finds his way back to the ranch?  Um, yes, and no.

So, the order of booting will be:

Episode 8 (3/14/01):  Alicia. Check.

Episode 9 (3/29/01): Jerri. Check!

Episode 10 (4/5/01): Nick.  Ding ding ding!!!

Episode 11 (4/12/01):  Amber.  Yup.

Episode 12 (4/19/01): Rodger.  Thank you.

Episode 13 (4/26/01): Keith.  Ouch. Guess we shoulda cheated - will do so this week.

Episode 14-1 (5/3/01): Keith. Okay, this time he really does get booted.

Episode 14-2 (5/3/01): Final jury vote winner - Tina.  See boot logic for reasons why.


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