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Episode 14: "What About Me?" (Season finale)
Filmed: July 20-22, 2010; Airs: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Episode-specific spoilers - Follow links for detailed discussion; boot summary below:
Overview | Final 5 IC | Final 5 Boot | Final 4 IC | Final 4 Boot | Jury vote
Final Five Immunity Challenge: Puzzles, poles, running - Jud wins

Jud, F5 ICHere's where the strings come in. Someone will make it all the way to the finale (and day 37), only to fail to win immunity (and later be booted).

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Final Five Boot: Dan

Probst has it out for WednesdayThe penultimate contestant is leaving the show and is headed to the jury. Where they'll enjoy Ponderosa dining for a day or so, at least.

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Final Four Immunity Challenge: Jud wins again

Probst with necklaceThis week, there will be two races for the opportunity to wear the necklace. This one would be the final challenge of the season. Hope the necklace fits over their big head.

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Final Four Boot: Holly

Probst has it out for WednesdaySomeone has to starve for 38 days, only to be the final boot and last juror. Who could it be?

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Final tribal council and jury vote: Jud wins?

Probst is totally voting for the Colby/JT cloneSo this is it. Yet another final three (never again, please, SEG), facing a bloated nine-person jury. Which, if the fan favorite loses, will be called "bitter."

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