Survivor: Cook Islands calendar
By: Jeff Pitman | Last updated: May 3, 2019
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Pre-game Ep1: "I Can Forgive Her, But I Don't Have To Because She Screwed With My Chickens" Ep2: "Dire Straights and Dead Weight"
Day 0
(June 25)

Pre-game interviews?
Day 1
(June 26)

Ep1 arrival Filming begins: 20 people, four tribes, divided by ethnicity.
Day 2
(June 27)

Day 3
(June 28)

Ep1 RC/IC: Lock and Load Light Ep1 RC/IC: "Lock and Load Light" - Hiki loses; Penner exiled.

TC1 - Sekou voted out (3-2), 19 left.
Day 4
(June 29)

Penner returns from Exile Island.
Day 5
(June 30)
Day 6
(July 1)

Ep2 RC/IC: Tow the Line Ep2 RC/IC: "Tow the Line" - Aitu "loses"; exiles Yul.

TC2 - Billy voted out (4-1), 18 left.
Ep3: "Flirting and Frustration" Ep4: "Ruling the Roost" Ep5: "Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus"
Day 7
(July 2)

Ep3 idol Exiled Yul finds hidden idol.

Ep3 swap Tribal switch to two new tribes.
Day 8
(July 3)

Ep3 IC: Steeple Chase Ep3 IC: "Steeple Chase" - Raro wins; Candice exiled.

TC3 - Cecilia voted out (5-3), 17 left.
Day 9
(July 4)

Ep4 RC: Strung Along Candice returns.
Ep4 RC: "Strung Along" - Aitu wins; Adam exiled.
Day 10
(July 5)

Day 11
(July 6)

Ep4 IC: Mayday Adam returns.
Ep4 IC
: "Mayday" - Aitu wins.

TC4 - J.P. voted out (7-2), 16 left.
Day 12
(July 7)

Ep5 RC: Never Tear Us Apart Ep5 RC: "Never Tear Us Apart" - Raro wins; Penner exiled.
Day 13
(July 8)

Ep5 visit Ozzy, Flica, Cao Boi visit Raro camp, get frosty reception.
Ep5: "Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus" Ep6: "Plan Voodoo" Ep8: "Why Aren't You Swimming?" Ep9: "Mutiny"
Day 14
(July 9)

Ep5 IC: United We Stand Penner returns.
Ep5 IC: "United We Stand" - Aitu wins.

TC5 - Stephannie voted out (7-1), 15 left.
Day 15
(July 10)

Ep6 RC: Kicking and Screaming Ep6 RC: "Kicking and Screaming" - Aitu wins.

TC6 - Cao Boi voted out (6-1-1), 14 left. Nate kidnapped.
TC7 - Cristina voted out (4-2), 13 left.
Day 16
(July 11)
Day 17
(July 12)

Ep8 RC: Smash and Grab Ep8 RC: "Smash and Grab" - Aitu wins; Nate returns to Raro; Adam exiled.
Day 18
(July 13)

Ep8 IC: Stairway to Heaven Adam returns.
Ep8 IC: "Stairway to Heaven" - Raro wins.

TC8 - Flica voted out (6-1), 12 left.
Day 19
(July 14)
Day 20
(July 15)

Ep9 mutiny Mutiny: Penner amd Candice join Raro.

Ep9 RC: Barrel of Monkeys Ep9 RC: "Barrel of Monkeys" - Aitu wins; Candice exiled.
Ep9: "Mutiny" Ep10: "People That You Like Want to See You Suffer" Ep11: "Why Would You Trust Me?"
Day 21
(July 16)

Ep9 IC: Depth Charge Candice returns.
Ep9 IC: "Depth Charge" - Aitu wins.

TC9 - Brad voted out (7-1), first juror, 11 left.
Day 22
(July 17)

Ep10 RC: Make Your Point Ep10 RC: "Make Your Point" - Aitu wins; Candice exiled.
Day 23
(July 18)
Day 24
(July 19)

Ep10 IC: South Pacific Candice returns.
Ep10 IC: "South Pacific" - Aitu wins.

TC10 - Rebecca voted out (6-1), 10 left. Jenny voted out (4-2), 9 left.
Day 25
(July 20)

Ep11 merge Tribes merge, "Aitutonga" formed.
Day 26
(July 21)
Day 27
(July 22)

Ep11 IC: Mast Cling On Ep11 IC: "Mast Cling On" - Ozzy wins.

TC11 - Nate voted out (5-4), 8 left.
Ep12: "You're A Rat" Ep13: "Arranging A Hit" Ep14: "I Have..."
Day 28
(July 23)
Day 29
(July 24)

Ep12 RC: Survivor Auction Ep12 RC: "Survivor Auction" - Candice exiled again.
Day 30
(July 25)

Ep12 IC: Recollection Candice returns.
Ep12 IC: "Recollection" - Adam wins.

TC13 - Candice voted out (5-3), 7 left.
Day 31
(July 26)

Ep13 RC: Pass the Bucket Ep13 RC: (with loved ones) "Pass the Bucket" - Parvati wins, exiles Penner, takes Adam, Sundra.
Day 32
(July 27)
Day 33
(July 28)

Ep13 IC: Flotsam and Jetsam Penner returns.
Ep13 IC: "Flotsam and Jetsam" - Ozzy wins.

TC14 - Penner voted out (6-1), 6 left.
Day 34
(July 29)

Ep14 RC: Mud Run Ep14 RC: "Mud Run" - Ozzy wins, Parvati, Yul also go on reward. Adam exiled.
Ep14: "I Have the Advantage ... For Once" Ep15: "This Tribe Will Self-Destruct In 5, 4, 3..." (season finale) Game over
Day 35
(July 30)

Ozzy, Yul, and Parvati return to camp.
Day 36
(July 31)

Ep14 IC: Cannonball Run Adam returns.
Ep14 IC: "Cannonball Run" - Ozzy wins.

TC15 - Parvati voted out (4-2), 5 left.
Day 37
(August 1)

Final 5 IC: Compass Ropes Ep15 F5 IC: "Compass Ropes" - Ozzy wins.

TC16 - Adam voted out (4-1), 4 left.
Day 38
(August 2)

Final 4 IC: Self Destruction Ep15 F4 IC: "Self Destruction" - Ozzy wins.

TC17 - Sundra voted out (2-2; loses at fire-making), 3 left.
Day 39
(August 3)

Final Tribal Council Final tribal council and jury votes on Final Three.
Yul wins, 5-4-0.
(August 4)

Departure. Contestants fly back to the U.S.
(August 5)

Contestants arrive back home; inevitable MySpace activity resumes.