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Episode 13
"Flames and Endurance"

Filmed July 28-31, 2003
Airs December 14, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: Letters from home bring a Survivor to tears, but one tribemate sees it as an opportunity to turn the rest of the tribe against that person.
- A twist in the final stretch brings an unexpected battle for the Final Four.
- Thirty-nine days ago they swam ashore on the Pearl Islands with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Darrah, Jon, Lillian and Sandra have made it this far, but only one will win. Who will be the Sole Survivor?
TV Guide: The final four castaways are reduced to two and the jury votes for the winner.
FINAL FOUR IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Endurance? - Jon wins, Darrah booted
So the question here is: what is the "twist in the final stretch" that "brings an unexpected battle for the Final Four"? Well, any individual challenge would be expected, so Cerebral Game Player's suggestion on EZ is interesting: "Have they ever had a 2 on 2 competition when they got down to the final 4 and let the winning team boot a losing teams player? That would be cool."

Could it happen that way? Anything's possible when a previously-booted player is in the final four. There had never been a three-person reward challenge win until this season. So a dual immunity at final four is not out of the question. Probst shows up early on Day 37 with breakfast in the ET preview. He normally makes that visit bright and early to prepare the final three (not four) for their day of soul-searching and misty reminiscences as they prepare for the final immunity challenge. Why is he there a day early? And why, after filling herself with OJ and biscuits, is Sandra pissed off about something when he leaves?

The biggest immunity threat here is Darrah, but we think she gets the boot. For that to happen, maybe Jon upsets the women's alliance apple cart by pulling off his first (and last) IC victory here. Discussion of a Singapore promo at Survivor Sucks suggests that the F4 leave for Tribal Council with Darrah wearing the cutlass, so there's a decent chance we'll see a replay of Amazon's F3 challenge there. Alternatively, we might see another resurrection, this time of the Fallen Comrades challenge, last seen with Lex getting screwed out of immunity in S3 by a faulty scoring decision. See Mario Lanza's parody of this challenge at Survivor-Central.

Either way, Darrah doesn't win, and takes over for Butch as the invisible fourth-place player.
FINAL THREE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Endurance? - Lillian wins, Jon booted
For what it's worth, an unconfirmed tip we received claimed that Lillian wins this, and boots Sandra. But it also claimed that Lillian went to the final two with a man. So use at your own risk. We do think that F3 composition is correct though, so maybe the info got garbled along the way. Jon is the ideal F2 opponent for Sandra, who had previously claimed that nobody wanted to face Lill in the final two. So we'll guess Lillian pulls off a stunning victory here, catapulting her to the final two. Who does she bring along? Sandra. So long, Jonny Fairplay.
BOOTS/ Good riddance, whoever you are

So many spoilers, so much confusion. We have:
(1) SurvivorPhoenix reported a few weeks ago that they have learned the final two are Lillian and Darrah. This has been the general feeling on the boards for quite a while, as well. Seemed solid, but...
(2) PanamaVacation originally reported an older woman/younger woman F2, with a bearded man at F3. This appears accurate, although sufficiently vague that just about everyone thought the F2 female was Darrah. Also...
(3) Online gambling services such as Intertops suspended wagers on Sandra early on, because they were getting too many bets for her to win. That could be a sign.

So here's what we think happens:

F4 Boot: Darrah
F3 Boot: Jon

Jury picks: Sandra. Neither Sandra nor Lillian is particularly popular with the jurors, although Sandra ought to at least have two solid votes in Rupert and Christa. While Lillian could get four of the remaining five, that seems unlikely, given the general sentiment against the Outcast concept. So in all likelihood, Sandra wins.

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