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Matthew Von Ertfelda

33, Washington, D.C.
Restaurant designer

- B.S., Cornell University (School of Hotel Adminstration... !?!).
- Culinary diploma (with honors) from L'Ecole de Gastronomie Française Ritz-Escoffier in Paris.
- Official CBS bio
- Audition video
- CBS intro (pre-game) video

Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
January 15, 2003 - Jeff Probst quote: "But to contrast [Rob], we had Matthew (Von Ertfelda, 33), who has been to all kinds of jungles all over the world... and yet he didn't know anything about how to play Survivor.'' - Akron (OH) Beacon-Journal.
January 14, 2003 - Listed, along with Ryan, as a local contestant on MoreMusic 104's web site. Possible source of future press. - MoreMusic 104.
January 13, 2003 Manuel Mendoza's pre-game quotes and impressions (italics ours):
- "Initial impression: Renaissance man. Distinctions: One of People magazine's Top 50 Bachelors of 2002. Attended culinary school in Paris. Speaks seven languages. Has traveled all over the world, from New Zealand to New Guinea."
- "Who are you? 'I typically opt to take the hard road because the rewards are sweeter.'"
- "On the show's appeal: 'It was made for me. I've already been to environments just as inhospitable, just as treacherous. But it's almost painful to watch if I'm not on it.'" (No, that's just the way the show is).
- "Strategy: 'I'm going to try to come off initially as my real self: a genuine, hard-working individual with solid values. But I'm also going to be a jaguar: stealthy, sly, cunning. If someone stabs me in the back and draws first blood, when I think the time is right I'm going to leap out of the shadows and cole slaw my prey.'"
- "Post-Survivor show-biz prospects: 'I'm a screenwriter, and my dream is to have one of my screenplays made into a successful film. Who knows? Maybe I'll star in the movie. ... I won't just go back to my cube.'" (Good Lord, Burnett, don't you screen these people any more?)
- Dallas Morning News.
June 24 , 2002 - Listed among People magazine's Top 50 Bachelors (insert eyeroll here). - Survivor Fever.
January 19, 1999 - Lengthy article (written by Matthew himself), describing his exploits looking for cannibals in New Guinea. Shockingly, it also includes a lengthy Matthew von Ertfelda biography at the end. - South Coast Today.

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