Survivor: The Amazon contestants - additional information
Deena Bennett Jeanne Hebert JanetKoth Shawna Mitchell
Jenna Morasca Christy Smith Heidi Strobel JoAnna Ward
Ryan Aiken Alex Bell Rob Cesternino Dave Johnson
Butch Lockley Daniel Lue Roger Sexton Matthew von Ertfelda
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Janet Koth

47, Ballwin, MO
Homemaker (also listed as travel agent and "Abstinence counselor.")

- R.N., Jewish Hospital School of Nursing (St. Louis), 1979.
- Seeking certification in the "field of hypnosis." (We're not making this up).
- Official CBS bio
- Audition video
- CBS intro (pre-game) video

Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
January 14, 2003 - "Says series host Jeff Probst: 'You look at Janet, and you think she's going to be the first voted off. Then you talk to her, and you find out she's willing to do anything to win this game. She has all the ingredients to be a winner. She'd lie to you in a second.'" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
January 14, 2003 - Listed with Heidi as a local contestant (possible source of future press). -
January 14, 2003 - Listed with Butch and Heidi as local contestant (possible source of future press). - 101.1 WVRV "The River."
January 13, 2003 Manuel Mendoza's pre-game quotes and impressions:
- "Initial impression: Chatterbox. Distinctions: Holds ironing parties at her house."
- "Who are you? 'I'm just a middle-aged, Middle-American, middle-income mom, and I'm having a midlife crisis gone terribly wrong. You see, I signed up for Survivor: Cancun. Apparently, there's been a mistake.'"
- "What would get her voted off: 'I don't have an athletic bone in my body.'"
- "Strategy: 'When you're a mother, especially when you have teenagers, you can see a lie coming a mile away. I think that'll really help me. And it'll be hard to pull the plug on ol' Mom.'"
- "Post-Survivor show-biz prospects: 'I'm sure not going to count on that Playboy shoot. That would go over real well with the ladies at church.'"
- Dallas Morning News.
January 11, 2003 - Self-description blurb in the hard copy edition of TV Guide: "June Cleaver with a twist." - TV Guide.

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